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Lisset Jumanji 4 Icon Challenge

4 Icon Challenge - Lisset Canas

I pick the board game image because in the book the kid were playing a game board.  I put a monkey and a lion because when the kids were playing a monkey and lion popped out of the game. I put the house  because when they finished the game the house was clean and back to normal.

Jumanji 4 Icon Challenge




4 Icon Challenge - Jeremiah Green

I selected these icon pictures because they represent the story of Jumanji. The board game started the whole story. When the kids saw the board  game they grabbed it took it home.  When they played the board game crazy things started to happen.  The lion and the snake represents the animals that were in the story.  I chose the house to show that when the game was over the house was back to normal.

Jumanji 4 Icon Challenge

4 Icon Challenge - Jarred Mapleh

My icon challenge looks like this because it shows what happened in Jumanji.  I picked the game board to show the game that the kids were playing.  I picked the snake and the lion because they represent the animals that were coming out of the board game.  I picked the house to show that once they finished the board game everything went back to normal.

Jumanji 4 icon Challenge

4 Icon Challenge - Daylon Miller

My 4 icon challenge looks like this because it matches the Jumanji book. The kids are playing the game just like in the book, a lion that shows up on the piano.   The rhino is shows when one ran through the house.  And the house is for when they win and every thing goes back to normal.

Jumanji 4 Icon Challenge

Fitz Jumanji 4 Icon Challenge


This is my version of the 4 Icon Challenge for the adventure story “Jumanji”.  The first image represents the game board the kids found at the park near their house.  The rhino represents the animals that came into their home during the game.  The fog (cloud) represents the event that happened as soon as Judy landed on the final square on the board and yelled “JUMANJI!”  The final picture represents the house that was magically cleaned up as the fog cleared.

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The Adventures Of Nim

Adventure Image

Nim lives on an island. She loves to read books written by her favorite author Alex Rover. All she has is her animal friends to a company her. Her dreams are to meet her favorite author Alex Rover live.


Nim was reading a book. Alex Rover is on a camel in Egypt then out of nowhere these mysterious guys in a black cloak attacked him Alex Rover. Alex Rover never has fear so he did a backflip off his camel and he fighted back. Dad came in and nim closed her book and she turned off her lamp and went to sleep.

Next day nim was playing with her animal friends and her dad was chatting on the computer with nim’s favorite author and nim didn’t know. That same day in the afternoon nim’s dad left her in charge of the house which he has never done before. So the dad was leaving because he needed to do some science work. Dad yelled,’’Now parties.’’Well you know how kids are. She had a party and celebrated with her animal friends. Which are a ,lizard , a snake , and last but not least a chameleon and those are very rare.

Next morning Nim was waiting outside laying down on the seashore for her dad. One hour past and Nim still waiting but then Nim got very upset because her dad didn’t come back!!!! Nim didn’t know what to do but then this loud noise came out of nowhere,’’gruuuuumble’’. And that noise wasn’t no ordinary sound it was the sound of THUNDER!!!!!!! So Nim quickly gathered her animal friends and ran as fast as she could to her house. And there she stayed gazing at her window by herself in the night well not completely by herself cause she’s got her animal friends with her so she’s not completely alone.


The next day Nim woke up and changed into her clothes as fast as a cheetah. Then she climbed out of her house and climbed up a tree and she thought she saw a tree and but she really didn’t know what it was because she was like 24 feet away. So she ran to the nearest tree that’s close to the beach. So then she saw that it was a ginormous pirate ship and on the side it said The Buccaneers Nim nervously in shock with her mouth open for about 5 seconds she went running to her house.


Nim was curious of why The Buccaneers came. Nim is upset because of her mom’s past. So her mom was just playing in the water when this big ginormous ship came towards her she didn’t see so she got crushed!!!!!! Just kidding she almost got crushed but because she can swim under water she was perfectly fine. Until….. a big fat maybe 20 feet wide whale came and then chomp chomp CHOMP!!! The whale ate her!


So at she was at her house she was thinking of a plan to get The Buccaneers away but what she thought wasn’t exactly what she thought it was you’ll find out anyways she finally finished her traps and her massive plan. So her massive plan was to climb a volcano on her island and make it erupt so her other traps were pretty simple she just needs to tie a net to some trees and you know whoever tries to enter the forest they’ll get trapped.


Her other trap was that she would tie nets to trees and put snakes on them and sling shot them in the air where the target was the beach. Well here’s the thing Nim didn’t know about on the boat that almost crushed her mom it said Buccaneers but she didn’t know it was just a guide that pretends to be a pirate and be very funny. And so Nm was kind of mad because you know she didn’t know it was just a guide so while she was sling shoting snakes the people on the beach were screaming and yelling that there were snakes on their heads.


Nim couldn’t stop laughing but she also couldn’t let her laughter go cause she didn’t want to be heard. Then the people started to panic because there were snakes everywhere nim stopped laughing and focused on her plan.


’’Now I can finally get The Buccaneers away’’.She cried out loud to herself.


She uttered happily then nim was going on this dirty path to the volcano. But then this chubby boy named nick that was wearing a tuxedo was following her but then nim felt like someone was watching her so she looked back so he hid behind a tree and nim saw nothing so she kept climbing the volcano so then she reached the top and she saw the boulder she was supposed to use that she left ready so she pushed the boulder towards the center of the volcano…..


Then suddenly everything started to shake and nim almost fell but thank god she didn’t. But then out of nowhere another boulder came towards nim and nim fell off the volcano and she’s lucky the boulder didn’t fall on her but her knee got badly injured and she was crying to the death she tried to run home as fast as she could even if her knee hurt so she finally reached her house.


So then she got a lot of paper and put water on the paper and wiped on her knee let me tell you it wasn’t easy to wipe all the blood away so then she got a lot of bandages and put them on her knee and then she got a cast thingy and put it on her knee then she tried to walk and then when she got used to it so she ran to the volcano and nick came from behind the tree he was hiding told nim that if she was the one who made the volcano erupt.


Then nim replied,’’Yes.


and nick in surprise blabbed out loud,’’Are you CRAZY’’.


Nim didn’t care but nick asked where her family was and nim replied she didn’t have one and that her dad never returned back from doing his science work so nick was in shock and said,


’’So you’re alone and you live here’’. nick anxiously uttered.

Nim replied,’’Yes’’.


Then nim asked if he was part of the buccaneer ship and he said yes and nim was scared of nick and she backed up a little bit after words nick said it’s just a local guide ship and then suddenly nick heard his parents calling him and he had to go then he left and  nim ran to her house. On the other hand nick was telling his mom that he met a girl that lives on the island.


Nick’s mom didn’t believe him she thought it was one of his stories again so then nick’s dad dragged him to the ship and they left.

So then nim went home and saw that Alex Rover which is actually Alexandra Rover sent her a message on the computer and it said,


’’Nim who are you’’.

So nim replied, ’’I’m 11 years old and I got hurt by climbing on a volcano’’.


Alexandra was speechless in shock so she went to the airport at once. So then she got to the island and nim saw her and she was surprised because she thought she was a man but she didn’t care on the other hand her dad was still alive and his ship had a lot of water.


Then a goose came with the dad’s tools and the dad in his head said,


’’Is this one of nim’s friends’’?


But then he started rebuilding the holes on his ship and finally he finished so he set sailed to the island. Then nim was happy she saw her dad and she ran up to him and gave him a big hug and then nim showed her dad Alexandra Rover and they both shook hands and they both said nice to meet you. Next day all 3 of them were walking on the beach holding hands and now Alexandra is part of nim’s family now:)

The Forest

adventure story picture (1)

It was 2017 and Katy, Andrew, Jack, and Emma were on a train to Sydney. The four of them, all 16 years old, are circus performers. They perform in the Cirque de Soleil  that is known throughout Australia. They had been best friends since kindergarten, and had planned to stay that way.

“Why does it feel like the train is rocking side to side?” Emma announced.

“I don’t know,” Jack replied.

“But we better get back to our own cars.”

“I agree,” Katy shivered, “I feel very scared.”

The train started moving more violently as soon as they got to their own car. Katy and Emma started crying hard, and Andrew and Jack began to become scared.

Then it happened, the train tracks broke, the cars separated and each car  went in different directions. All you could hear was screaming and things crashing into each other. It was pandemonium, they didn’t think they would make it out alive. Everybody doubted everything, but they shouldn’t have doubted it this time. It was miraculous, the train cars were a wreck yet they each only came out with a scratch. They were all alone in the forest with no way of getting home.

As Jack was wandering in the forest hungry and delusional he saw an old man walking through the forest, he was wearing a raggy brown cape and had a beard so long it touched the ground.  Wondering if what he was seeing is real, rubbed his eyeballs until it was red.

“ There is a place with endless food and water, to get there you must follow my directions.” The old man whispered,

“Follow the forest path to a stream, cross the stream and when you see the eagle of Azarath, you will turn right. Your friends will be there waiting for you.”

As Emma was walking to the mysterious place the strange old man told her to go to, she heard a little boy crying from a far distance. As confused as she was to why he is in the forest alone, ran to him as fast as she could to see if he was hurt. Tears of joy ran down her cheeks when she saw his face.

Katy had been prepared for this her whole life, her dad always used to do practice drills in case something like this happened. She found wild berries to eat in case she got hungry. she built a campfire and ate fish for dinner. She was happy that she was so close to finding her friends, and possibly finding a way home.

Jack had seen the  eagle of Azarath hours ago, but felt like he was even farther to reaching his destination. Then he saw it, food as far as the eye could see, sweet water from a lake that sparkles in the sunlight. He didn’t see Emma, Katy, or Andrew, he was saddened to see that his friends weren’t there.

“ Well, there won’t be any leftovers for them!” Jack shouted as he dove into a pile of bananas.

 “Andrew is that really you?” Emma asked as she picked him up from the ground.

“Yeah,” he sniffled.

“It is.” He looked up to see her, but she was gone.

“Come on!” she shouted.

“I just saw the eagle of Azarath!”

“JACK!! EMMA!! ANDREW!!” Katy screamed,


“Oh my gosh!” Katy shouted “I miss you guys so much!”

“Yeah yeah,” Jack muttered,

“Now hurry up and eat.”

“Today we’re going home.”

“Remembered that old man who told us to come here?” Jack informed them.

“Well I stole a map from him.”

“Way to go Jack!” Emma exclaimed.

“Let’s start packing, we’re heading home today.”

“WOOHOO!!” The gang shouted.

They were halfway home when they encountered the deadly animal.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” Emma screamed.

She was face to face with a tiger, she tried to run but the tiger caught her leg. She screamed with agony as the tiger was crushing her bones. It growled at the frightened teenagers then ran away. Luckily Katy was also prepared for this, and bandaged up Emma’s broken leg. She built a wagon out of wood and pushed her through the forest since she clearly couldn’t walk.

“We’re home!” Andrew exclaimed,

“We’re finally home!”

“We have to get Emma to the hospital!” Katy announced, She’s barely even breathing!”

“What are we waiting for then?” Jack asked,

“Let’s go!”

                                                    TWO WEEKS LATER

“She didn’t make it?” Katy sobbed?

“No…” Jack muttered,

“She didn’t.”

“Emma was barely alive when she went to the hospital, the hospital couldn’t have saved her, they didn’t have the right medicine and her leg was infected for too long.”

“Oh,” Katy whispered.

                ONE YEAR LATER

Every year the gang comes together to remember the year of Emma’s death, and to also remember the time they spent in the forest. They quit the circus but still remain friends.


Adventure ImageStranded.

It was 2005 and i was on a cruise with my family, i was with my brother Brad, my dad Jim, my mom Mary and i Alex. The cruise was going to be a week long.

BANG!!! I dropped my suitcase in my room it was night time the boat was as quiet as a mouse, i was soo exhausted from the long ride to the cruise ship, i jumped into the bed and i fell asleep.

The next morning i woke up from the sunlight and the sound of singing birds.It was the first day of the cruise, my family had already woken up so i went to the top of the boat, there was a pool, my family was sitting in chairs eating breakfast,  i saw a extra plate and i guessed it was mine so i went to sit down at the table.

I finished eating about fifteen minutes later, my family was talking so i went to my room and got my bathing shorts and went to the pool, a bunch of people had left since i started eating so i jumped into the pool, i was swimming for ten minutes then my family joined me in the pool, we were swimming for about an hour and then we got tired so went back to our room and i was still really tired so i went back to sleep.

I woke up, “ALEX!!” “LUNCH TIME”  my mom was calling me, I looked at the clock, realizing it was one o’clock i went out of my room i saw my mom she said it was lunchtime,I went to eat i was eating chicken when the boat started tilting everyone got scared but the captain said to calm down after a few minutes it stopped tilting everyone calmed down after lunch it was three o’clock we went to the side of the boat and looked at the water the the boat started tilting again we got scared so we went back to our room we stayed there for an hour watching tv and then we went out again.

We went to the captain to ask him what was happening he said that it had never happened and that they were gonna call another cruise ship to get us on that one so he told us not to worry about it and just enjoy the cruise so we got bored and went to the pool again me and my brother Brad were racing to see could swim faster he won the race.

We had fun at the pool so my dad called us to go back to our room but my brother brad said he didn’t want to leave so he stayed but I left my dad asked where Brad was and i told him he didn’t want to come but my dad told me to go get him so I went to get him he finally decided to come so we went to our room my dad said to start packing our things up to go on the other cruise ship so we all started packing things up then we ate dinner and went to sleep my.

My dad woke me up and told me the other cruise ship was coming in six hours so i stayed awake about thirty minutes later I heard yelling so I went to see what was happening and overnight water had gotten in from an open window  so the ship was starting to sink I went to and saw that my family had falling back to sleep i tried to wake them up but they were too tired to get up so i left i saw that they were putting people on lifeboats.

They told me to get on a lifeboat i said that my family was still on the boat they told me that they would get my family but the the boat the boat started leaning they put me in the water and the boat was sinking faster i started crying i yelled ’’Brad!!’’ ’’Mom!!’’ ’’Dad?’’ the boat had sunk, and my family had died.

I was alone on a lifeboat in the middle of the sea there was food on the lifeboat and there was a paddle on the lifeboat so i grabbed it and started paddling after a while of paddling I saw shark fins and i got scared so i ducked into my boat i went back up and they were gone but the shark jumped out of the water i hit it with my paddle and it went back in the water.

I started getting hungry so i went to see what kind of food i had, there was canned peaches, bags of bread and water. Then i fell asleep, when i woke up i was in a house i thought it was a dream but then i saw a person and i asked them where i was they said they said New York.

I had survived.

Toad and The Evil Unlucky Boots

Adventure Image


In the year 5015…there was a quartz kingdom (far, far, far away from where you live)called “The Mushroom Kingdom”. There was a princess named Peach. Peach is  wears Pink long dress with puffy short sleeves. She also wears a gold crown. Peach liked  to do nice stuff to the world, especially the fruit peaches. One time, she bought diamond boots which bring good luck to her. When she putted on the boots, something good happens to her. “Hmm… I should put these on…if no good luck happens, I just wasted 1,000 gold coins!” muttered peach as she putted on the boots, at first nothing happened, but then something shiny sparkled: It was a gold necklace that she’d lost when she was 12. “Wow, these are good luck boots! I just found my necklace.” Cheered Peach, quietly.

At night, A thief came into Peach’s room. “Well, well, well, isn’t this the lucky boots?” Whispered the thief. “I’ll be taking these and give you the Unlucky golden boots…” In rapid fire, The thief escaped with the lucky boots… He’ll be lucky…for now…

When Peach woke up, She noticed that the boots are gold instead of diamond. “Gold boots? Are they lucky?” asked Peach. But once she putted them on…she slipped… down the stairs..”Nope…NOT LUCKY!” yelled Peach. Peach took of the boots and went back upstairs. “I guess I should leave this alone until I find my diamond boots.” Sighed Peach as she placed her golden boots and locked it in a metal treasure chest (,This chest is used for fun loving memories). “Whoever that thief was…I’M GONNA WHACK HIM WITH MY UMBRELLA!” Peach thought.

Toad was working on something that was suppose to be for Peach. No one didn’t know what it was…not even Peach!” ‘What does the princess like??? Peaches..? Gold..? What does she even like???’ He thought while making the wing of…something?(Like I would really spoil it for you? >=D )He lived in a Cellar under the castle…Well, you know, he caused tons of chaos during…well…now? One week ago he burned down the whole castle!…no wait, 1 eighth of the castle was destroyed! One month ago, he got fire power and started burning torches…by the time he burned 100,000 torches, he accidently setted the lilypad lifesaver on fire!! There’s 999,998 more to list…but I can’t list them all!

Then…came the meeting. Everyone was there…THE WHOLE MUSHROOM KINGDOM was there.

“Well…I bought these nice diamond boots after the accident Toad caused…” aforementioned Peach.

“But I’m sorry! I’m really, really, really, really, sorry!” Bawled Toad.

“Meh. It’s okay.” replied Peach just to calm down Toad “Back to where I was…I had diamond boots…They cost 1,000 gold coins…and they’re very lucky…Without those boots…I’ll be kidnapped…until either the kidnapper dies or I die. Whichever comes First…”

“No wonder why she had those boots…” Thought Toad.

“I’d also found a trail of footprints with a hole on both…That can’t be us…or Daisy’s kingdom…”.No body on both kingdoms combined have shoes with holes on both of them. But yet who has holes on both shoes?…That’s gross!

“Mind if we can give the unlucky boots to Toad?” Asked Peenub budder (,I made him up :D).

“NO.” barked Peach. She’ll know what will happen: He will fall which leads to the dynamite room…and the castle blows up…THE END for the “POPULAR MARIO GAMES”.

“For now this will be the end of the meeting. We’re still looking for more people to help find these boots, or I will be kidnapped for the rest of my life.” Sighed Peach.

“Now what should we do? I can’t let any bad guy take those boots!” muttered Toadette.

Toadette had a nice pink dress and works for both Princess Peach and Daisy.(I don’t know who she works for but I think Daisy.) “Toad, What should we do to get the boots back?” asked Toadette.

“I don’t know, but I think we should go and investigate…” Sighed Toad. “Are you sure?” Asked Toadette.

They been thinking for hours! Until Peach found out the bad guys name: LILO! “Um Peach? Did you figure out who is the bad guy?” asked Toad, softly (soft enough that it was almost a whisper!).

“Yes…and I know you are going to laugh…”answered Peach. “His name is Lilo…”

“Lilo?” Toad giggled.

Then Toad and Toadette laughed. “I knew it…”Muttered Peach.

“Lilo sounds more like dumbo!” hollered Toad.

“Toad stop laughing! I know it’s funny, but let me read the rest of the information!” Ordered Peach.

“Okay.” Promised Toad.

“Thank you. Now, it says that Lilo steals rare things…WOW. he even stole from bowser…” Explained Peach.

“WUT( {I mean,} What?)?! FROM BOWSER? Well, he deserved it anyways” muttered Toad.

“Nobody knows where he is…it says a cave…but I think it’s at…The jungle?” Peach confessed.

“Which Jungle???” Questioned Toad, wrapping himself with 10 blankets.

“Nobody knows…” shivered Peach.

“We’ll find it!” Answered Toadette happily.

“Wait, what?” said Toad quietly (but loud enough so Toadette can hear him).

“We’ll find the boots!” Said Toadette, who was really excited!

“Okay. But we have to take the unlucky boots.”

replied Toad.

“Why???” asked Toadette.

“To return it to Lilo. So he’ll be unlucky again.” explained Toad.

“Oh. Ok!” Said Toadette with excitement!

Their quest to the jungle started good, but while they’re in there…IT’S A DISASTER!!! So what happened to them?(Do you really want me to list the injuries thanks to those unlucky boots? If no, Skip it.) I’ll list the injuries.

  1. Scars. EVERYWHERE. Mostly their arms
  2. Knife cuts. By accident…
  3. There is 98 more, but i’m not wasting our time on this “100 injuries” list...

“YOU STUPID BOOTS!!!” Toad thought. “I’d almost died! Please don’t give me something worse…”.Then, Toad took off the boots.

“I wonder what will happen…” Toad whispered to himself. “Where’s Toadette?”.But he realized that Toadette wasn’t with him.

Since he took off the boots, he saw a sword. And Toadette, trying to take the sword off.

“Toadette? What are you doing?” asked Toad.

“Well…I found this sword sparkling  on my face while you were K.O.(Knocked Out)” Explained Toadette.”Mind if you help me???” Asked Toadette softly.

”Fine…But If I get the sword out, you owe me 10 gold coins.” Demanded Toad. three seconds later…Toad took out the sword. Literally.

“You owe me 10 gold coins.” Insisted Toad.

“Okay…” Groaned Toadette.

So anyways…The sword Toad found was called The sword of Lilies…or (THE RICDICULOUS NAME): Lilybong. yup, The most dumbest name made it on this story…How pathetic…Then they went outside the cave.

”So…Now what?” asked Toadette.

”We should get the boots…But don’t put the on! Remember?” Ordered Toad.

“Oh yeah…I’m just going to carry them. “Replied Toadette.

Then they walked to somewhere where I call it Lilo’s Cave. “Wow. We just found it.” Said Toadette.

Then they walked inside the not-so hidden cave…

“So…did you find gold coins for me?” Demanded Lilo, Who was wearing a thief outfit.

“I looked everywhere, sir. There wasn’t a gold coin in sight.” said his henchmen, with a scared look on his face.

“WHY YOU–!!!” Screamed Lilo. The henchmen died…killed right in front of his best friend…who was evil.

“There it is…the diamond boots…” Whispered Toad, who was under the table with Toadette.

“If we can just get the diamond boots and paint the gold boots blue…then we can get outta here!” peeped Toadette.

“Foolish henchman. You could have just looked in the mushroom kingdom.

“Yeah, right” scoffed Toad silently.

Luckily, Lilo didn’t know Toad and Toadette was here…also, he didn’t listened to Toad. “Now, where was I…oh right! Putting on these diamond boots and take over the world!” screeched Lilo.

Then Lilo did an evil laugh “Mwahahahaha!” laughed Lilo (,Boo).

“Boo! Your evil laugh sucks!” yelled a mysterious voice, no wait…it was Toadette.

“Yeah! You sound like a Pig!” snapped another voice…which was Toad’s voice.

Then they laughed until they cried. “Who on earth was that? Well, whoever said that, is going to get beaten up…BIG TIME!” Screamed Lilo.

He grabbed the sword that he used to kill the henchmen. “Come out, Come out wherever you are…” Said Lilo in a scary tone.

Lilo didn’t who who said that his evil laughter sucks until he got cut by the sword of lilies. “Huh? What’s this? A cut…?” thought Lilo. “Wait a second…” Questioned Lilo.

Toad and Toadette were busted! Lilo looked under the table and found the two MPs, holding the lilies sword in front of Lilo. “Well, well, well…It was you two all along! You worked for Peach!” Insisted Lilo, who was about to stab Toad.

“Well…You  shouldn’t kill me. If you do, Everything that you want to have will disappear and will appear to Peach’s castle.” Warned Toad that Lilo shouldn’t kill him.

“Like I would not kill him! Say goodbye, stupid fat mushroom boy…” thought Lilo as he raised his sword to cut Toad in half.

“NO!”  screamed Toadette.


Toad dodged his attack. “You can’t even kill me!” hollered Toad as he bolted around. Note to you fast people: Toad is very fast. By the time you take one step, he’s at the finish line.

“But I had lucky boots!” Yelled Lilo as he swing his sword and missing. ALL THE TIME! The reason?  Toad had the lucky boots! He painted the lucky boots gold so it looked unlucky.

“YOU HAVE UNLUCKY BOOTS!!! HOW ARE YOU DODGING MY ATTACKS?!?!” Screamed Lilo at the top of his lungs!

THAT’S IT!!! You lead me no choice…” Warned Lilo. He stormed to the actually-they-are-unlucky boots and putted them on.

“This time…You will die, Fatty!!!” Screeched Lilo.

“Yeah ri–Wait…did you just called me Fatty?!” yelled Toad. Toad grabbed phat-lily sword and stabbed Lilo by the chest. Lilo collapsed backward and fell to a hole called the brutal death hole. A piece of red gas popped out.

”That’s what you get…for calling me fatty, Lilo!” Yelled Toad.

“VICTORY IS MINE!!!” Thought Toad.

“Toad! I’m glad you’re ok!” Cheered Toadette as she ranned to Toad. Just like I said, She’s fast too.

Then, the lily sword and the unlucky gold boots popped out from the brutal death hole.

“We should melt these gold boots. and repaint these diamond boots back to diamond blue.” Toad said to Toadette. “By the way, we need to get out of here…”

By the time Toad and Toadette came back to the castle. They placed the lucky boots to where the chest is, smelted the gold boots into gold coins, threw away the unlucky charm, and they were rich!

“By the way, you owe me 10 gold coins” ordered Toad.

“Fine…” Muttered Toadette and gave Toad the 10 gold coins she had promised.

Peach was never kidnapped again, which was good. and the thing Toad made for Peach was a floating fire flower. But she wasn’t lucky enough that she didn’t get to whack Lilo with her pink umbrella, Because he was dead! And Lilo was never heard from again!


Hack Life!

Adventure image! (4)

In 2045 there was a man named Derek enjoying his life living in a house with a job until one day when he tried to check his bank account and it didn’t work .After sending a complaint to the bank he saw that he lost all his information. At first he didn’t know what happened but then he saw that  he was hacked.

“At least I still have my passport” Derek sighed,”So this guy is in Africa huh? Well i’ll need to take a plane.”           

After 7 days he got a ticket to Africa and got on the plane. In the middle of the flight he saw someone get up he was wearing a dark cloak with sleeves then he said some random speech ending with “now we shall take out the trash’’ then a window broke and the plane started tilting.


Everyone started yelling but for some reason no one came to stop this.  

“Why is nobody here?’’

But out of nowhere a fighter jet came.

“We are saved” a man yelled.


Then the speakers came on “stay on the plane do not go to the other plane”


But then everyone protested and started getting out, but Derek got  different idea.

“i’m not gonna do either, infact i can just glide to my stop”


Apparently other people had the idea. Luckily Derek got the last one but that’s when a guy with spiky golden hair a black sleek jacket and blue pants came and said “hi um mate your not leaving” “uh yes i am ser” Derek replied “3-2-1” then another guy wearing a white skull mask with the same shirt, tackled Derek of “are you insane” Derek screamed while falling with the skull guy “call me psycho and yes. Yes i am!”


Psycho kept preventing Derek from pulling the parachute “how do you plan on surviving the fall water won’t save you or are you that stupid” “water alone won’t but with your help it will. I’ve done this a million times” psycho said weirdly. they kept fighting until Derek kicked the psycho and pulled the parachute.

“ i-did-it…” well it turns out psycho grabbed Derek’s legs then after awhile the psycho let go.

“I let go cause i’ll survive the fall. like i said done this a million times”

   It wasn’t til after awhile that Derek landed in a train track. He then decided that he would hide in a train since it was night and he wasn’t a survivalist so he waited. when he saw one headed his way he decided to make the track switch that way he could get on. Apparently it was holding hay straw and other foods animals eat.

The next day…

Derek woke up to the sound of cars.

“That’s weird i’m on a train and that didn’t  wake me up.”

Then the cart door opened and about 10 people came out including the yellow guy.

“So you survived the fall huh,well doesn’t matter you won’t be surviving this.And if you’re wondering the names zack mate” zack said  mockingly

“Why are you doing this?” Derek said.

But instead of an answer a tall man about 7 feet high came in but he was actually psycho and he was alive and well (Derek doesn’t know that).

“He isn’t getting away with this one so because of that I will expose my identity. I’m the leader of the group and we hacked someone important… well we thought we did turns out we accidentally hit you so now we have to give rid of the evidence. I know you want my name so i’ll tell you… it’s Jeff.” Jeff explained.

Out of nowhere Derek started dashing towards zack he planned to trick them to jumping of, his plan was working till he tripped when he got up zack pushed Derek off but not till Derek grabbed Jeff’s legs and they both fell of the train. Jeff landed on the track but Derek fell down a waterfall…


“Ow…. i survived that, well As a can tell i’m pretty sure…”


After waiting to see if his pain neurons send any vibes he got up then he took in his surroundings he saw some cars up the hill.


“There still trying jesh live a little.”

He started to climb the hill it turns out those cars did not belong to Jeff but instead they were empty.


“Point for me ,at least i think?”

Then Derek heard someone move. Jeff was right there trying to stand up.

“You think this is victory you merely set me back”Jeff sighed.


Jeff panted as he tried to get up “why did you even follow through to this you would have gotten your personal information back either way.You risked your life for this!” Jeff screamed.

Just then Derek started sprinting for a train, leaving behind a very tired Jeff.


In a couple of days Derek finally got back to his home and sorted everything out (His boss was furious)

“It’s finally over thanks god”

Derek was in a subway when all the TV monitors turned to special news…

“The mastermind hacker Jeff is now in custody in reports come in saying that the quartermaster of the team ‘zack’ is now the new leader”

Everyone started clapping/worrying.But Derek just left with a half smile


“here we go”…   

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