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200 Years as a Cobbler

In 1815 when the company started everything was really slow everything was handmade people were getting hurt like that. It will take them a week to make one pair of shoes. They only make boots and buckled shoes and the style of the shoes are Man, Woman, and Kids. The only color they had is black and brown and the material they had  is just leather.

Now, in 2015 we can make shoes really fast and you can pick any color for your shoe and it quick and easy on the internet. Now you can customize your shoe and design it how ever you want. Now they use machine to make the shoe and it’s perfectly safe. The shoes now are are so comfortable than the shoes along time ago.

I think companies will sell flying shoes that will take you wherever you want to go. It will be made out of the most soft stuff that will make the shoe super comfortable and really fun to use.

200 Years as A Cobbler

The Style that they have now and back then. And the way how they make shoes. Also the *New* Company’s The websites were changed and there was no websites. The way that they Introduced the new shoes, back then vs today. In those past 200 years the changes were the equipment and less options than before, and now we have lots of choices! Even the prices got higher, before It was about expensive for people. Now in the present, It is about any price. There were Major changes by the way they show their new brands and Items. The colors were only black, brown. Every color is available now to every shoe, also you can customize your own shoes with the colors you pick! So there was lots of changes, even with the material of the shoe.

It will be popular and famous so I will have more sponsors. Style, type and color is what my store will have. The shoes are going to made out of any type of style that people enjoy like leather, yarn, cloth and others that people will feel comfortable with. Other companies could sell sandals, Shirts, jerseys and so much more. I know that the business will rise and be something that will sell goods and other Items that customers like.

200 Years As A Cobbler

  1.      Now that you have created advertisements for your shoe company, what changes have taken over the last 200 years? What were the major causes of those changes?


Now we have computers to put advertisement. We can now put ads on tv. We have better tech

than in 1815.We can now print advertisements on newspapers more easier. There have been many changes in the last 200 years in my shoe business. Some of the changes include…

In 1815 when the company started…

Now, in 2015 we… if They shouldn’t change my shoe company because mines have a lot of popular shoes there  that people like and if you change it people wouldn’t really like how the shoes are when they change it.



There have been many changes in our shoe company over the last 200 years.  Some changes that happened are we now use the internet to inform our customers about our shoes. We have also been using different materials like rubber and plastic. Making a shoe is much more easier with all the machines but back in 1815 it took long because everything had to be made by hand. In 1815 it was harder to tell people about our company, with posters and newspaper it was harder to inform. Now I have many workers helping by advertising, making shoes, designing, and selling the shoes at all the stores around the United States and our main location Maryland.

We have been making changes in our company every day because we have been looking at which advertisements are working and which our not and we are also changing the different types of shoes we sell each week or month. Change in our company is very important because if not we probably will not have the same amount of people buying from our company or we wouldn’t have advanced our company as much as we have done in these past 200 years.

I think that Shoes will have more design on them then they do know because back then they didn’t have colorful shoes but know if you look at shoes you can see that that they are more detailed. I think that we will be using different materials because all the time people are discovering new things to use like we did from 1815 to 2015.


My Shoe Buisness


There have been many changes in the last 200 years in my shoe business. Some of the changes include…


In 1815 when the company started there was no color meaning that you could only have black boots or brown boots. Probably because they only had certain amount of materials. Also because people in the shoe business back then, don’t have time to focus on getting a shoe colorful when in that 2 hours they could make about 20 pairs of shoes.


Compared to 2015, 200 years later, you can choose whatever color you want. You can even customize! Now that 200 years later we have machines that can make 50 shoes in an hour! We have found ways to get colors and to get materials to make the shoes look great!


Plus in 1815 you couldn’t even get your exact shoe size! That means that if I was a size 6 and they only had sizes 8-10. That means that the closes I can get to my shoe size is 8 and that’s way too big.


Now in 2015 you will be able to get your correct shoe size. Now that there are more people that can help others with a shoe and also there are tools, and people that come up with those things that will help the shoe business.


200 years has made a big difference in the shoe business we now have machines that make our shoes and different materials that make our life easier, better and faster.


My shoe business will have robots that will make your shoes and you will never have to make a shoe ever again. You will also shop in private, a robot from the company came dressed as a human and they will give you the shoes that you ordered over the laptop or computer. My company will also sell a headbands but not any ordinary headband. It will be a headband that will transform into any shoe that you have in your closet. But to warn you it only works in the sunlight, and we have another headband for rain, snow or darkness.

200 Years as a Cobbler


There have been many changes in the last 200 years in my shoe business.Some of the changes include Technology . In 1815 when  the company started we only had one material and it was leather.1815 you didn’t get your exact size.1815 you had to go to the store to get your shoes.1815 you could only get one style.1815 you only got two colors black and brown.In the 1815 there was no internet so you couldn’t buy the shoes online.In the 1815 there were only one style and you couldn’t buy clothing by the shoe maker because they only made shoes.


Now, in 2015 we can use the internet. In 2015 you could buy from online. In 2015 there are different colors.2015 you could buy clothing online.2015 there are commercials on tv.2015 there are different colors.2015 you can use different materials like polyester and cotton inside the shoes. We can now print advertisements on newspapers more easier.We have better tech than in 1815.Now we have different styles like basketball shoes and soccer shoes.

I believe that that technology .Now we have computers to put advertisements.We can now put ads on tv.Technology has imporve since 1815 we have Iphones,Ipad,Apple,Samsung.Now we can do million stuff with technology,we can now click on a bottom and a car will come up in front of me.We can deliver now with robots.So that’s how technology imporve my company form 1815.


200 Years As A Cobbler

There have been many changes in the last 200 years in my shoes business. Some of the changes include  that technology can make better shoes and better designing. Also the fashion a lot of people didnt no what fashion was. If they would of haven machines it would of been better for them because it faster to make shoes and it can make better shoes than hand made shoes in my opinion.


in 1815 when  the company started we made shoes by hand. We Also didn’t have colors except for black and brown . Also people couldn’t pick there own size they would get whatever we’d have. They also mostly only had leather to make the shoes.

Now, in 2015 we have any colors you want and you can pick the size. Now there is also different and better materials. We also have machines to make shoes instead of making shoes by hand.

My shoes business will be better in the past 50 years because we will have more ideas and better materials. We will probably get new colors and better fashion ideas.WE will probably shop in flying cars and we will do it faster.  We will also probably make glass shoes battery shoes and maybe flying shoes . We will sell headbands candy shirts pants shorts socks sport things and more stuff. I know that my company will keep doing this in 50 years because people need things we sell because they’re important for people to use.

200 years as a Cobbler

200 as a Cobbler


There have been many changes in the last 200 years in the shoe business. Those changes include color,production,material,and time limit.


In 1815 when the company started you could only get the colors brown or black. The time limit was slow and you barely had any materials. Back then there were only assembly lines. No electronic machines. It was all hand-made. The price would be about $300 for just one pair of shoes. Only one pair!


200 years later now in 2015 we have multiple color choices. Instead of just plain black or brown we have colors like red,blue,yellow, green, purple and pink. The time limit is efficient and we even have special materials to make shoes with wheels. We have machines to press down the sole and many other uses. The highest price goes up to being only $50.


I believe that electricity made a major change. It is very helpful. The invention of computers made a big difference because people could create their own websites. Plus, shipping would be faster and the price was a lot lower. The tiny change really did a lot of big help.


In 50 years the shoe business will be very successful.It will be more efficient. Once my store is finished building I will put a big sign that says “Grand Opening”. We will be making 15 shoes per employee and  selling 50 a day. Our shoes will be mostly made of plastic,rubber,cloth and a little leather. We will also make backpacks,shirts,jackets,and hats.Hopefully our shoe company will make a lot of progress.

200 years of a cobbler: Edwin

Back then they did not have many options. They had some ugly shoes. The same things are that they still sell shoes, some styles are the same. They also had to walk to the closest shoe maker. For some people the closest shoe maker was about 3 hours away.  It was also hard to afford shoes for your family back then. The reason it was hard to afford was because if you worked for the whole day you would earn about 1 dollar.

In 1815 when the company started the only way we could tell the world about our shoe company is by paper. But the good thing was that I was the only cobbler in Lebon Shanes dr. Which meant more money for me. Also some families have about 4 members.


Now, In 2015 we have more technology. We also use the internet to tell the world about my company. We now sell shirts, pants, shorts, sports gear. Now we also have more options like colors, type, size, and if you want to customize. In 2015 we also make the shoes faster and you can order them and they will come to your house quick.


I believe that the past years there is a major change in my company. They have more tools and internet. I also believe that in the future shoes will be made faster. Now they’re selling more than shoes. Back then it took about 3 hrs took make one pair.


There have been many changes in the past 200 years of shoes. Some the changes that have occurred are that there are shoe stores all over the place instead of one in one place. Another change that has occurred is technology, our technology has changed so we can make it quicker and with all kinds of materials such as rubber or plastic.


The things that are the same are the shoes, the same brand, styles, manmade. They are made by the same company and their are the same types. There are many things in common but many things that are different.


In 1815 when the company started we were 4 in a half stars. We were making 5 shoes a day and selling 10 a day. Everybody made 5 dollars every two days. It was great and then we found colors. We made red shoes, blue shoes, yellow shoes all for the cost of 30 dollars. We were in 1855 when we started using colors. Then we made plastic and rubber.

We were the best shoe business in town. Then we are here in 2015. I hope to sell things in 50 years that could hover, bounce high for basketball players or for fun, shoes that can turn into roller skates with a click of a button. We might even have shoes that could tie and put themselves on. They would be made out of all kinds of things like metal, bouncy ball rubber, couch cushion, thick hard glass, wood, and many other things. We will still be making shoes, money, and ideas.

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