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Los Angles,California,USA

los angles is one of the bigest citys in the world it has the hoolywood sign studiums and lots of superstars and more it is also in my most loved state I wish I could go there some day that is why I love Los Angles,California


I have a pet dog and her name is Sassy. I got her at a farm in Pennsylvania.When I frist saw Sassy she was so  small. When the lady tried to get her she was hiding under the chair.Then her brother was on her and they fell a sleep under the chair.The lady moved the chair and her bother and her eyes were still closed.When Sassy got in the crate  she was scared and shaking.It was a long ride and in a couple of minutes Sassy got out of her crate.When we got home Sassy was  haeding in my room.When I went in my room she was on my bed asleep.When she woke up she ran to me and she  licked me I took her outsaid she love it.  I’ve been wallking her out everyday.One  day I went outsaid  with my dog and we were playing in the leaves.  I threw some leaves on her. I did not see her under the leaves. We  got some luch and Sassy was eating some leaves.

I said,”NoSassy!”

Yo-Yo{Not Yohana} Cinquain Poem


Bouncy String Toy

Drop then Bounces to you

Tugs a Little then Bounces Back

Bounce Disk

When I Went to the Beach With My Family

When me and my family went to the beach house it was a long ride it took 6 hours we packed lots of food we got their we were so excited. We unpacked our belongings. Then we ate dinner we all were finished eating dinner we went to sleep. My aunt was on her way with my nanny, they came at night they were really exhausted they both went to sleep fast.

 We all woke up for the beach!! We packed our beach towels, sun tan lysine and swimming trunks. We got in the truck my dad drove us to the beach it took less than 3 minutes to the beach. We were there. The sand was really HOT!! It was burning my foot I had to go stand by the water. Then it stopped burning. Then we set all of our supplies then I finally got in the water!! There were humongous waves. I got hit by one I was under the water for 5 seconds my mom pulled me up. I had saltwater in my mouth it tasted horrible! I spit it out. I went out for more, I was jumping over big waves it was so fun.

 My family buried me in sand this is how they buried me they picked up hot sand and throw it on me while I was laying down I was upset. Then we left that was the first day. On the second day, we went to another beach that was boring it did not have waves, it was windy and it was about to storm we waited for 20min.

Then we went to the bored walk discovered lots of places then we got ice-cream I got vanilla with sprinkles then I saw a store it had lots of toys!!! I had to finish my ice cream to go in the store because it said no FOOD because there were electronics then I finally finished I discovered everything in the STORE!! I got a shock toy and it had a light on it that was red I shocked my brother, cousins, and my mom then we left the beach house it took 5hours to get there we past the bridge we were finally home.







































My favorite Eid

One morning I jumped out of bed and said, ”Yes! Today is Eid a family holiday!” Then I woke everyone up and shouted ,”wake up wake up!” Then they all woke up and said ,”what do you need.” I replied ,”its Eid.” Also they said ,”oh ya.”

We all went to dress up and leave to my mom’s friend’s house. Her name is Judy. Her house is an hour away from our house. My mom’s friend is really rich. She has a big house with a pool table, Movie Theater I watched the movie The Lorax. I played with their pet Ginny pig his name is Larry. Also a playground, a pool, and an air hockey table.

When we were there we had 2 contests that were outside in the yard. You get a prize if you win one of the games. We all played 2 games. One of them was called make a mummy. This is how you play take a partner and make them into a mummy with toilet paper.  I chose my sister but I did not win. So the second game was apple race, this is how you play the other game.  Put an apple on your head and race someone to the fence and back. If the apple falls you have to start over from the beginning. I won a lava lamp that was green and yellow, my family and I had fun at their house.

When we all left, my family and I went to the red box to buy a movie. The movie was vampire dog we had it with popcorn and hot chocolate. Finally I brushed my teeth and fell asleep in my room on my bed and I thought , “That was the best day ever!”


4 square

One day outside during recess I thought of playing 4 square when we got a bouncy ball and I saw 4 empty boxes so I whispered, “Why do we never use those squares? “That was

When I got the idea to play 4 square. I play it at boys &girls club. Some other people wanted to play their names were Melanie, Sameer, Jabari, and a lot of other people that I don’t remember.

Ophilia is the only one who knew how to play because she went to boys & girls club. Last but not least everyone knew how to play and we play it everyday.

For winter break I am…

For winter break i am going to Guatemala for 1 month.I will get there at 11:30 on  Tuesday December, 25. To get there I will leave Monday December ,24.The plane will take me from Washington DC to  Miami.Then on December 25 plane will take me from Miami to Guatemala.I will miss all my friends and family in Guatemala ,but wish me good luck!!!!!

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

The day of my birthday has come. My grandmother gave me a birthday card with $10.  I was going to have a party, so I invited my friends Sameer, Shivan, Baboucarr, and Samy.  Sameer and Shivan were the first ones to arrive. They had gotten me a Beyblade Torch Aries spinning battling top.

“How did you know I wanted a Beyblade?” I asked.

 “You told us!” Shivan replied.

They had also gotten me a Beylocker to keep my Beys in, that also included spinning battling top Striker Drone.  It’s like a box to keep my Beyblades in.

“Cool!” I said

Striker Drone is a Double Bey, meaning it would break into 2 Beys upon impact.  Samy, with his brothers, Walid and Rayan, were next to come.  They are my neighbors, so I was surprised that they came after someone else.  They brought a box with a few Bey Parts and an upgraded Pegasus.

“Thanks.” I said

“No problem.” said Samy

Babou came last.  I was starting to get worried he wouldn’t come.  Earlier that day at school, he said he wouldn’t have anyone to come take him to my house.

“My mother will be back with your present.”  Babou said.

“Okeydokey.” I said, being very corny.

We played a few video games.

“I’ll crush you.” Shivan boasted.

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” I said with a smirk.

We made pizzas and popcorn.  After that, we watched the movie Elf.  Baboucarr’s mother came back with a Target $20 gift card.

“Wow!  Thanks!” I said

Then it was time to go.  I said goodbye to everyone as they left.  I went to sleep.  In the morning, I asked my dad,

“Can I spend some of my money?”

He said,

“After your football party and popcorn pick-up.”

We stopped by Starbucks and Dad got a tall mocha.  I got a tall-kid-temperature hot chocolate.  I picked up the popcorn and dropped it off at my friends’ house, Mrs. Kim’s.  Then I went to my football party.  It was at Dave and Buster’s.  There was lots of food, but I wasn’t hungry.  There was this really cool ride in The Midway called the Typhoon.  My friend Caleb and I kept going on it over and over again.

“Again?” I asked him about the Typhoon again.

“OK.” He answered

We must’ve gone on that ride about 17,000,000 times, because when we got off, we were very dizzy.  We went on a lot of other rides, too.  Once our D & B Power Cards were out of money to get on games that gave tickets, we spent them.  I got 356 tickets, but he had more, so he helped me with getting a door-hanger basketball hoop.  When Dad came back to pick me up from Dave and Buster’s, I asked him,

“Now can I spend some of my money?”

“Sure.” He responded.

We went to Target and bought the left-spin battling top L- Drago Destructor and the video game Midnight Club L.A.  A few minutes after we got home, my other grandmother gave me $25 and newer video game Forza Horizon.  Those two days were the best two days of my whole entire life.

My Thanksgiving.

On thanksgiving I went to my cousins house Skyler he goes to Daly elementary school. He has 1 brother and 4 sisters. 1 of them is in 5th grade and 1 is in kindergarten. And the other 2 are in high school.

So when my brothers came we went outside. I slept at their house on Wednesday before thanksgiving. So when my brother came we went outside and went on the trampling. When we were done with the trampling we went inside and had some food, not that much. Then our cousins came.

When our cousins came we went upstairs and play video games so we can stay away from our cousins. Our last cousin was tommy that was me and Skyler’s  cousin. So when tommy came we went outside again and played in the trampling.When Tommy came, we zipped the trampling lock then he climbed over so we played wrestling with each other. When we were tired we went in the house and ate our Thanksgiving food then me my brother and Skyler went back upstairs and play game. We watch Redskins vs. Cowboys. Then for a half an hour we went to my grandpa’s house and when we got bored we  went back to our cousin’s house and ate some more but all our cousins were gone my mom said: “there went back to their house to watch the Redskins vs. Cowboys”. So we went back to our house.  when me and my brother got home we start playing our DS but my brother has a 3ds  we start playing it together. When we were done we went to our uncle room and watch him play on the computer. My uncle’s name is Tre he works at Verizon. Mostly he plays on his computer in his room. The game he plays is World of Warcraft.   Sometimes he sleeps a lot.  He’s the best Uncle I had. Sometimes he lets me play when he’s eating and watching TV. Then T/re’s friends came and watch the Redskin’s game. Then when the redskins won people went outside screaming. Then tre’s friend left. When tre’s friend left tre said: “you can play on the computer” THAT WAS THE BEST DAY I EVER HAD.




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