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fossil fuels


Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are easy to apply and easy In my opinion.  Fossil fuel is the best power source because it’s a power source that’s dependable, wind doesn’t always happen and the sun goes down there can be a drought or a water shortage when its winter or fall it gets colder so the earth’s core isn’t as hot; pollution weakens the plants energy also it takes a lot to turn into energy, also fossil fuel cost 7-13 its dependable and last a long time in some estates it also is portable and easy to apply. You can do it by console or cord, I think fossil fuel is the best energy source for the world, also did you know oil petroleum was formed 300-450 million years ago sand and silt came up 50-100 million years later now we have sand silt and oil and gas deposits. To sum it up the largest cruding  countries are Saudi Arabia, United States,Russia,China.

Tutorial for Parents on Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Decimal Tutorial for Parents (and students)

Hey parents…. This is made just for you!

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8 Bit Kevin

Roller Coasters

I am pretty sure the next Roller Coaster Tycoon will be coming from Room 661. The roller coasters were created using pipe insulation and a marble. In order to be successful, the roller coasters needed to have at least one loop and 2 changes in direction of 180 degrees. The classroom was full of energy, “good noise”, and cheers. Everyone did an amazing job building their roller coasters.


The Need for Speed

We have been working on our 1st Quarter inquiry project involving amusement park rides. We calculated the speed of tennis balls, marbles, and ourselves. The students rotated through 4 stations and recorded the time each event took to complete and the distance that was covered during that time. We plugged our data into the formula Speed=Distance/Time


We used a website to convert our speed from feet per second to miles per hour.


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