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Clear Spring Park



BY:Aniyah Groves Room 661


Clear Spring Park is across from Daly Elementary School it is in Germantown, Maryland if you come there is a big sign with its name on it to.….Positive because you could do a lot of things there with your family and your friends. The big kids can go play on the basketball court while the little kids play on the playground. Also It is not a very big park but it is big enough to fit a good amount of people.


Also the parents can meet other parents while the kids are playing. Kids can be active people can recycle also a lot of kids might want to have a party there for their birthdays and other things.There is safety signs for people to not get hurt and other kids that will follow the rules and won’t get hurt either.And there will be a police patrol so the teens won’t get into any fights and also the teens won’t bring any weapons. But not everything is positive there too it is a couple of negative things there like there are a couple of injuries once in a while and maybe there will be a group of kids using bad language.



  • You can have party’s
  • It’s big enough
  • You can recycle
  • There is safety signs
  • There is a police patrol
  • Kids can be active
  • Protection from weather


  • Bad language
  • People litter
  • people don’t follow the rules sometimes
  • Injuries
  • people harm wildlife
  • Disrespectful teens
  • No supervision

Clear Spring

Clear Spring Park Opinion

By: Matos Dela Rosa

Clear Spring Park has been a place for kids to just hang out with friends when they get out of school .


But its not only for kids it can be for adults and even teenagers too. Clear Spring Park is made for the whole community to enjoy and have fun.


I think that Clear Spring Park is a positive because it has only ONE safety sign and I think thats enough to tell people to be safe and be very careful at times.


Another reason why is because kids can be active when their out of school so they can get all of the stress out of their body and have some fun.


And thats what I think about Clear Spring Park is a positive!


A strange day in July


“ Go outside with your sister” mother said

you have been on that playstation for hours!.

“but mom” brother said


“no buts buts are for sitting.” mother said.


so brother got his sister and went outside to the woods to go exploring it was really fun and they had a good time  together they went to deer hunting and saw very cool one it went and decided to go take a ride strangely the deer did not fight it just stood there waiting for them once they got on and took them very far to a magical land.


They went to they saw a king he said welcome to enhance iea please make yourself welcome please take a seat anywhere the children got off but the deer started whining  and the man started changing shape until he was  a creepy jacked up creepy disfigured inhuman form made out of water and said i have been waiting for you my master has told that you would be here .


scared he yelled for his sister to help him but she was already tied up and gagged  he freaked out and took out everybody that came near.

He took his sister and went and got on the horse  and rode away he then went around a corner and hid hoping that nobody was following him then when they thought that the coast was clear they ran for it that a couple hours later they came across to another kingdom and were more cocchis and saw that the owner did not look as bad but he did not do anything bad to him.

They have said that they were in safe heaven he said okay but we do not trust you because we almost got killed by letting yourself get help and be happy so we do not know if we should trust you okay random guy  he looked hurt and said we would not hurt anybody who comes in my kingdom yet they said we needed to get home and they said that they have a time machine to take them back that they were in the future the they took them and sent them  into their home where there mom was waiting for them.  

Fight For The Top of The World

I would suggest to choose a state that is rich and has lots of power to protect It from other states. A state that has responsibility to care for their Items. Who can take care of the Arctic? United States, United States, is the ONE! United States can take care of the Arctic, they are rich and has lots of resources that can help the Arctic. Any other country would have tried to attack the Arctic and take over, but the United States would defend the Arctic because It’s important to have the Arctic in the world. The Arctic has animals that can be endangered and could be frightened of the people that try to kill them. Help the Arctic. What If the Arctic was your home? I know I would choose United States because I’m choosing the country that I’ve known and live In.

Fight for the top of the world

Fight for the top of the world


I think that they should not do anything with the arctic because we should have a bit of untouched land. And let the animals in the arctic have there own space and be not bothered . They should keep that big open space.That is why they should not touch the arctic.


Fight To The Top Of The World

Fight To The Top Of The World


By Briana


No one should be able to claim the arctic because the resources will run out eventually and all the man made things used in order to get all the oil out will be bad for the ocean. One of the resources that will run out will be oil and if they are not careful enough than that can cause an oil spill that can harm wildlife living in the ocean.


Top of the world

I think the Arctic should be owned because there is a lot of resources like oil, coal and a lot more. These resources could be used by powering their country. They could claim it by putting their flag under the ice and in the water.


Fight for the Top of the World

              Fight for the Top Of The World

                         By Jamour


I think the countries that want the North Pole should not fight over it because first the North Pole is mostly water so you can’t put nothing there.Second I know there is oil but if those countries take it all no one will have oil and when we really need it we will have nothing.Third there only a little land for the person that get’s the land.So that why think countries should not fight over the North Pole.


Arctic Battle

Fight For The Top Of The World

I believe that Denmark should claim the Arctic. This is my proof. It is a fact that in December, Denmark claimed a large portion of the top of the world, including the North Pole. According to the United Nations Law of the Sea, a country has ownership of the sea areas within 230 miles of its coastline. If a nation wants to claim a larger area, it must show scientific proof that its territory extends further into the ocean. Denmark says it has that proof. Between 2007 and 2012, a team of international scientists mapped the Lomonosov Ridge. The underwater mountain range stretches across more than 1,000 miles. The scientists  say that Greenland is connected to the range. Denmark governs Greenland, the world’s largest island. And that, says Denmark, gives it ownership of nearly 350,000 miles of Arctic Ocean territory.Plus, if Denmark claims it, we can produce a lot more fish. I also have an idea. Maybe if Denmark lets us, with a 30% chance, they might share the oil if were super nice to them.

Arctic Battle

I believe that no one should own the arctic


I believe no one should own because there are many animals that live in the arctic that can’t leave their hapittac and if they do they might die or have to develop to a new hapittac and plus who want to take over a really cooled place and what would they do with it.


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