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  Safety is important to people of the world. Safety is a thing that nobody should forget all about. Car safety is really important to people. Seatbelts are very important to everyone.

  You should put on your seatbelt before you start the car. Put your seatbelt on and then start the car.

  Tobacco is also important because if you use too much you might die or you will end up in the hospital. So don’t use a lot of tobacco.

   So in 1964……….

  Ralph Nader attacks GM and the corvair in his book is unsafe at any speed Also Nader’s book is flawed and GM instigates private survellence on Nader

  So in 1974…………

  GM first to install airbags and saved Dr. Arnold Arms, the first person to survive a car crash. GM concerned that children will die more often with airbags.

  So in 1989………

   Chrysler made airbags standard in all personal cars.

  So in 1990…………

  The very first child got killed with an airbag. James Dean was killed in Porsche 956 speedster- 1997 analysis shows that 55 miles per hour was Dean’s speed and  the other driver that caused  the accident by crossing in the center line on the California Road.

  So in 1997……………

  GM in San Diego demonstrates fly by computer- no driver control, the cause of most accidents.

  The people that were involved were, Dr. Arnold Arms, Ralph Nader, and James Dean.

  So now they made laws for tobacco, and car safety. Some states, they banned tobacco, and you must wear a seatbelt every time you drive a car. This is all my information on car safety!.

book blog

Tittle:Camp Babymouse


Author:Jennifer L. Holm

What the story is about is that babymouse was going to camp and her team was in a copatition but babymouse was making mistakes so her team lost.But, they won the last copatition and they were really happy but, her team didn’t win all the copatitions so there team lost wah wah wah………….

book blog

Tittle:Shipwreck on the pirate islands


Author:Edizioni Piemme

What the story is about is that this man is going to hawaii and he lives in califonia and wanted to take a ship to go to hawaii and in my opinion is that, that is a really weird idea. well and on his trip he hadn’t seen a rock that was in the water and so the rock made a hole in the ship, so it was not far from were the rock was a island. so.. the ship could still wait till it would go to the island. then, when they were at the island they fixed the ship and left to hawaii.

book blog

Tittle:The Journey  through time


Author:Edizioni Piemme

What the book is about is that there is a man named geronimo stilton and he goes in a time machine to go to the past and it doesn”t go so… good because he got chased by dinosaurs so he has to find a way to escape the dinosuars to go to the time machine.

Homework for Mr.A & Mr.F


The setting is at the baseball game in Japan where Brians dad plays

How Brian feels about baseball

The way Brian feels about baseball is that he loves it.

what is Brians job

Brians job is to work as a batboy.

Where is Brians dad

Brians dad is playing baseball in the comerica, in Japan

Book Blog #3 Diary of a wimpy kid ”Hard Luck”

Greg Heffley’s mom said friend go but family is forever. But Greg thinks he could be in a rough ride. Greg thinks Rowley changed a little bit because of a girl.

Book Blog #2 Hugo

This story is all about a kid named Hugo Cabret. He wanted to steel something at the old man’s toy booth One day when he was about to steel something the old man grabbed his arm and said ”Thief, thief!” then he checked him to see if he had  been steeling from the toy booth.

Book Blog #10

I read a book called Ungifted.

Author: Gordon Korman

This book is about a kid who is kicked out of several schools. He is basically a bad boy. If you are a kid reading this you know what im talking about. The kid that is sent out of several school is Donovan. He is sent out of his school for pulling a giant prank and the school they send him to is Asd wich is a gifted and talented school. If you want to learn more about this awesome great book Ungifted go get a copie and start reading. Best science fiction book ever.

Book Blogs #1 Jumanji

Judy and Peter were left alone while mom and dad were out bringing some guests, and their parents told them to keep their house clean. After they left, they started to put toys all over the floor and then they got bored  and went to the park and they  found a board game behind a tree.

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