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The scary candy corn

Once upon a time there was a candy corn that was named Daniella. It looked a little  weird or as some people say odd.  She looks so cute and cuddly but if you touch her she attacks. People say she’s feisty and others say she’s normal but nobody knows the truth. At school she sits alone and for halloween she went trick or  treating with her brothers and sisters. For halloween she was a angel and her other brothers were pirates Frankenstein a mummy and a random candy corn person with superman hair her sisters were a kitty cat a devil a witch.


Daniella and her brothers and sisters were going to some random house to get candy just like everyone else.  When they rang the doorbell  someone named Jackson opened the door and he  was eating candy corn in front of us  so we ran away.  We were really offended and scared he was yelling


why are you running from me”


and then he noticed that we were candy corn and he chased after us because he saw that we were candy corn and his favorite candy was us and so he ran and ran and so he ate my brother dressed up as a pirate he ate peter.  Then we went loco as they say crazy and so they kept running till  Jacqueline the devil was eaten the kitty cat named Jasmine was crying.  She knew she was next so they ran to the park and  everyone climbed up the 300 ft tall poles where the swings  they were scared.   Daniella said


“ I’m really scared ”   Jasmine said  “  We will defeat  him if it’s the last thing I do ” then later on they  jumped off the 300 ft  pole.


They were running to their house.  When they got to their house the candy corn was there but he had a chainsaw.  They didn’t have anyplace to go but to run but Daniella wasn’t scared so she walked up to the guy with the chainsaw.


She said “Hey buddy get your butt out of our front porch or else”


The man said “I’m not scared of you”


Daniella said “You should be I take  twe known do ”


Since everyone else was scared they ran and left her alone but they couldn’t leave her alone so they hid behind a tree.   Daniella and the man were about to fight but then after  Daniella started crying  because her family left her and then the man started crying to because he didn’t have a family so then after a hour  Daniella’s family came with the cops.  


The candy corn cop said “ Put your hands up punk ”


but the Daniella was telling the cops that he was a good person and that he didn’t  eat her sister and her brother he brought them into his house to party  so he was free to go.     


Later  on they partied all night until it was midnight.  

                            Happily Ever  After !

Invent a new breakfast food.

Invent a new breakfast food.

The breakfast pizza

It will have …




the crust is a waffle

Tucker's Site 2015-11-24 16:32:56

Your mom tells you to wash the dishes, but when you turn faucet, something that isn’t water.

What comes out is going to be a cookie dough milk shake comes out .

The Parkour Master

MYTH headerOne day their was a guy named King Jackson and he had parkour team. Their was a guy named Evil Carlos and King Jackson and Evil Carlos were enemies.

Once Evil Carlos hurt King Jackson and King Jackson wanted to get him back.

They wanted to have a parkour battle. Zeus saw what was going on and he stopped it.

Evil Carlos and King Jackson still wanted to fight so they did it underground. At the end of the parkour battle Evil Carlos WON. At the parkour battle they jumped over a few things, climbed on parks, jumped off houses, and did some flips. Evil Carlos team was better at most of them they won.

King Jackson asked for a rematch because he thought he would win so the next day they had another parkour battle. Zeus saw it that day and he tried to to tell them we should not fight or try to get revenge or try to be better than everyone. And just try your best to do what you love to do.

Evil Carlos still won and what Zeus said did not mean anything to King Jackson. He was so mad because he knew he could do better. He killed Evil Carlos.

Zeus found out that he killed Evil Carlos. They had Evil Carlos’s funeral. All his family came to it.

Zeus banned King Jackson from parkour forever because he killed Evil Carlos.

So a few years later… out of the blue Evil Carlos came out of his grave laughing.

That taught King Jackson never to kill.



You are eating dinner with your family, when one of the peas on your plate starts whispering to you. What does it say?

“Hey, you don’t want to eat me. I’m nasty. I’m a vegetable! Vegetables are nasty. Trust me! Don’t eat me! Eat the milk and cookies instead! Here’s an idea throw me out the window!” Then I will throw the peas out the window and I’ll eat the milk and cookies!

The world was so big

The world was so big that  the Elephant


could not fit he was mad like Slappy off of


goose bumps he is so fat he is bigger than


a fat guy The world was so big that  the


Elephant could not fit he was mad like


Slappy off of goose bumps he is so fat he is


bigger than a fat guy The world was so big


that  the Elephant could not fit he was mad


like Slappy off of goose bumps he is so fat


he is bigger than a fat guy


What would you do if your parents forgot to pick you up after school?,

(This is a joke I really wouldn’t do any of this.)

First of all, I wouldn’t exactly care. I would just go to my teacher’s classroom and just take all the test that we did on that day  and just put a big sad face and a N. But on mine I would put ES. Then I would sneak around the building and then just find a room with pillows and sleep for the night. But I didn’t mention the food. I would go to the cafeteria and then steal a little bit of food there. There I am fed, tired enough to go to bed, and ready to learn again in the morning.

America’s Newest Burrito

Today I Gracie K. bring to you a new kind of burrito.Inside my burrito there will be:!



4.chedderella(a mixture of cheese and mozzarella)


A burrito like this is so legendary that those who are not worthy of it will immediately explode the second it touches their lips.If people like you can find this burrito the you are an ultimate hero…of burritos.

Tucker's Site 2015-11-23 16:32:07

Invent a new kind burrito what goes in it what wraps it ?

Whats in the burrito

  1. Cookie dough ice cream
  2. Peanut s’more ice cream 
  3. Rocky road ice cream
  4. Chocolate ice cream
  5. Vanilla ice cream
  6. Caramel
  7. Hot fudge


What it’s wrapped with 

A vanilla caramel hot fudge flavored waffle wrap        

Write down everything you know about your family members.

I know that my mom is the best mom in the history of moms, she mostly gets me things that I want, only if I am good.

My dad is the best dad but he also is a firefighter. Everyone knows my dad because he comes to my school to show children to not be afraid of firefighters. I know i’m not afraid of firefighters, because I know my dad is one of them.

My oldest sister is the best one. She is always giving me advice to avoid trouble.

My older brother is always teaching me some tricks in soccer he wants me to succeed. And plus it helps me because he is a bit more advanced than me.

My little sister, let me think she is just a little 3 year old booger she can sometimes be annoying and bossy. She is a little diva. She is addicted to this toy called Shopkins… They are creepy.


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