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My Cat Normen

My favorite object is my cat . When I first got him that was the best time of my life.  When I first saw that cat, he was trying to get out.  I named him Normen.  If I had to move forever,  I’d get normen my cat.  I think of Normen as family.

My Special Place

I like my room.   I can go in it when I’m frustrated and when I have work to do.  Also when my brothers and sister start bothering me.   so I get my big brother  to get them  to stop  bothering  me and  he plays with me.  I can calm down in my room and go to sleep relax my body.  He is the best brother in the world.  I think my room is the best.  It is light it is decorated and fuchsia pink and I have bears from my mom from when she was very little. My room describes how I feel it express my feelings and you may think I’m crazy but I don’t leave my room until midnight.   I love my room.

My Day in Baltimore

When I went to Baltimore I felt like I was the king of the world.   I went to the Maryland state house.  I really felt like  the king of the world. It took about 1 hour to downtown Baltimore.  I saw the ravens stadium and the oriel’s stadium. I was about 500 feet next to the ravens stadium.  I also saw lots of humongous boats that where carrying people in theme.  They were cruise boats inside Baltimore’s  harbor.  I was there for about 6 hours.  There where buildings right next to the water.  I was close to the national aquarium.  That is one of the most coolest aquarium  in the world and it is also very  popular.  There is sharks, turtles, whales, dolphins, dinosaur bones, fish and more just in that aquarium.  That is BIG I hope.  I can go there again one day!

My Room

My room makes me feel relaxed because sometimes when I feel tired or stressed out I go to my room to relax. When I feel like crying I go to my room and come out tear free. When I feel exited or happy I go to my room and scream into my pillow. When I feel mad I go to my room and punch my pillow.  My room is important to me because it’s a private place for me to clear my mind and express my feelings. I am only in my room when my older brother and younger sister bother me by like telling me what to do, sometimes taking my TV time, and driving me crazy. So I go to my room because it relaxes me I have cool toys and an Xbox 360 with games in it and that is why I love my room.

Washington Dc

One Sunday morning I woke up. I hopped in the van to the NFL.  It was Washington redskins vs. Carolina panthers.  My favorite team is the redskins. There people on the redskins like RG3 and other people.  RG3 is my favorite player because every time he plays it gives the Redskins a good chance to win the game. I like Washington DC because it was the city I was born in and my families there. Even though the redskins lost I had a great time.  No matter what happens to the redskins I will always be a redskins fan.

My Weekend

It was getting late at the pumpkin patch. It took 2 huge lights to light up the field. The ground was covered with pumpkins of all different sizes. I don’t know how I am going to just choose one. There was a spooky roller coaster.  It was a humongous ride.  Most people threw up on it, all I did was just screaming.

It was almost time to go. So we went to the pumpkin patch on a hay ride.   We were looking for two pumpkins, one for carving and one for decoration.  I was looking for the carving pumpkin.  I found a fat pumpkin with a curled stem.  It was perfect for carving a scary face.  My parents were looking the pumpkin for decoration. It was skinny but it had a long stem on it.

We went to the car and headed home.  We had foudn our pumpkins and had a great time.



On the day before Christmas me and my wonderful grandma went downstairs to get ready for everybody  to come. We put up the Christmas  tree.   There were beautiful Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and other decorations as well.

We went to go make the food and desserts.  We made chocolate cookies,  bluebery pie, and strawbery cake.

Then we started to open presents. First it was the little kids that got to open their presents.  They were so excited to open their presents.  After the little kids then grownups then grandparents got to open their presents.   After that we got the party started and for the rest of the night we partyted until morning.

My Room

My favorite spot is my room. I go there when I’m bored because all my toys are in my room like my Legos, Beyblade  , Ipad4 , DS ,DSI, 3DS , and my action figures.  I’m bored a lot of times because there not a lot of kids on my street. There only two kids on my street. Also, I’m the only child in my house. The color of my room is wave blue. I’m currently playing Super Mario in 3D land on my black 3DS. I have beaten Bowser and his children. Beating them made me feel good. Now my goal is to save Mario’s brother, Luigi.  I try to play 3 times a day. I play after doing my homework. When my mom yells, “Turn off the Nintendo!” I turn off the light and I go to sleep. I can’t wait to save Luigi so I can see what happens next. Maybe I will earn another kiss from Princess Peach.




Butler’s Orchard

In the afternoon I went to Butler’s Orchard and there was a festival. We went on a hay ride then we went to the pumpkin patch at 12:00pm and there was bright orange pumpkins everywhere. I found a prefect pumpkin.  It was bright orange, oval shaped, and it was small.

Then we went on the slides. One of them were a dark black tunnel slide.  I went by myself and wasn’t scared at all.  Then we meet Alex, Sabrina’s friend, there because he works their and he works for the gray canon that shoots out small pumpkins.

It was getting late and we were hungry.  We headed to the car after a great time at Butler’s Orchard.

The Big Surprise

I woke up on Saturday morning it wasn’t going to be like any Saturday because my cousins are coming. Then in the afternoon they came and played with them we played Mario super bros. and Sonic Olympics and Wii sports resort. It was fun then we ate hamburgers and fries it was yummy then we stop playing Wii we watch TV. And I found out that my cousin was going to sleep over. It was great news because this was the first time this would happen. We told scary stories in the dark, and then we slept.  I had a great time and I hope it happen again.

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