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Letter to King George

Dear King George III,


My name is Emily I’m from the colony of Maryland.I am writing this letter to you because i`ve heard Patrick`s  Henry`s speech and I am leaving England.I am a patriot.

You are doing slavery it is not good it`s harsh and unfair.That makes me feel very made! I want freedom!Also when I leave England I will be getting what  I Want and what I deserve You will not have power over me no more.Also when leave I will have everything I need to live.Another thing King George I klame war!!!I will get my freedom!!!!!Good day to you king George take care.


Dear King George lll:

I am Joshua and I want to LEAVE ENGLAND and join the Patriot.


I don’t want to listen to some gagged up king. Also the colonies didn’t even have their rights to choose their KING!! In the Boston Massacre lobster back were killing innocent people. But what I hate most of all is the Quartering act, brainless soldiers knocking on your door and disrespecting your stuff. Right now me and the Patriot are preparing for war.


So if you people still want to be with King George you better think again!!!


King George III

My name is preston and I am leaving england to join the patriots because I value my life and respect also it is very disrespectful to let your troops come and live in radom people house and disrupt their life also I am leaving because i am afraid that something like the boston massacre to happen all over again i  felt that the boston tea party was good because we made you  mad which makes us happy also the reason is that will make everybody safe which you may think is rubbish but this is true also you make me mad with the quater act  and the stamp act the patriots are in the right mind we will take you down super hard
Sincerely Preston

letter to King George III

Dear, King George III


My name is Amanda and I am from the colony of Maryland. I will not be staying in England because you charge to much for taxes and the colonist, like me, don’t have time for all of that and if I become a patriot I’ll pay less on tax and I won’t have to give you my trad able items or my money.


Also what really wanted me to leave England is the Quartering Act and how all the soldiers take over our houses. And it made me feel mad because I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.
This is my opinion of why I don’t want to stay with England.


King's Site 2014-10-29 14:58:15

KG3 Letter   Dear King George the 3rd, I am Gabriel from the colony of Maryland.  I am going to leave England because I want to have more freedom.  I also don’t want to pay your taxes.  Your speech was terrible and I want to enjoy what I have and need.  Staying with you would be the worst idea ever possible out all the speeches in the world.  Plus Lobster Backs, let me just give you a hint: they’re easy to stop,spot,see, and shoot.  My turning point was the stamp taxes.  They were RIDICULOUS!   All in all, this is why I am leaving England. Sincerely, Gabriel

Letter to King George

Dear King George lll,

My name Cobin from the colony of Maryland. I’m leaving you, and fighting with other troops! I pardon me that I had to do this but, I’ll probably get something better like my RIGHTS and FREEDOM. I don’t want to live under some birdbrains RULES.

I had to wake up early, and I don’t get enough sleep and did more chores than anyone else. Nothing is fair for me on that ship. I will be fighting against you and your soldiers. Hopefully I get more protected than being there unprotected. And i’ll get more respect than you giving me no respect. You didn’t even treat me well. My new mates are going to respect me and treat me better than how you did those expectations to me. I will have a better life when I join the right team.

Sincerely,  Cobin A. Rivas

King George III

Dear King George III,


Hello my name is Briana from the colony of Maryland, I am sorry to say that I am with the patriots because of the Boston Massacre I don’t think it was right for England soldiers to kill and wound colonist. I am also leaving England because I do not agree with giving your soldiers our food, shelter, and transportation because you can’t afford it. I will be sending my soldiers to fight for America.






Dear, King George III

I decided to leave England because I don’t want to listen to some of your dumb exhausting rules.

Another reason you are not safe and you need to make your rules more better.

If you do i might come back i might but you need to make your rules more safe.

And you killed five colonial and hurt 6 people for no reason.

Colonial and we will kill your ugly lookin lobster backs.

By the way i am Aniyah Monae Groves!!

nasty mean kgt3

Dear king George The reason why i am leaving England is because your tea tax is to high.

I am going to the patriots and to teach my kids wen they grow up be in the patriots instead.

Of you king George so why im leaving England because i cant afford the tea and i am british.

And i need tea to keep my britan! so bye kgt3.


King George III

Dear King George III,


Hello my name is Jamour from the Colony of Maryland.  I’m leaving England because you put taxes on everything I can’t even get paper.


We can’t say anything about the taxes.You put the Quartering act on us because you don’t have money to put your lobster backs in a house,You put the Stamp act to pay a tax on printed paper so now I can’t even afford a book.You killed five colonist and hurt six people for no reason in the Boston Massacre .You also put the Boston Port act and no one is getting food or tea in  Massachusetts Colonies.

            Now I will fight for the colonies and  we will kill your dummy lobster backs.Win the Revolution War.Become a free country .Good day !!

Sincerely Jamour from Colony Of Maryland

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