last time on the captain we need backup these guys have us cornered its coming from inside the control room.boss is going to kill says the bandit vainetas zarius has been rewarded captain of the national nypd exuse me the president has been nearly shot he calls for our assitance,we need to protect not only our stste now but the country the president has asked of us so we need to deliver says the sargent.exuse me the president has been nearly shot ok i’ll be right there but the president says he doesn’t want us on the case its a tearorreast alright,lets,go,lets,go,lets,go. we need to head out.      1 DAY LATER   boom whats that bam keep the noise down,captain someone is firing at us what….this is a code red get off now!!! i don’t care if your afraid of sharks!!   i’m staying here open the door urrr!!! goes the door pow,pow,pow,pow goes the gun in all do respect sir i’m not getting off your not swat accuataly i am president said for now….ok get a gun  pow,pow,pow,pow,pow went the guns its over were going downi’m getting the pack..are you crazy they’ll kill you they have a 48 I know I know this is the time we have to triumph and show why we are the ones you count said vainetas,vainetas took a leap the gun showered and shot vainetas then another body jumped on the window he climbed to the door but his efforts fell short he got shot three times but he grabbed the gun and throw him off after that thier was no sign of himthe helicopters engine got faint and the helicopter fell to the water,vainetas had died….sike vainetas jet packed up into the sky and smoke followed flew into the cheaspeake bay docking boats came later it was all over the news no one attacks americas capital it was war reports of syrian and russian chemichals used to supply this attack media these days said vainetas they don’t know the half of it.were on says the officer,the president will speak now umm we are all aware of the earlier insedent that happened  umm we dont know who it is,thier is still speculation we currently think its the syrians and the russians but were traking that we couldn’t call.booom pow,pow what was thatits tha samechopper i thought we took that down i guess not. we have a clear sho. were sending air support. its firing i dont think we should wait until destroys the capital. this is the president its heading to the white house you have premissoin to shoot it down. thank you boom missed shoot it down now  have a visual of the chopper are we celar to take a shot no we do not what it will do or its supposed to be doingsir there firing on the city its heading for the statue of liberty its ghettting ready sir wahts your call keep your guns on him,Thier jaming our transmissions fire take the missles out boom boom  fire fire fire pow its down,sir theres another one that one was a decoy take it down boom boom scaptain this is S.W.A.T. you are releaved of your duties swat will take over now