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A Friend

What is a friend? Are they the people that care about? The people that care about you when you are upset? Or the people that like you because you are you? Having a friend creates a deep feeling within you. A feeling that tells you that you’re not lonely. A feeling that tells you that someone cares about you and why. This same feeling is in other people when you are their friend. You must always be a friend to everyone. No matter who they are. Because friendship is the most important thing you can give and no one can take.


“Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies”



The D.e.a.t.h. letter



Attempt again.

Trying will only

Hurt them more

Everyone already hates you. Don’t make it worse. The best(and only) thing you can do now is hide in the shadows, away from civilization. Nobody can give you a second chance at this point. For your dreams are crushed and your hopes are abandoned. Never can. And never will.

A letter to those who tried and never succeeded

The Old Hitchhiker President

I am president Nigel Rose.I’m 65. I’ve traveled to many country’s throughout my days. From Argentina to Texas. Ever since I retired from presidency I decided to fulfill my dream of traveling the world. I’ve already finished my expedition of North America. Now I go to discover South America. I been doing this for 27 years and i’m getting pretty tired. My wish that only I can tell you, is that when I die, I want to be sent up all the way in the clouds to see the whole world up above. And if I don’t, i’ll just keep walking around the world till I do.

My thousand year-old rock star friend

My thousand year-old rock star friend is 5 things:

1. Is very out of date, doesn’t know a single thing that’s modern.

2. Is very annoying when she keeps thinking that she’s a cartoon.

3. A very funny person, can cheer you up easily with one of her jokes.

4. Not a very bright person if you know what I mean

5. Is loyal to her friends no matter what. Always and forever

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