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Just Dessert

harris pumpkinJust Dessert

During the summer time at 7:00 at night in the garden………

There is a woman in Florida who has 5 kids. Their names are Sierra, (twins) Kierra, Myra, Tyrone, and Devin. Lastly the mom’s name, Teresa. They also have a divorced mother and father. One day their mother Teresa was

Tending her garden. She decided to grow a pumpkin. One day she went to her garden because she had nothing to do then she saw her pumpkin.

She said, “Oh look at that my pumpkin. I totally forgot about it. This pumpkin is HUGE. This could make enough pumpkin pie for three rounds of Thanksgiving.”

She took the pumpkin inside, took out a knife and put the pumpkin on the cutting board. She held the knife up high above the pumpkin and it started to glow like a star in the sky as she brought it closer. Her eyes widened because she never saw a glowing pumpkin in her life. She called Sierra.

“Yes?” she screamed.

“Come down here and see something.” Mom said.

She came and she dropped her IPod as soon as she saw the pumpkin and screamed.

“What are we going to do with this glowing pumpkin in our kitchen?” Mom said.

They decided to make pumpkin pie and they ordered a bigger refrigerator to put the pumpkin in. They went to the grocery store. When they came back from the grocery store the teens were eating McDonald’s with their dad. Sierra dropped the grocery bags. She was so excited. She ran to her father and gave him a BIG hug

Hi James nice to see you again, bye.” Their mother said

Nice to see you to, goodbye

And he left with no words. They finished their McDonald’s then Sierra and her mom went to the store to get a prom dress for Sierra because her prom is tomorrow night they drove to Ratchet 21.

“Mom, I found the perfect dress look it is baby blue and has diamonds all over the heart – shaped dress line also crystal gems all over the belt can I get it pretty please with 100 cherry’s on top! ” Sierra said

“How much does it cost?” her mother said


“Only $35? Ok, go try it on in the fitting room.”

“Kk”. Sierra said

She tried it on and she looked like princess of Monrovia

“You look so beautiful. Kids grow up so fast”.

The mother tried not to cry but she couldn’t help it. She just busted out in tears.

“Mom, it’s ok I’m still going to be your little girl.” Sierra said

“I know.” Sierra’s mother said

“Ok let’s go.” Sierra said

They went home and they cut up the pumpkin into little bite size pieces so it could fit in the new refrigerator.

“This is what I get for starting to grow plants to grow plants. I get a big old pumpkin in my fridge” The kid’s mother said while looking in her fridge.

The next morning she woke up to cut the pumpkin piece for the pies. She brought the pumpkin pieces  onto  the counter and she put the knife up in the air and when she brought it closer they started to grow as big as an elephant in at the zoo.


The End







Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

One day after eating pizza Carlos went to sleep. Two little lights came in and took him in to a cave. He woke up the two little light said is he the one. He lived in Arizona 6.724 West Van Buren Street in go to flower elementary school.

But he was somewhere in the Grand Canyon. He saw the two little lights flying away. He said stop!!!!! But they just kept flying away kept harris lightsflying away. Then Carlos went to the nearest gas station and he asked when’’ is’ the next’’ train’ to Arizona. They said it past 7 hours ago.

What!!!!! Said Carlos upset. Carlos was waiting for the train to come at was almost a day for the train to come then he heard a voice saying “tickets please tickets to Arizona “he ran to the train got in before it  left.

Then he was back home his mom, brother, and her sister were all worried when he left then his mom gave him soup and he fell to sleep then the two little light he woke up before they took him to the cave again.


He said “what are you” then they turned around and took off the mask then it was………… Toby Johnson the guy next door to his house then he took Carlos and left and was never seen again.



The Third Floor Bedroom





One day there was a boy named Oliver. He was 9 years old and went to Cookie Oak Elementary school.

He woke up in the morning during a dream about crazy, unrealistic birds. He got ready and went to school.


But before he had gone, he left the window open. Then something crazy happened. It started when he left the window open.  A bunch of birds came flying and dashing through the open window! They were all flying around the room for about 3 hours.                                                            When they had heard the boy come back from school they all flattened themselves against the wall like stickers. When the boy came back into his room he said “Hmm. There’s something wrong in this room.”

He realized that his plant was knocked over. So he stood it back up and left to go to the living room.


When his mom came into the room to clean it up she looked at the wall and said, “Since when did we have birds on our walls?”

“Oliver!”  “Get over here!”

“Yes mom. What happened?”

“When did you get these birds on your wall?”

“Hmm I don’t remember. That’s weird”

“Did you lock the doors when you left?”


“Did you close all the windows?”

“No, come to think of it I think I left my window open”

“Well, maybe it’s because we just moved in and we never noticed it.”

“Can we paint it tomorrow?”


Later the next day they were painting the walls. While they were painting the walls all the birds flew off and out the room. Oliver and his mom was screaming and running around. When all the birds were gone, Oliver shut the window closed and they kept panting.

“What was that?!”

Oliver said, “Call animal control.”

His mom said “It won’t work. It’s all gone now.”

They painted the walls again but they were in case something crazy happens again.

After they painted it and it was dry Oliver and his mom put screening paper on the window and locked the net. Also they did that to all of their window.  So Oliver had to remember to close all the windows. The windows were never opened and it never happened again.



By: Faith Anaman

The House on Maple Street

There was this guy named Harris Burdick. He lived in Cobourg, Germany in a bungalow near the North Sea! Harris had a mission to go to Rome, Italy and find the king of the bad guys so he can stop them from stealing from a bank. So he had a plan of bringing his house with him by adding a rocket to the bottom of the house. He was ready to go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!harris rocket house

It was a perfect lift off!

Later Harris figured out for the mission that he needed a spy car so his boss told him to go to a secret place in Wels, Austria. He went to the place and got a new car he can control with his phone.

Harris slept for two hours in his Bungalow for his trip. But when he was sleeping he had company. Harris then got up and started to run with a baseball bat in his hand. He knocked out all of the people. He quickly started the rocket and left. When he got to Rome he was exhausted. So Harris went to sleep with a baseball bat in case.

Later Harris tracked down the king of the bad guy is. The king of the bad guys is under a place called Barclays Bank.

Harris had a plan of pretending he worked at the underground place and he was going to pretend to die. So the BOSS will come and then Harris can try to hit the King.

After all of that thinking and planning Harris took coffee because it makes him stay up longer. When he was drinking it he got bored so he watched a movie, James Bond.

After the movie was over he made a Barclays Bank uniform by sewing it with his mom’s favorite colors, blue, red, and purple. Then Harris took the car to Barclays Bank to stop the bad guys. Harris went to the secret tunnel with his suit on and found billions of baseball bats made out of stainless steel.

He went inside the door and used his high tech glasses to see how many people there were. He went next to the boss and fake fainted. The boss picked him up and Harris nailed the boss in the face. Everybody grabbed their weapons and tried to hurt Harris.

But Harris somehow touched his ring and started to fly, fire was coming out of his shoe. Harris went back to the rocket house and started to go to the gym because he was getting fatter.

Harris was done with the mission so he got ready to go back home.

But when Harris tried to turn on the rocket it did not work. He figured out that he forgot to plug in a wire. He turned it on and said to his self,”5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blastoff!’ Harris went back home and his boss was proud of Harris for doing the bravest thing he had ever seen.

Book Blog 9

Book: Jean Fritz

This book is about how they wrote the constitution. All the presidents come to the hall and they sit and write. When they  are writing they have to be really quiet. Govenur morris helped write the constitution.


The House on Maple Street

harrisIt was a quiet night,the stars were above and were sat the house on Maple Street. Cats meowed and lurked were they know they shouldn’t. dogs having a heated conversation neighbor hood to neighbor hood .

Then it got quiet  a strange rumble arose thenit sounded like a tree had crashed into a house.A rumble. The dogs stopped talking and barking ,cats ran and scurried like an apocalyspe was on the verge.They ran through the doggy door and took cover like a scaredy cat.

suddenly the night wasen’t so quiet,huge blast of plasma energy roared out of the thrusters The house climbed and climbed;Clear out of the human sight until it was like all the other specs in the night sky.

smoke filling the air it  Trees whipping like belt cracking a horses back. up up and away into the starie sky.The next day there sat a mail box quiet as can be cats were still in there snug lair and there were also dogs and cats quiet as can be no lights no cars hollering. There sat the trees and there sat the vacant lot where there usesd to be a house on Maple Street.

House on Maple Street


There was this 81 year old man named Jerry he lived in an old house on Maple Street in Brazil.  He wanted to make a rocket house because he wanted to go space. And live there all of his life but he couldn’t because he did not have all of the parts and tools.

The tools were all over the world he looked on the internet. The rocket engine was in New York and the Big Bertha kit was in Japan.  So he packed his food and headed too New York. He missed his flight so he went to the terminal and he had to spend the night there until morning.

Everybody was awake the workers were busy and there wasn’t   anyone in the office where the plane tickets so Jerry sneaked in to office and grabbed a ticket to New York. When the planes were called he headed over to the plane to go get the Rocket engine. When he got there New York was raining he took out his Computer and searched again it gave him directions to where to go and find it, it was at Pratt and Whitney.  Pratt and Whitney is an engine company from Hartford, CT that was founded in 1925 then he drove his car to Pratt and Whitney

And bought the part it cost 200$ then he got the engine. The he headed to another terminal to take off to Japan. He caught the ticket in time the fly to Japan.When they were in the air he took out his computer and searched what

Engine store it can be found at but it was not searchable so he rented an apart to stay in for the night. When it was morning a festival was going on so he had to get through the parade then he saw an engine store he went in and asked for the big

Bertha Kit he paid the cash register the money he had to pay then he headed back to Brazil and made his rocket Jerry lived for 7more years then died of old age.

the house

Nina Girl Wonder

harris lightsNina was on her way to her school. She got a cab ride to new school in Seoul Korea. When Nina got there she went to the school campus. She bumped into Shuo, Joy and Jade.

“Sorry.” Nina said also running to Anubis’s house.

“Great an English new girl.” Jade said not happy.

Everyone was in class, Nina went to the house of Anubis, where she was living for the next few year.

Nina was about to open the door but the door opened by itself She walked in. The door slammed on its own. She turned back to see a guy with a brown jacket and a black tie on.

“Didn’t you use the doorbell? “  Victor said.

“Umm the door was open” Nina said.

“I hope that you’re being nice to the new girl. “ Minnie said.

“Welcome to Anubis house.” Minnie said.

“Nina Martin you are two weeks late.” Victor said.

“Yea I know my family and I just found out that got in to this school.” Nina said.

They went upstairs to show Nina her room. When they got to the room there was a picture of the two girls that she bump into earlier at school.

“Who is this? “ Nina ask.

“Oh that Joy. “Minnie said.

“She will not be here anymore.” Victor said as throwing the picture in the trash.

At class……

“Are you sure my new shoes are not going to be here today?” Amber said on the phone

“Amber off the phone now!” the teacher said

Amber got off the phone Just as Mrs. Sweetie came in.

“Joy you’re needed in the office.” Mrs. Sweetie said.

Joy went with him.

After class…….

“Have you seen Joy? “ Jade said.

“No, might be in the house.” Ashley said.

Jade went to the Anubis house looking for joy but she didn’t find Joy. She found the new girl that she bumped in this morning

“HI I’m Nina.” Nina said.

“WHERE’S JOY.” jade said yelling

“I don’t know when I came here she was gone.” Nina said

Just then victor came.

“Joy left.” Victor said


“Joy checked out this morning and left.” Victor said.

“JOY WOULD NEVER LEAVE WITH OUT SAYING BYE.” Jade said then left the room.

” Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.” Victor said to Nina as he walked out.

Jade and everyone one else who lived in Anubis house where in the living room thinking where Joy could be. Nina walked in everyone went quite.

“Anyoghaseyo (mean hello in Korean) I’m Nina.” Nina said.

“Anyoghaseyo you can speak Korean. “ Shuo said.

“Yea a little not a lot. “ Nina said.

Everyone went to the dinner room

After dinner……

Jade goes to Victor’s office for Joy’s number, but Victor said no jade left victor lit joys stuff on fire. It everyone rushed to their room because Victor had a rule about bedtime Jade was in the bathroom see’s words on the window that said help me! – Joy. That night Nina was sleeping when she heard voice in her sleep that are saying are you the choice in one?


Just Desert

There was a CRAZY man. His house was really CREEPY and HAUNTED.  He went to the pumpkin patch in the next town and he bought a pumpkin and took it home. The pumpkin was large, tall, and bright orange.  He got home and brought the pumpkin into the house.  He ate his dinner of pizza and chicken.  He was planning on having pumpkin pie for dessert.

He heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  It sounded like someone harris pumpkinwas destroying the kitchen.  He ran into the kitchen.  The pumpkin was GLOWING.  He picks up a large KNIFE from the counter.   Every time he moved the knife closer the pumpkin glows BRIGHTER.  He cuts it!


It BLOWS up in his face and covers the floor with pumpkin pieces and pumpkin guts.  A seed from the pumpkin grew right away on the kitchen floor.  The man looked at the pumpkin. He ran at the pumpkin with his knife. He CUT the pumpkin.  The pumpkin grew back and grew bigger.  The man was AMAZED!


The man walked closer, the pumpkin grew ARMS. The man walked closer, the pumpkin grew LEGS and got taller. The pumpkin now had scary and evil face like a pumpkin on Halloween.  The man walked closer and the pumpkin scratched him! He was bleeding from his face. He hit the pumpkin 3 times in a row with the knife! The pumpkin was very angry. The pumpkin bit him hard.


“OUCH!” he screams.


The man hit the pumpkin. Seeds came out of the pumpkin and the seeds grew into evil pumpkins just like the one he just cut with the knife. Now there are 2 new pumpkins to fight. The man was shocked and FREAKED out!


He ran through the kitchen and kicked down the door.  He looked back and saw that the pumpkins were following him.  He ran to his driveway and jumped into his car.  He looked around and didn’t see the pumpkins.  The man drove to Rangely, Colorado and was never seen again!

Mr. Linden’s Library

Monday April 10 2015   12:00pm

One night in a blue house there was a 13 year old girl named Wonder. Wonder was called that because people wondered about her.

Wonder was very weird, sometimes people wondered why she never seemed to be like the other kids.


One afternoon Wonder decided to go to the library to find an interesting book   to read but when she got their sheharris book plant saw a secret path. The secret path lead her to a golden book called The Magic Ending. Wonder thought before she took it but that was her only choice. She wanted to find out what the book was about. She took it and ran as fast as she could. Finally, when she made it home she opened the door with her keys. She ran upstairs to her room, locked the door, opened the book, and began to read. As she read she started she was so addicted to the book that she fell asleep not noticing that there were plants growing out the book.

Her father and mother came home, right after she fell asleep. When she woke up she saw four golden keys left for her keys on her bed.

She got dressed in her room she brushed her teeth and washed her face. She ran down to the library. When she arrived at the library she walked in and walked to the secret door. She twisted the lock with one of the keys and it opened the door. She found the note. The note said ‘’Dear, wonder we want you to do us a favor. The favor is we want you to read the book everyday then go to the woods and look for a purple ring.

Wonder took the note and ran back home and went into the woods behind her house. She ran and ran until she found a stand. The stand had another note it said ‘’Dear wonder, you have made your destination. The plants sent you here to get the purple ring, wonder took the ring and put it on her finger, the ring said a message the message said the spring and fall is your only time find the door that says a rhyme. What rhyme said’’ wonder. Wonder ran home because her mom called her for dinner, wonder come for dinner said’’ wonders mom,

Monday, April 10, 2015   6:30pm

After dinner Wonder went to her room to go to bed. When wonder went to sleep she vanished!  You saw nothing but the book and empty sheets.



By: Bryanna

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