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Don’t be greedy!!

    By: Carla Kemtchouang   Don’t Be Greedy! In a far far village, there lived a girl named Caroline. Caroline was a cool kid in the village, but she was sweet. Caroline had a dog named Sky. Sky was a husky dog. Caroline lived in a big village house. She was getting ready to go to school.  Her school was a village school. When Caroline was walking to school, her two best friends, Carla and Krystal, came and joined her. Caroline said, “Hey guys!! I’m excited about my birthday!! Even though it’s tomorrow, but still!!”. Carla replied, “Totally! I love birthday parties!! Especially when it’s yours! Your birthday parties rock!!”. “I know right!! The birthday cake, the decoration! What are you doing this year, Princess?!” said Krystal. Princess was Caroline’s nickname. Since everyone, almost everyone, loved her!! Caroline responded,, “I think i’m going princess theme tonight! I haven’t tried it yet! Plus, everyone started calling me Princess two months ago, so why not go with that!”. When they arrived school, they all went to their classes. When the school day was over, Caroline invited everyone to her princess party, which was at eight o’clock. Before going home, she started handing out invitations. After Caroline got home, she started decorating for her party. It took her a long time, so she went to Carla’s and Krystal’s houses to ask them for help. They said yes, and then they both met Caroline at her house. When all of them were there, they continued decorating her house. After they were finished they went to get dressed for the party. When it was eight o’clock, everyone came to the party. Meanwhile at the party, everyone was dressed up as princes and princesses. The party was going on for two hours. But when the party was over, Caroline and her maid servants had a LOT to clean up. When they finished cleaning, they went to sleep. It was the saturday, the day after the party. Last night, it took about an hour to clean up the mess. But, after Caroline finished getting ready for the day and eating breakfast, she saw something shiny in the guest’s bathroom. It was like a bunch of fireflies had appeared out of nowhere. So, Caroline went to check it out. When she went into the bathroom, she saw a girl with genie clothes and pinkish-gold wings. Caroline stared at her for a minute. Then, she asked her, “Who are you!?! Are you a fairy genie? Who are….?”. Caroline was speechless. The fairy genie answered saying, “I am Kayla, a fairy genie. I have come to serve you. The genie master has asked me to be your genie. You only have 13 wishes, so please use them wisely or else bad things will happen.”. Caroline said, “I have my own GENIE?! AWESOME!! My first wish will be to make this village turn into village. I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like. My second wish would be to make me rich. My third wish would be to make me be popular!!”. Kayla got worried. She feared that this would happen. She tried telling Caroline that she should be careful. “You are my genie, right. And genies grant what their owners want. So, I want my wishes granted. Plus, it’s not like it’s gonna hurt anyone. So grant my wishes, Pronto!”, said Caroline. Kayla granted her wishes. Soon, the whole village turned into a future 2015 village. Caroline was amazed with what it looked like. After admiring the City, she granted eight more wishes. Soon, no one liked her, anymore. They were all yelling things like, “What are you doing!!?” and “Stop doing this to us!! What have we done to you?!!”, or “WE DON”T  LIKE LIKE YOU ANYMORE!!! NOW STOP OR YOU’ WILL BE SORRY!!!”. Even Carla and Krystal were yelling, “Caroline, stop it!! You’re making things worse!!”So, to calm things down, she asked Kayla to make her be queen. Kayla granted the wish sadly. She was worried that the whole village would fall apart. It already was, and Caroline was only making it worse. And she couldn’t talk Caroline into stopping, because Caroline wasn’t going to listen. It was night, and Caroline was trying to fill in the papers to improve the kingdom. She was exhausted of all the paperwork. So, she commanded Kayla to come. When Kayla came, she said, “This is your last wish, Caroline. So, use it wisely. I hope you will do the right thing.”. Caroline sobbed, “Look what I’ve done, Kayla! I am making the kingdom falling apart, my best and only trusted friends are angry at my, just as the whole town, and this paperwork is too much for me! So, my last wish is to make everything go back to normal. I want to make the kingdom back to how it was! I’m so sorry for everything! I have made things worse!! I have betrayed your rule about being carefull! Oh, how will everyone forgive me? I can’t make two wishes! I only have one!! (Caroline cries)”. Kayla looked at Caroline. She said, “Good that you understand what you have done. I can grant both wishes for you. Goodbye, Caroline, I must return back to my home. Enjoy life well!!”. Caroline said, “Goodbye, Kayla!”. After Kayla granted the last wish, everything was good again and Kayla was gone. From that day, she remembered her adventure and always told herself… Don’t Be Greedy!

The Seven Chairs “The fifth one ended up in France”


A spiritual person sent 7 chairs to 6 different churches, and one chair to a different place that wasn’t a church.

Sunday evening in St. Patrick’s Church the nuns, priest and the acolytes were getting ready for the 5:00 p.m. mass. Before people were getting in, a nun was wondering why a mysterious chair  was in the confession room because the chair should not be there.

After the mass the nun was waiting for people to leave. After they’re all gone, she went back to get the chair and when she put it down she saw a light coming from the ceiling. She kept staring at it, it got brighter until a face appeared and started to talk to the nun

harris flying chair

and she replied to it.

On the next day, in St. Mary’s Church the people who attended mass went home and the people who work for the church is going to get  lunch, a nun who is about to go get lunch got a phone call from somebody but she didn’t answer it, while she’s getting out from the church she stopped and looked at a mysterious chair that she never seen before, when she touched it a light coming from the ceiling was just so bright until she noticed a face appeared and heard something and replied to it.


The 3rd chair was in the St. Joseph Church and the 4th chair was in St. Stephen’s Catholic Church where the bright light with the face appeared when the nuns touched it


and sat on it.

The fifth one ended up in France.  Where the nun sat on the chair and then saw the bright light.  That shows some little babies on a church with a lady that she is familiar with.

The 6th chair was in St. Johns Church and the nun just saw the chair and sat on it so she can pray, right after she sat a light flashed and it kept getting brighter and brighter until a face appeared and heard a message that only the nun can hear it.

The 7th chair was in Lourdes, France, where a nun was about to go home but before she does she stop at the grotto where the statue of Mother Mary was under a rock cave and in front of those are some benches and beside that is a chair where the nun sat and


while praying a dazzling light and a figure all dressed in white gave a message to the nun.

After a week, all 7 nuns went to a particular church and when they are all in there they prayed and another nun came out from a room and inviting them to come in.

The nun asks them “Do you still remember me?”


The 7 nuns were so confused until the nun told them that they are all sisters.


The nun told them a story about their mom. She was her friend and that all of you were raised by nuns and being adopted by different families and that is why you don’t get to see each other.

And all of them ask the same question, why all of us get to come to the church at the same time?




Spelling Story

One day a villain stole money from a bank she was committing a crime. But before the police came she escaped and got away clean FOR NOW. The next day Detective Maxine was at the scene of the mystery. She was looking for a clue. The sleuth was looking and she found a lock of silky blond hair. She looked at the employee board and found 3 suspects who have blonde hair “Hmmmmm” said Maxine “one of these 3 people did it”. Maxine asked the banker if he saw anything but he didn’t all of a sudden a man came up and said “I saw something” “finally a witness” said Maxine  “go on” “ok he had blonde hair, blue eyes, and long red fingernails.” “Looks like this he is a she” said Maxine. She was sure that her suspicions were correct she went to the employee board again and found only one person with Blonde silky hair, long red fingernails, and blue eyes “found the Delinquent with their contact information “said Maxine she called the Delinquent and the court for a 2:00 o’clock session even though the Delinquent had been caught she had an Alibi she said that she was nowhere near the bank at that time she was at Starbucks drinking coffee. “That’s a total lie” said someone from the jury said that she was not at Starbucks that time because he was at Starbucks and she wasn’t there. Then the culprit was guilty as charged and was sent to jail.                                                                                                  Another Mystery  solved by Detective  Maxine.                                         


The Case of the missing Teddy Bear

Cleatus Mc Smelly Foot always slept with a pink Teddy bear. One day in may when Cleatus came back from school to give poopah a hug but something was wrong poopah was missing

Cleatu`s  mom was cleaning the house then she found poopah on the floor and picked him up and put him in the laundry bin when Cleatus came back  home he said mom! where is poopah his mom said he`s in the laundry bin dear then Cleatus looked in the bin and  found him.

THE END—wallpaper-with-1280×1280-resolution_74.html

Spelling Words Mystery

Mr.D.J and the case of the missing wallet.Mr.dude was screaming then Mr.D.J. said whats happing Mr.dude said my wallet is missing this must be a mystery i will call the case of the missing wallet Mr.D.J. said i will find the villain Mr.dude said ok make it quick the detective was looking for clues .When he was walking he found evidence and the evidence was the footprints and he saw little coins around it he said “thats weird “.Then he follwed the footprints then he saw the big good castle then we found another slueth and then we found a victim upstairs .Then he saw the villain and the detective put him in jail.

Spelling story

One normal day 2 sleuths (AKA detectives ) named Angela and Izaya were having lunch . Suddenly Angela gets a note . Angela asked “who was the note from “. The teacher Says ” nobody”. To Izaya  and And Angela this sounded like a Mystery. Angela readed the note. The note wanted her to find a star. This sounded like or first clue. So we looked around and found a star with a P on it. The P meant something and we were ganna find out .

The two detectives

One day a detective had a call. It was a two man job so he called in a sleuth. they were look for a villian with a record of robbing a hijacking cars. A guy jumped out from behind a dumpster. We believe he is a suspect. My buddy is in a building and called me on the radio and says I found a witness repeat i have found a witness. He also has found alot and alot of victims. I found a clue i think this can help us find the villian! The suspect pulled a red herring on me. They called off the search the detective went home with a wierd felling hope we can find them aventually. Three months later. we got a call of a guy robbing a bank lets GO. I have the guy I have him in cuffs your going to jail. The detective went home as if nothing hapend. (We got a call) :)

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