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Rising Stars

Matt Ryan was a rookie in 2007.They gave  Micheal Vick away.In 2007 Matt Ryan and his team was 4-12 .He got 16 touchdowns 11 interceptions 301 yards Matt Ryan was 6 foot 4 220 pounds.

Imagine the world without cars

If they got rid of cars! The world would be much safer for animals because the exzaust off cars cant harm them. People do not have to fill there car up with gas every week wtihout cars. Fire Rescue would not have to respond to car crashes if we had no cars.

Imagine the world without cars for a minute.

Book blog

 I reaommend the book of world records by Jenifer Corr Morse because it has all the records. You can see what was the strongest storm.Myy favorite part is whaen it shows Tony Hawk record that is the skateboarder with the most medals and it shows a cool picture of him skateboarding!

Under Worlds: The Battle Begins

Owen Brown is your average fourth grader or he was until his best friend Dana ,disappears right in front of his face ,under his school….

Book Blog

I recommend reading the book Twelve by Lauren Myracle. The book is about a girl named Winnie who turns 12 and has a tough year now that she’s in junior high and is becoming a teenager. My favorie part of this story was when Winnie’s friend Dinah was sick so when she was lonely that’s when she met Cinnamon and they became friends.

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