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Month: April 2014


C   ookies are sweet.

O    h my gosh thats a cookie.

O    livia loves cookies.

K     ingsley loves cookies.

I         love cookies

E      veryone loves cookiezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S     ave me some cookies!!!!!!!!!


It was a lovely day in Paris so far. The forecast had an alert of having a thunderstorm.

Ariana was getting ready to go to the Eiffel tower with her mom.

“Ariana are you ready to go to the Eiffel tower!” Mom said.

“Yeah mom” Ariana said.

Mom saw the weather on her phone there was an alert for a thunderstorm.

Mom didn’t want to disappoint Ariana so she decided to wait for the thunderstorm to pass.

Mom thought in her mind Ariana is going to be disappointed because the thunderstorm was coming and she wasn’t going to be able to go to the Eiffel tower.

“Mom are we going” Ariana said.

“Ariana I have to do some work from the office it will only take 15 min.”

Mom thought that by then the storm would have started so that Ariana wouldn’t be so disappointed.

“It’s ok mom I can wait” Ariana said, thinking that she wasn’t going to talk badly back to her mom like other kids would do.

15 min. past and the storm hadn’t come yet.

So Ariana thinking that her mom was done she went down stairs.

Mom was worried so she thought that they could only go for a half an hour to see the Eiffel Tower and that the storm was not going to catch them there.

“Ariana are you ready” Mom said

“Yes Mom”said Ariana.

So when they got to the Eiffel Tower the thunderstorm started so they went to a safe spot near the Eiffel Tower a café to be exact. Ariana yelled  “MOM LOOK”Ariana took  picture     Effiel Tower                             

Mom was surprised because no one had ever taken a picture when a lighting bolt struck the Eiffel Tower.

Ariana thought, I’m ganna be famous.

So Mom went the White house to declare the photo that Ariana took.

The photo was famous but, Ariana felt like something was missing.

She thought that they forgot to go to Eiffel Tower so when the thunderstorm pasted they went.

When they got there they went all the way up and they saw a nun. The fourth one appeared in Paris

Ariana had done some research on the first, second,third,fourth,and fith just to see were the nun had been appearing.

She found out that the fith one was going to appear in France.


A week later Mom was watching the news and Ariana was on her laptop, and on the news said that the fith one ended up in France.

So Ariana was right about the research that she had done.

She was proud of her self to see the lighting bolt hit the Eiffel Tower and also, researching about the fith chair.

BY:Marlin Salazar
harris flying chair

Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin fever

In this book the third to the last greg finds himself falling below the bar his popularity levels are going down his luck none his ideas not possible and even worse hes stuick with his brothers and his blind mom because thiers a blizzard.Hes dealing with seventh grade problems and house problems to greg also finds his sibilings true colors like manny leaving his family in despair with him messing with the house breakers and putting heat in his room and leaving his family cold now he has to sleep with his mom and his brother in the same room in the same presents o0n the same bed on the same couch because its that cold while manny is in mystery land frozen meals a night while manny and gregs dad are living it while all that hes dealing with criminal issues they put illegeal posters on private property and kinda of got caughtthe newspapers had there names and everything an greg was freaking out he was hiding and keeping a low profile but the school is calling names to the office so he has to keep his fingers crossed but he eventually gets called but makes it by a hair hethought the police were on to him so the blizzard helped in one way after the blizzard everything is pretty much normal.

George Washington

Tuff times in the year of 1776 George Washington moves his tired hungry and weak men across the impossible icey river of delaware in an impossible battle against the well trained well fed red coats but the pride of the rebels is diminshing as they beat them at almost every post they run them out of new york and defeat them at concord but this christmas delaware battle is the most importannt all the odds are against them even when they try to attack there cannons break because the ice cracked the inside but in the odds general George thrives on giving there army a boost the general valiantly charges into war reguardless food supplies or even weapons surprise take that red coats the americans rejoice on christmas night but it isn’t the end they still have battles and wars and woun ds to collect.

Diary of A Wimpy kid: last straw

This book shows greg heffley the main character playing the part of a hero hes trying to impress a girl while avoiding the bullies while keeping both of his brothers in check and all while trying to survive 6th grade will he win maybe but what greg finds out is that he needs to slow down, but another event accures that is pivital to his reputation his father will be sending him to juvienile detention or juve for short so greg being him grosses a plan that in the end kinda of works but for him that doesn’t fly so he figures out something ground changiong so something like an annual party celebration and his dad wigels out of it every time but this time his wife catches him its over but his son greg helps him to get throw it gets thier baby to laugh which is what they’ve been trying to do each year. at the end of the day greg gets it all he even gets a new girl but rowley gets in the way but always in any other problem he knows how distanguise his best friend.On rowlies hand everything is going well but when rowley gets popular greg doesn’t like the amount of attention drawn to himself nad gets angry with rowley so the split up but being the friends  they are, they comeback this a good book and I suggest it.

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