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The Space Race



One day a kid heard about space race 2113 so he watched from earth and saw that the Buzurks were winning. Because of there new in envection the Buzurkanator and it goes 10 light years per mile thats crazy we humans only go 8 light years per mile. And last year the Buzurks  almost destroyed the galaxy and took the oldest star. The Truzurks came in league and was half the way to the moon and then the Buzurk came an got hit by an asteroid and was out once. A Truzurk got there he was shot once by a Buzurks and survived an then the Truzurk took him home and the Buzurk were disqualified for ever.

Then the Buzurks came back for revenge and tried to destroy earth and take all its cats because the cats sound is music to their ears. And wants they got there they crash earth. and the Truzurks were having a meeting in washington,DC at the white house and then general came in the room and said were under attack. 10 sec later the mother ship was attacking china,russia,ukraine and all of africa so america used all force all nukes all air crafts and took out all of the alien but there not done more alien forces came as they speak and  and nearly all of earth was wiped out and the Truzurks came and started to help the Buzurk.

Then they started  to hostage every body but the Truzurks were being shot down by air forces. Aircraft carriers were killing most aliens and people already died for the Buzurks. Didn’t know the the buzurks or the truzurks all of earth is 50% dead and this war is not over they came with thousand’s of buzurkanator and humans cant shot down so took all ground forces sent them to cities all world wide and took them to underground. Sells and left them there until they were safe no other planet knew about the sells.And the ground forces could not get up because the buzurks are very slimy and it closed the holes.

The attack is not over and all the Buzurks were dead good thing the humans had more than 1,000,000 people so the human were nearly destroyed no there back somehow and the thing is shot down gosh the Truzurks are definitely not done with us so back to war ahh people are dying the Truzurk fly so this is going to be hard without ground forces so send in all air forces BANG all forces trapped tell the ground to stay there attacking for above yes general said and they stayed underground and they did as general said and the stayed with the people they were assigned people were ready to leave they been there for hours and hunger has started some died out there some in.

They have died from heart attack so there were only about 100,000 people left and a lot of Truzurks and the people digged there way out of the ground picked up weapons and started to shot at the Truzurks some are gone but there still at it there trying to keep planet earth. And there is only 12 left this world is big but we will find the Truzurks and kill them ahh its a swarm there all dead the world was nearly destroyed and we rebuild this world and started a new one by the year 2185 there was 100,000,000 people. The counties never got in a fight again they made a holiday 2113.



The Soccer Alien

 The soccer Alien

By: Briana Montiel

One day I was at my house and i had to go get the mail. I got a letter from my soccer coach it said…

Dear Briana,

We will go to three states for our soccer tournaments we will be going to Florida,Chicago, California.

We will be leaving today at 3:35 so pack your jersey and soccer ball.


From your coach :Natalie  Smythe

I got this letter because I play in a famous girl soccer league and I am 17 and play front. I was going to travel to Florida, California, and chicago. So i told my parents and they were happy for me. I started packing then i said goodbye to my parents and brother. When I got to the airport and my friends from soccer were there waiting for me I said bye to my parents then I got to my plane i was excited.


First I said hi to my teammates. My jersey number is 17. I went to sleep on the plane. The first state state we were going to is florida. when we got there we went to our hotel and we all had roommates. My roommate was my best friend Bianca we were best friends since kindergarden and Bianca is very nice and funny. We first unpacked and then i called my parents to tell them that we got there safely and that we were at hotel already.


When I was done talking to them it was time for us to practice soccer. We were done and our coach said we could go anywhere we wanted but we had to come back early so we could get enough sleep for our game tomorrow. Me and my best friend went to subway and then to the park to practice soccer. After that we decided to go back to the hotel and go to sleep. When we woke it was 6:00 a.m. We got into our uniform and went to the stadium to meet our coach and warm up. When I got there I saw someone in the audience that looked really suspicious. He wore black and he was the only one there in the audience.


     He was coming down to the field and he told us that we couldn’t play then he took of his mask and he was an alien he told us he hated soccer and that he was here to end it. Me and my friends were scared but we tried to attacked him we scared him away.


He said “I will come back this isn’t the last you’ll see of me.”


We were scared, but we still played our game and won 4-2. Then we went back to our hotel. Me and Bianca went back to our hotel and talked about our game and the alien.


“ Do you think the alien is going to end soccer?” She asked

“ No I don’t think so.” I said worriedly.

“ Do you think he’s gonna be there when we go to Chicago?”

“ Maybe.”

“ But we have to go to sleep because tomorrow is our last day at florida and coach is letting us do whatever we want.”

“ Oklets go to sleep.”


So we went to sleep and in the morning we got into our bathing suits and we headed to the beach. The beach was warm. We went to Daytona beach and we surfed and then we went to shops and bought souvenirs and our coach gave us tickets to go to disney world and we rode on a lot of roller coasters and rides. I took a lot of pictures to show our parents and then we went back to our hotel. We packed up and got onto our plane and we left to Chicago.


We got on our plane and again we slept when we woke up we were almost there. A few hours later the plane landed and we were at chicago we went to our hotel again got into our jersey’s to go practice at the park. When we were done we all went to a restaurant and ate we talked and we talked about our strategies for tomorrow’s game. Once we were done eating we tipped the waitress and left. When we got to our hotel we slept and in the morning we had breakfast. We ate pancakes at Ihop. When we were done we headed over to the hotel to get dressed for the game.


We got there and we got dressed. We were all a little bit scared about the alien but we got over it and we warmed up. It was finally time for the game and the alien came he was ready to attack he had more weapons to fight us with this time and we were prepared too. We had a plan. We were going to kick our soccer balls to him and scare him away.


He said “ I have come back.”


We all started to kick our soccer balls and the alien fell down.


He go back up and then he said “I will come back this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. You guys still have one more soccer game and i’ll be there and that time you won’t be able to stop me.”


Then he flew up to the sky and we could no longer see him. No one said anything for a while then our coach told us that the game was about to start and we had to forget about the alien so we did and we played again and we won. When we got back to the hotel we got into our pajamas and slept because tomorrow was our last day inchicago and me and Bianca were going to walk around and see the city early in the morning. We woke up got ready and ate breakfast at a restaurant then we walked around and went shopping after that we went back to the hotel and packed up to leave to California for our next soccer game.


We got to California after a few hours and then we got our next hotel and we unpacked we went a park again to practice soccer then we went out to eat ice cream and we went back to our hotel. Then we started talking about the alien again, how we were scared and how we were going to scare him away forever. So then we came up with a plan and called all our soccer teammates and our coach then we decided that we would meet up at the park at 4:00 pm. Me and Bianca were there first ones there then came our couch, Katie, Alli, Alexandra, Britney, Crystal, Kelsey, Anna, Isabella, Annie, Bella, and our goalie Sierra. We talked about our plan and we added a few details to our plan finally we agreed to use that plan and then we went back to the hotel. We got there and went to sleep. The next day we got up the next and got dressed for our soccer game again then we left. When we got there we told everyone if they knew what we were doing and everyone said yes then we waited for the alien to come and then he came and had more weapons then Katie jumped out and kicked a soccer ball at him and then he turned around and while he was distracted the rest of us grabbed his weapons and then  showed them to him and he said “You do not dare to use those weapons on me!” I used one of the weapons on a bench and I “I will use it on you!” Then he went away and he didn’t come back we were happy. Next we had to play our game and we won 3-2 then we went to the hotel packed up and grabbed our bathing suits to go to the beach when we were done we got to the airport next we left when we got there I told my parents and brother the story about the alien and they didn’t believe me.

The End


The Soccer Save!

The soccer save! Hello i’m Edwin torres and I live in Spain, Madrid. It was my brothers birthday July 30 I finally arrived at his house in mexico. As a present i brought him a real madrid jersey with the number 23 and his name I knock on his door nobody answers so I go in and check every room except for his room so I go in and see a note that says i got your brother with his family and soccer team, and i think in my head that his team is in the finals this weekend on Sunday and  its Sunday. So it’s basically a week.   I call my team to come to help me. But most of my team is on vacation except Ronaldo, James, Benzema, Bale, Chicharito, Falcao, and Keylor Navas. Finally my team came since it is too dangerous i sent my family  in our private plane that my team came in. I sent my family to my sister house. Since it lasted 2 days for my team to get now we have 6 days left. Ronaldo asks me why we are here i tell them “ you are here to help save  my brother and his team from the galaxy team” ( the galaxy team is the best team in the world  nobody has ever beat them or goten tie the only time the won 1-0 was against us  Real Madrid it was Gotze who scored). Me and my team stayed in a hotel that was so beautiful the color was turquoise with bright lights. Today we got another message saying that we only have 5 days to save my brother and the team also  if the team doesn’t make it your brother will have to leave the team and lose the final and Leon FC which is my favorite mexican club will win hahahaha (evil laugh). The coach of the galaxy team mailed us a message that we couldn’t solve it was like this 23 145 87 563 091735 8142 but on the back it had words that says to find out what it says you need to go to the moon and dig 3 feet under ground, hahahahaha (evil laugh). So we travel in 4 space ships 2 people in each space ship. We finally land on the moon and we see the galaxy team logo so we dig and find the the map it has a code breaker the message said we are in planet mars. So we fly we and we land. MY crew ask where they could be and then Bale said I found them they were in a skyscraper. So we make a plan I brought some galaxy uniforms we put them on and go in and we find a room that says don’t come in because we have the toluca team in here. We go in and ll we see are  fire arms. I also see the team and my brother. I step in and the fire arms start shooting and i got caught. But lucky me Ronaldo brought a fire arm that shoots lasers he shoots the rope and when the security comes they take off there faces which turns out to be masks.W figure it out quick they are aliens. We get so scared that we jump out the window and leave a bomb (pooooooooofffffff) it explodes. when we get to earth we go directly to his game it turns out that they won 2-0. the end


Alejandro Castillo                                                      mystery

Ben summer was great because he won the spelling bee. That wasn’t the most  amazing thing  that happened to him. He went to the woods  for a plant but when he tripped he bumped into  a tree he  noticed it  wasn’t  dent so he  opened the and found a  journal in it after he read it he found out the journal had all the secrets of his hometown Brownsville.

When he got home he read all of it. He found out someone wants the journal he knew what he had to do. Ben left Brownsville but on his the way out a bird tried to take the the book  but it missed and got hit by a bus ben got in the bus. The bus drove him to the next country Florida. He met the guy who wanted to steal the journal the guy that wanted to take the journal was named bill ben was trying to run away from him but he accidently dropped the book.Bill turned around and saw the journal laying on the floor he ran and grabbed it then he started running and there was a police dog helping people and Ben called the dog and told him to chase bill and the police dog ran to bill and bit him.

and ben stayed with the book.But bill came back on the cliff the man came running at Ben but he missed and fell down the cliff and no one ever saw him again and ben could go home. fin





my adventure story

My Adventure Story!

By Gabriel King


September 14, 2014, the day before my 12th birthday I was enjoying my day in my ocean blue house in Germantown, Maryland. I was just about to go jump in a pile of leaves again with my dog,Fudge,when the news came on. The news reporter started  talking about weird suction cups sucking water from all of the earth’s water sources. I knew immediately what I needed to do next.  Walking outside, I opened the garage door, got my rocket and blasted off into outer space.


My rocket is silver with gold stars on it.  It was indestructible and it was also super fast. Since it doesn’t run on anything, it could take care of itself.It had soda machinces,air hockey tables, pet stores and a lot more but right now I have to focus on destroying these aliens.With my giant metal laser destroyed the mothership which stopped drones. But the queen was very mad!The queen jumped in to my ship and I had to battle her! “Fudge take the wheel!”I said.“I’ll battle the queen.I’ll be fine!”


With my blue lightsaber I cut off the queen’s arms, kicked her out of my ship and she fell into  jail with her evil minions. When I went back home the news reporter gave a check that was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars! I bought had a vault in my picture frame that has my money in it. I also bought a golden collar with diamonds saying Fudge on it. Third I got my face on the museum I bought.


Fourth I got a ten foot high cube of video games.  And Fudge`s 2nd golden collar in  glass along with my 2nd crown and  gifts from my friends Tevin,Preston, and DJ was  boxes of  a special kind of chocolate cakes.I also got real life mega Sceptile,Swampert, and Blaziken with an additional hot tub, all the roller coasters in the world, and an indoor pool thats 15 football fields long.last but not least a 10,000,000,000,000,000 foot high cube full of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert that could last as long as I live.





Tom and Ted

(May 12,1661)

Hi my name is tom and this is my brother ted we like to solve mysteries and we heard that the old clock tower was haunted some kids are saying that they hear noises when it’s night but all we hear is the ticking but we made a deal with our that before we solve a mystery we have to do chores for a week now as we were cleaning up we heard a noise coming from the clock tower then we wanted to make a run for it so we wrote a note to ma and took off


may 13,l661

The trip took the whole night and we were sure ma was pretty mad right now but we had to do it we had to figure out what was making that noise we could be friends with everybody at school but we should not worry about them once we reached the entrance we heard the same sound again and we  realized the clock tower was bigger than  we thought we even saw a skeleton once ted tried to pass the floor ripped and there was spikes on the floor luckily we had some rope so i swung over with tod once we found out that this place was booby trapped we used more caution we found a dead end  tod wanted to lie down when he hit a hidden lever and the wall opened by itself as we kept on walking we soon realized the floor was made of lava so we had to shuffle sideways on a ledge as we kept going we saw a monster who was growling and me and ted hide behind cover the monster sniffed and come toward us we got so scared that we slipped and fell toward lava but the crazy thing is when we fell the lava wasn’t hot it was cold and we could swim through it and we saw a entrance.


1:200 am

As we were swim ig we came to a door and when we opened it we saw dad!!!!!!!!! dad had disappeared a few months ago  we had the whole village look for  now we saw him he said he knew he would look for us because we solved mysteries  so we took him home mom was so happy she started crying so we all were a family again and we all lived together

the     END


  the big game 

by Matthew Mendizabal

June 25, 2014 1:00 p.m. it was sunny outside! I’m 20 year old Matthew, a dude with black hair brown eyes who loves to play soccer.  I live in Germantown Maryland and I like to play soccer every day. My brother, Bennett, a 24 year old dude with spiky black hair and brown eyes, likes to play basketball and soccer. He also lives in Germantown Maryland close to me.  I like to play soccer with him, we play at the Germantown soccer field everday at 2:00 p.m.  Bennett and I were walking then a few moments later we heard a big noise it came out of a huge spaceship in the air that was black . When we heard the noise we didn’t know what it was so we continue walking to the soccer field. When we got to the soccer field, we put on our soccer cleats and started playing the crossbar challenge.


An hour later, the huge spaceship made a bigger noise that was loud and scary like an Earthquake. My brother saw the black spaceship and SCREAMED in fear, he knew the noise   came from the spaceship in the air. So we left the soccer field in a rush. I went home and my brother went to his black and white house with his big flat screen TV. When I got to my black home, I turn on my black Playstation 4 and I started playing FIFA. I saw it said Bennett was playing on his Playstation 4 so I invited him to play with me. A few minutes later, he joined me and we started playing a game. I played as Manchester United and he played as FC Bayern. My team was in red and his team was in blue. At the 34 minute of the game, my brother scored and at the 44 minute I scored then it was halftime. We were tied 1 – 1.But at the 89 minute I scored and the game finished 2 – 1. I WON!!

June 26, 2014 8:00 a.m. it was a bright and sunny day when I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom, I put on my blue and gray shirt, I got my soccer ball and ran out the door. I was  dribbling my soccer ball and running at the same time when two black cars started chasing me and I started running faster. They turned left in a alley and I stopped, the right back seat window opened and a man gave me a badge that had a C on it.  Then I knew I had to go save the world as the team captain and these men were going to help me: Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo, Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Tim Howard, Suarez, Donovan and Bale.


June 26 2014 5:00 p.m. when we all met up at a factory we got suited up in these black and grey armor suits. After we finished suiting up we got in a big silver hovercraft and launched into space to play the biggest soccer game in the world! We landed in a big green soccer field. When we got out of the hovercraft we started practicing for the big game. Then I noticed the whole world depended on our team of 11 guys. Two minutes before the game started, we were all so nervous thinking if we can win the game for the world.The game started with me and Messi at kickoff. I made the first pass to Rooney and he passed the ball to Ronaldo. Lexus, the leader of the evil aliens, grabbed the ball from Ronaldo. Lexus is a tall orange eye alien with spikes on his back. Lexus started to run really fast as lighting and none of us could catch him because he was too fast. Then Lexus scored and the crowd went wild like a dinosaur roaring.We could do nothing about it then I saw Lexus looking at me with his evil look. A few moments later, Rooney got through Lexus’ men and Rooney scored for us! We were so happy because we thought we almost lost the world. Minutes later it was halftime and we all went to the locker room, when we got in the locker room we all sat on the bench in the middle of the room. When we sat down the coach, his name is Mr. Philh, a man with green eyes and a big nose, told us to never give up. A few minutes went by and we had to go back out to the field. Then I saw Lexus looking at me in a way that he wanted to destroy me. The second half of the game started and I passed the ball to Ronaldo, he passed it to Bale who passed it back to me. I started to run then I saw Lexus in front of me and I ran at him and passed the ball to Messi really fast then I ran passed Lexus and Messi passed the ball back to me. I started to run as fast as I could and passed two of Lexus men, one tried to break my leg but I beated the alien, the other one tried to kick me in the face but I moved my head in time to not get hit by a big black foot and ugly toe nails. Seconds later, I saw Neymar on my right side and I passed the ball to him and he started to run and he saw Ronaldo so Neymar passed the ball in mid air to Ronaldo and he hit the ball with his head to score and make us take the lead. Then I thought “we can win this game and not lose the world’’! Lexus kicked off after Ronaldo scored, seconds later Lexus started to run so fast, faster than he was running earlier like 10% faster. Rooney tried to stop Lexus but he couldn’t because Lexus was too fast to stop then Lexus scored on Tim Howard. Then I said to myself ‘’nope we might lose’’. Suarez kicked off then I saw Lexus run at me so I quickly passed the ball to Rooney and he passed it to Neymar who passed it to Messi and he passed the ball to Bale and he passed it to Ronaldo who started to run on the left side of the field. One of Lexus men tried to hit Ronaldo but Ronaldo was too fast for the alien player.


It was the 89 minute and Ronaldo was on the left side of the field when he saw Rooney and Ibrahimovic in the middle of the goalie box and Ronaldo passed the ball to Ibrahimovic but Lexus’s goalkeeper punched the ball away. Then the ball came to me and I though just like FIFA so I kicked the ball as hard as I could from the outside of the goalie box and the alien goalkeeper was not  able to catch the ball on time, the ball went in the top left corner of the net! Everyone was so happy that I scored because if I didn’t then Lexus’ team would have a chance to win the game. When Lexus kickoff he jumped and passed me and Messi. Bale was on the right side of the field and Ronaldo was on the left so Bale and him could do nothing just Rooney and Donovan could so Rooney started to run at Lexus and Donovan hit Lexus so the referee called a foul. Lexus was going to take the free kick, if he miss it we would win the game for the world. Lexus hit the ball and it went to the top left corner and Tim Howard leaped for the ball and he got one hand on it right on time to make a save. The referee blew the whistle to end the game. WE WON 3 – 2!!! After we won, we got back in the sliver hovercraft and launched back to earth and landed in the factory. After a great victory, we were all free to go home and enjoy our normal life. I was back playing soccer with my brother the next day!

                                                                                                            THE END!!!

Sheila’s Big Adventure

                           Sheila’s Big Adventure

                             By: Natalya Dela Rosa

July 14, 2029 it was a very hot day in Planet Neutron.  There was a girl named Sheila Simpson. She has long dark blue hair and is 21 years old.  Sheila loves to build spaceships and she loves to fight crimes.  She is a human. She lives in Planet Neutron, which is a great place to live and raise a family.  Sheila’s parents died because people were polluting the ocean and since they were laying on the sand they got stabbed by a sharp bottle when she was a baby, but she grew up alone with her aunt.


One day she was was roaming in the bad part of Planet Neutron and then Sheila heard screaming coming from a small corner by the dumpsters. Then when she peaked she saw a little old lady being robbed by a villain named Simon The Mad Scientist.  He is the super villain of all time. He is a grumpy old man that is very hot headed and has a hunched back which he also has a very bad breath like he had spoiled soup for dinner.


Sheila closed her eyes and pulled out her gun and pulled the trigger. The ray gun shot it’s blue beam of energy, but instead of hitting Simon, the beam hit the brick wall instead.  Simon knew it was her because of the unique color of the beam.  When she opened her eyes and turned around a small corner, he had disappeared.  All was left was a hole in the wall from her missed shot.  


Sheila asked the old lady “ Are you okay miss”?  


The old lady said “ The name is Mindy Phoenix, and yes i am okay”.  


Suddenly Sheila was thinking to herself saying ”This lady seems very suspicious”.

Sheila said, “Excuse me, Mindy, I was wondering, why are you here in this bad part of town?  If i were you i wouldn’t be wandering around here too much.”  


In Sheila’s mind, she was thinking why would Mindy be wandering around in this dumpy place.


Before long Sheila told Mindy goodbye and then got in her purple spaceship and zoomed back home. On the way home, her best friend Patty called but she told her that she couldn’t answer.  Aria was thinking to go pay a little visit to Simon.  When she was at Simons lab she saw Simons guards just standing by the gate. At that point Sheila got her ray gun snuck behind them one by one and shot them in the back.


Then she quietly crawled through the gate with the keys from one of the guards and went into the laboratory. “Whoa ha ha” Sheila heard an evil laugh and she knew it didn’t sound too good.  Then she went into Simons laboratory and when she stepped one foot on the tile floor her heels lightly went “CLICK” on the floor. Then Simon said “Welcome Sheila” in a creepy voice. “Hello Simon, I was coming here to pay you a visit but since you knew it was me then i guess i will try another time” said Sheila.  Simon said “ Where are all my guards”? So then he said in a loud range “WHERE ARE ALL MY GUARDS”! His face was red like hot sauce.


Soon after he got angry, Sheila decided to leave when Simon got his remote and clicked the red button.  Sheila got lifted up by a rope from the roof so she was hanging upside down.  Sheila didn’t know what to do, until Simon said “ I’m glad you came here to talk to me”. Simon then said in an evil voice “no one can help you, you can’t call anyone, but enough talking about you lets start talking about me shall we”.  Sheila tries to get herself down while he was telling his story, “well since you’re here, I might as well tell you my plans, first  i’m going to blow up Minion Planet and then i’m going to blow up Canyon road and finally blow up Planet Neutron” said Simon.  Sheila tries to struggle again and says “ You’re not gonna get away with this Simon”!!!.  Simon says “ Oh really “ in a very suspicious voice. Then Simon got his remote and the red button went “CLICK” .   Sheila said “ NOO!!! “ then tries to struggles. Simon says “ Oh which should i do next, well i already blew up half of Minion Planet  so which place should i do?” said Simon.


Sheila was thinking to herself saying “ Well since he’s never gonna let me go, i should do what must be done .  Even though i’ dont even like it.” Then suddenly she went to the nearest counter while swinging herself and found a water bottle. At that point she swung and swung and swung for a couple of minutes until she grabbed the top of the bottle with her bare hands. Soon after she grabbed it she tried to put a little bit on her eyes but instantly it poured all over her and she was soaking wet. So then she was whining and whining and whining so much Simon started to get really annoyed by her .  Then Sheila said “Are you okay Simon, it looks like you’re mad” in a sassy voice. Sheila kept on winning until Simon cracked and untied her from the ceiling and said in a furious voice “ I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR WHINING, IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY”!!!!!!

Soon after Sheila points a raw gun at Simon and says “Are you going to shoot me, because I know you don’t like shooting people” .


“Oh I’m not going to shoot you and I’m not going to put you in jail either because they’re gonna do it.  All of a sudden the cops came in the laboratory. “Simon you are under arrest for trying to blow up these innocent people and their planets.  At that moment Simon The Mad Scientist / Simon Wyatts went to jail for 5 years.

5 years later Sheila has a large home that has 2br 3bath rooms for the living room and the bedroom floor.  She also lives with her roommate/best friend Patricia Williams.  Simon Wyatts has not been heard for many many years.  

                                                  THE END


Maddie’s Big Adventure

Maddie’s Big Adventure

                                             by Zahra Abdi  


 One nice summer day, in the first O of the Hollywood sign, lived a flexible girl with amber brown hair and one pink hair streak named Maddie Hart. She lives with her mother, Connie, her father, Frank, her older and famous big sister Tawni, and a little baby sister named Juliet. One morning, Maddie was watching TV when she heard the news that evil robots were attacking the world from dimension Z. Maddie went straight to the president in her high tech car she made. The president told her to go to dimension Z and stop the operating system that powers the robots. “How Mr. President?’’ asked Maddie. “Use this portal’’ replied  the president. Maddie opened the portal and jumped in.


Maddie opened her eyes and saw dimension Z filled with strange things, like an animal that was half beagle and half tiger, a talking T-rex that was a vegetarian and much more. Maddie was so amazed by the dimension she almost fell into the death river! One slip and you  are dead. Maddie was so scared, but she reminded herself that winners never lose. She spotted a blue vine and swung across. But the vine was not a vine, it was a snake and Maddie has a fear of snakes. So Maddie punched that snake until she was on the ground.


After the river came Mad Mean Meadow where you have to be mad and mean which for Maddie is hard because she is a positive person. She made it across Mad Mean Meadow which was terrifying, for Maddie . She sees the operating system but it had legs! So it ran away. Fortunately Maddie is a fast runner so she ran like the wind to catch up. Fifteen minutes later (which is five seconds for the world) Maddie fell asleep. Five hours later (which is fifteen minutes for the world) Maddie woke up and found herself in front of a door-a-lord, a red and blue creature with a door in its stomach. The door-a-lord is the shortcut to the operating system.


To go through the door-a-lord you must do the chicken dance in a purple chicken suit while you stand on a lightning rod during a storm. So Maddie got into a purple chicken suit and stood on top of a lightning rod. Afterward the door-a-lord reminded her that purple is the

yak-a-doodle-doo’s favorite color and it will eat anything purple. Maddie told the door-a-lord “Nothing is too strong to stop Maddie Hart” but the door-a-lord left. Maddie was alone and scared. She saw the smelly yak-a-doodle-doo over her head. It came down right next to her. The yak-a-doodle-doo was big with blue fur and green spots. Maddie remembered that she has a 12th degree in karate, kung fu and jiu jitsu. So she beat down that yak-a-doodle-doo and went straight through the door-a-lord.


Maddie was amazed to see that the operating system had a self destruct button, so she hit the button and ran to the portal as fast as she could. When she got back to Hollywood everybody and I mean everybody came to congratulate Maddie. Maddie was so surprised to see her famous sister Tawni Hart giving her flowers. Maddie also saw her dad, mom and baby sister and Maddie yelled “Best Day EVER!”

But the bright blue sky became gray with clouds. Everybody got a phone call and in ten seconds flat, people were running and screaming. “Run for your lives” a man yelled. “We’re all going to die” a woman voiced. Maddie was in shock. She was about to have a heart attack when she opened her eyes and heard the voice of Tawni saying “Wake up Maddie.”  Maddie looked around, people were running for their lives, running for cake. People were on the ground, they were on the ground because they ate too much cake. After all that, everyone was dancing and having a great time. Maddie was amazed when Tawni brought the cast of So Random, the show Tawni was on. Maddie saw Sonny, Zora, Nico and Grady. She also saw Chad Dylan Cooper, the boyfriend of Sonny. Maddie thought it was the best day of her life, when suddenly the sky turned red, red as a bowl of tomato soup. Maddie got a text from the president that said “Come 2 the White House ASAP.”


Twenty-eight minutes later, Maddie came climbing down from a rope ladder that was attached to a helicopter. The president told her “The portal you opened did not close and the whole world is looking up to you. Watch out for anything suspicious.” Maddie came back to Hollywood. People were suddenly sleeping. Maddie looked up and found herself at 5th avenue in New York. Then she found herself back in the first O of the Hollywood sign. It was the exact same time when she heard the news about the evil robots attacking. Maddie saw her mom feeding Juliet, her dad eating waffles and working on a project to build a mansion, because he is an architect, and Tawni putting on her favorite lipstick, coco-moco-coco, and rehearsing her lines for So Random. Maddie was confused, so Maddie asked her mom “What is happening?” Her mom replied ”Hfnilfhduablhvfud.”


Next Maddie found herself at the exact same spot where she almost fell to her death. “Maybe I should go the other way.” So Maddie went the other way. She found herself in Antarctica where there were donkeys! Maddie found out that the donkeys could talk. They said “Get out of here you little punk!” Maddie replied sternly “What language!” So the donkeys pushed her into the cold water.


Maddie was in such a shock. She was twisting and turning. She pinched herself so hard she was bleeding. Maddie opened her eyes and screamed. She found herself in her bed. Her mom came upstairs and Maddie asked her mom “Why am I in my bed?” “Because you fell asleep at your party” told her mom. Maddie was relieved. Her mom gave her a bandage for her arm because it was bleeding. And her mom gave her a big hug. Then Maddie, Tawni, Juliet, mom and dad all watched ‘The Incredibles’. It was Maddie’s favorite movie. And they had popcorn and pizza.   




                                    THE END          


The Epic day

The Epic day

By: Cobin R.


It finally came to me, to buy new shoes and rock at school.The shoes were called Jordans and they were blank with a tint of white and gray. So my mom said ok and I was seised. So we took a little trip to “Kids foot locker’’ to buy a pair of shoes. We also thought of buying apair of shoes for my little Sister since she is going to school.My Sister got lebrons. And so we went home to check them out and I grew a size and that was good news. I couldn’t wait to try them out.So I waited until school started and It felt good wearing them. Other people had shoes that I wanted. But they probably worth a lot of money. So I get what i get and I don’t get upset. My Sister didn’t care what she got she just worries about If their cool and girlish. The shoes that my sister wanted were pink and were pretty much colorful.


So when my Dad came home from work, I showed him the shoes and he liked them and said that he will give them a score of 7 out of 10.  My Mom said 5 because she liked the ones that were blue and red. I’m the one that didn’t like them.I wanted some other ones but they were to expensive for her. So I kept on wearing them to school so everyone can see them and like them.And they got dirty on the second day of school because i went on the chips outside and I kept on kicking it and the dirtiness got on my shoes. NOOOO. And so when I got home I cleaned them so they would be clean. My cousin would say to clean them now because he loves shoes and he dosen’t like it when shoes are dirty.So then and on i will be also wearing my other shoes. My Sister was going to Pre-K and i’m pretty sure that she will have fun. I will have fun at 5th grade with a male Teacher.Finally I got a male teacher that’s not a female in all of my grade levels.


In the near future I will be waiting for my next pair of shoes. I hope they will be expensive so everyone will ask If they cost a lot or if they were worth it.Maybe i will ask my cousin if those shoes are good or not. Or I will forget about that and get the shoes that I want. When i get another shoe pair I will make it count so it will last forever. Then and on I kept on wearing my new shoes to school and the day came when we had a Substitute at our class and I bumped into him and a said sorry but he didn’t say anything. That was a little rude to say nothing when you crash into a person. Then the man stepped on my shoe and i got furious because I have to waste my time cleaning these shoes. The bad news was that it was raining and everyones shoes where mu. My shoe looked horrifying. The new shoes were fine and clean until he stepped on them with his muddy shoes.

And so I knew that day that it was payback time. And lunch time, I thinked so hard and the idea came to me to pull a prank on the substitute.I payed people so they would help me because I’m gonna need lots of supplies. So that day went on and It was time to pull the prank. The teacher didn’t know what  was going to happen.I used my new shoes to do the prank. So the moment that i was waiting for the prank of all heaven BOOM!The glue fell on top of his body. I know that was too far but he just got served. And so I wait until the next person does something to me. They will be messing with the wrong person! Well that was a great dream.Good morning. I Dreamed too hard that I thought it was real.

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