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Jeremiah’s Speech

Jeremiah’ Speech



My name is  Jeremiah Green  and  Good morning ladies and gentleman student and teachers and staff and Ms. Dietz and Ms. German  it’s an honored to be here  to honor Daly Bulldogs Elementary School


I went to 3 different school before I came here I was in  Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School then when I came here I thought that  this was the school for me.  



My first story.


My mom  and dad put me in daycare when I was 1 yrs old and   I loved daycare when I was little my mom and dad found out in 2005 that my mom was having a baby and they  named her Telisha Faith Green it was the most exciting day of my life and then we moved to DC.



My second story.


When I lived in D.C. I was  2 years old when newborn sister came  home. Her name was Telisha Green I had a chance to  hold my little sister. When we still had bottles but I had  a sippy cup and when we couldn’t fall asleep we got warm milk in my sippy cup and her bottle so then we both drank it and went to sleep.


My third story.


This is when me and my family move back to Maryland and this is when me and my sis  was 4 and 3 years old and I Found out that me and my sister  had a grandpa.


When I first meet him I always liked to go over his house then my dad signed me up for tackle football when I was 4 yrs old.


And I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys  because he thought I was ready for tackle because I was beast in flag football before he told me about tackle football.


And then later on I found out that I “ LOVED ” the game of football then I was talking about playing for the University Of Oregon or ( MDU ) Maryland Of University.



Then one day my dad told me that something happen because his voice sound like it then my dad said something happen to my grandpa then I asked is he sick then my dad  said he  is in a better place.

Now  and I asked what do you mean I mean that he is in heaven with god now then me and my started crying and I was like in it was like yesterday he was tying my shoes.


And when I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys and I made a best friend on the Montgomery County Cowboys me and Chris Johnson been best friends seen’s 2010-2016 that’s how long me and Chris Johnson           


Goals looking for  in the future.


Playing  Pro football or Pro  basketball and teaching football that’s what I want to do in the future but what I really want to do in the future is teaching football to little kids and telling  them my yrs in the (NFL) playing pro football.   




Having a good 3 yrs at Daly Elementary School and having  A rough few years at Daly  Elementary School.



 Thank you all for coming to the 5th grade graduations for moving on to middle school and meeting new people in middle school life and having new class every single day.


And thank you all for coming and enjoy your evening have a good and wish your sons or daughters a good year at neelsville middle school.



















Jeremiah Informational

POEM by- Jeremiah Green  (1)POEM by- Jeremiah Green  (3)POEM by- Jeremiah Green  (5)



     Coach’s  help the  players get ready for the pro  NFL  ( National. Football.  League  ) give’s players over $2,000,000 million dollars and $100,000,000 million dollars   .


     Coach’s  get’s the  players ready to go to  the next level of their football lives like they get them to VS people half their size work harder and harder each week.


      A professional  football coach makes over $1,000,000 million dollars every year and they can coach how long they would like to and this job will be here in 20 years.


     And coaches will have to draft  new players every year for there team and they will have to prep them for their first game  of the the season.


      The pros help the rookies prep up  for the  regular season because Defence of  Line  in the NFL (National Football League) destroy their running backs and fullbacks and Offence of line.


         Defence’s of line  help’s the Offence’s of line to players that’s stronger then them and  faster then them and so the Offence of  line and went up against each another all week long.


      They go up against each  other because they help each other get better and they can block faster and stronger then offence of line.    


         Then they  block any person that gets in there way they can be strong your fast they can still block them no matter what and they block them until the end.


        In conclusion, coach’s get payed more than NFL ( National Football League ) players but coach’s and players get almost the same payed.




My Baby Sister Story By Jeremiah T. Green:-)

My Baby Sister Story-) By- Jeremiah T. Green (1)

5 month’s ago my mother had  my baby sister Against 12,2015  that day was the best  day of my life after practice  I went to go see her in the hospital also my baby  sister.   


named Heaven Elizabeth Green- Houck   when  I to go see her in the hospital  my told me that my mother was coming home Friday   I was  happy/sad  because   had to leave    my best friend house Chris  that’s why happy.   


Live my  had  to see  my baby sister  Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck .  


Amazing   thing off my life when I went home to my mom she was happy to see me I was happy to see her to also I was happy to see my baby sister Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck she was so cute thing.


Thing that I noticed about Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck:

  1. She had cute also beautiful eyes.
  2. Nice smooth hair.
  3. She had nice brown eyes.
  4. Smooth light skin.
  5. Beautiful nice smoothing skin for a little girl.
  6. Also she always when I also goofy.
  7. Also  baby sister Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck  have  pretty laugh.
  8. Also  my baby sister  Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck is the most adorable baby in the world.
  9. Now my baby sister Heaven Elizabeth  Green-Houck also now she is 7 months also came the most cutest baby in the world.
  10. Heaven Elizabeth Green-Houck adorable thing in the world I am so glad that I am her big bro if anything is adorable then her she will still be my little rocket also I will still be her big bro.



No one is prettier that my baby sister Heaven Elizabeth  Green-Houck she is like a rocket because she is all over the place when gets on the floor at home she likes to grab crowd also eat stuff that’s not for her like paper also crowds.


Also her life is danger because there of her siblings at home grab her by her arms also hits her also treats her like normal baby butt she is not a normal baby there something weird every time falls down she doesn’t cry at all.



She is one crazy baby no baby is crazier then her when say no one I mean no one crazier then my baby sister this girl when I say when fall she doesn’t cry real doesn’t cry at    all when falls only times she  cry is when she is hungry and wants to get picked up and my mom say’s pick her because when she start walking will want  to still get picked up of the time.


sincerely: Jeremiah your big bro   





Uninvited Guest BY: Jeremiah

First day  the  Khan’s family  moved Raiyan was sigh little boy on first day of  4th grade  his first friend was  Stefan E. Rich  suddenly  they been best friends suddenly Andresses  Smith came all became the best of friends.

Suddenly one day he heard  a loud noise suddenly it got louder spoken louder suddenly  it stop Raiyan went back to sleep suddenly  it did it repeatedly  little boy.

Raiyan didn’t know what to do so he went down open the door  after his mom spoken dad told him not to.

Open the door but he opened it any way came out he didn’t know will happen so he just closed the door suddenly suddenly  he turned.  

Around spoken saw  some glowing lights so ran spoken closed the basement door spoken ran upstairs to his mom spoken dad’s room told him that him saw some red lights.

They  didn’t believe him so he went into his room went spoken  tired  to go to sleep but he couldn’t so he went down stairs.Uninvited Guests 



Spoken  got some warm milk he turned around spoken that demon was there he was screaming  so loud  spoken  house he lives in pink blue cylinders are red door wood.

He spoken it’s day spoken  went back down stairs scared ran up the steps spoken closed the basement door ran straight  outside told.

Andreeses spoken  Stefan that he has a demon in his house so they went his to find out if he has a demon or not in his house so they went down stairs to.

the basement spoken  Andreeses spoken Stefan went spoken  saw the red lights zoomed up the steps spoken out the door.

“Andreeses said what is going on in your house I don’t know man don’t know ”  

“ Stefan said the double    thing”

Suddenly I came they told me that  a new kid named Raiyan that I thought they was trying get to away from me.

Jeremiah , Andreeses , spoken  Stefan ask how old are you Raiyan said I am 12 years old suddenly they said I am 12 years old to suddenly  he.

Said no way suddenly they  went to Raiyan”s house spoken  sat on there sitter’ s spoken  talked about school spoken  suddenly Andreeses.

Said hey guys here comes the new girl her name is Nyima Tucker spoken her friend to her name is Jasmine spoken  her other spoken  friend spoken her name was Lisset spoken Leandra.

Spoken  we was all the double  age. So Jeremiah asked all of the  girls if they wanted to come over his they yes so came on in to Jeremiah’s house.  


Suddenly his dad’s heart was pounding. He suddenly  he went down stairs spoken turned seen what he never seen before suddenly  the doorknob turned something popped out he was scared to death.

Suddenly Raiyan Khan said I want your soul his parents didn’t know so they trapped him in the basement his parents went spoken got the church pastor to get the devil out his life.

the Church Pastor to put god in his life spoken  get the devil out so he won’t have go to  another school spoke  specially a private school spoken me  spoken his dad isn’t going to pay for that so Church Pastor”.

Please get the devil out of him so he go to school because he is about to be late to school suddenly  the Church Pastor spoken this well take like a few minutes or 12 hours.

Will Raiyan be done bye 9:00 or 10:00 at least because he is about be late how many times do I have to say it you spoken 12 hours and been like 12 minutes now he is late because off you this his first time missing school.



TTO - Jeremiah Green

Clear Spring Park Opinion Writing

In my opinion Clear Spring Park is a negative human characteristic  of  Germantown because teens and adults breaks rules and  there always fights  at Clear Spring Park.  

“For example teens take over the park and don’t let the  kids play then things get  out of hand break  out into a huge fight then the police shows up and every body gets in trouble and in ends  up jail or the police station”.

In conclusion, Clear Spring Park is a negative local park for little kids and people don’t care that about little kids lungs and there health and they can with that in there lungs.

NFL Dangerous Injuries


The N.F.L  is the most dangerous sport

By:Jeremiah T. Green

15 Percent Of Football Players Have Suffered An Injury.

Thomas Davis broke his arm in the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers game.

Carolina Panthers had some very bad injuries in the year.

When the Patriot’s vs the Bill #23 Tackled #11 and got injured.

Intractdaction I my opinion I think that players coming out of  nowhere blindsiding other players is wrong and  

they  can get  a very bad injury and  stevil injury and can be out or days or even months or years and recover wall and injury again.

Reason# 1 Players get injured in a very bad everyday and it is very serious  these injuries are no joke man there no joke there are  no joke  NFL players injuries are serious and  dangerous.

Reason #2 In the super bowl game Jonathan Stewart fall back wrong way and came of the field limping when he got tackled somebody’s helmet went into the back of his leg.

Reason #3  In the NFL players get all types injuries they get all different injuries ankles , ribs , hamstrings  , and collarbones.



In conclusion, Today players are still getting hurt they and dangerous injuries the have over 15 percent every year.

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