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Fishlantis 2 part 2

Behind the scene,

Hey guys this is part two! Like I said in the last story part 2 will be named different. Part 1 is “No Longer Underwater” and part 2 is “There Can Be Light In The Darkest Of Times”!

Part 2

There Can Be Light In The Darkest Of Times

Darwin was about to faint but he pulled himself together. Darwin can breath above water for only 15 minutes. It was already 5 minutes trying to get out of the cage. Darwin had to think fast!

“When I get my fins on that Shadow.” Darwin said angrily.

Darwin started climbing rocks but he kept falling. He try to flood the volcano but that didn’t work. He tried so many things but it didn’t work. While doing that 7 minutes went by. Darwin only had 3 minutes!

Then he thought, “Maybe if I put water under my feet I will fly up!”

He did it then he made the water bigger and bigger and bigger and then he’s out!

“Finally! Now how to I get out of here.” Darwin thought.


He looked around, then he remembered about his teleporting powers. He tried to use it but it didn’t work!


“Trydon can take away powers! ShadowTrydon must have stolen that power too!” Darwin thought.


1 minute was left and Darwin couldn’t breath as well anymore! Darwin looked around and found a portal!

“Yes!” Darwin said very weakly.

He ran as fast as he could and he made it! He teleported right behind some shadows. They were having a meeting.

“Ok, so first we need to capture the god of the sea, Darwin!” ShadowTrydon told the shadows.

All the shadows were cheering and then Darwin accidentally stepped on a cracked floor board and it made a squeaky noise.

“Darwin! You joined just in time!” ShadowTrydon said evilly.


“Look I want no trouble, just give me my friend back!” Darwin said weakly.


“Maybe I will, wait I don’t want to!” ShadowTrydon exclaimed.


ShadowTrydon did this sign language to a shadow behind Darwin. Darwin turned around and saw a shadow running after and it possessed him!


“AHHHHHHHH!” Darwin screamed.


“Yes! We got the god of the sea! Come here, you are my sidekick!” ShadowTrydon said with glee!

“Yes master!” ShadowDarwin said evilly.

He walked over. They started walking out of town to find a new place to take over. It was 2 hours but they found a new town called Atlantis! Fishes were just swimming around.


“Ok ShadowDarwin, i’m gonna let you lead this!” ShadowTrydon told ShadowDarwin.


“First split up in groups and take house to house and mark something on the front lawn to show everyone that someone was already there!” ShadowDarwin commanded.


They all split up and headed off.


“No one follow me, i’ll be loneshadow.” ShadowDarwin commanded.


He went to the first house and saw a family.


“AHHHHHHHHHH” A kid screamed.


“Listen I need your help, I’m Darwin, the god of the sea.” Darwin told the family.


“You don’t look like him.” The dad said.


“I’ve been possessed. Do you have something to get me out?” Darwin asked the family.


“I have something. But wait. If you’re possessed, then how are you talking to us?” The mom asked.


“My powers are to strong for this shadow to possess me.” Darwin explained.


“Ok, I understand.” The mom said.


The mom ran in the kitchen and got this special drink. Darwin was about to drink but ShadowTrydon walked in.


“Looks like you’re still in there Darwin! What a surprise!” ShadowTrydon said.


“Your shadow is to weak!” Darwin exclaimed.


“Get him.” ShadowTrydon exclaimed.


The family grabbed Darwin.


“What are you doing! How are you able to touch me?” Darwin asked.


“They are shadows disguise as fish!” ShadowTrydon exclaimed.


ShadowTrydon grabbed Darwin’s head and shout out a chant.


“Sy Wa To Sha, Power gone from you!”


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Darwin screamed weakly.


Darwin dropped on the floor.

“Haha, no one will stop me now!” ShadowTrydon said.

“I will get you.” Darwin said weakly.

Darwin was fading away into someone’s shadow.


“Goodbye Darwin!” ShadowTrydon said evilly.


Darwin couldn’t do anything because he didn’t have any powers. Darwin was gone!


“Noooooooo!” Darwin screamed.


“Yes, he’s gone!” ShadowTrydon said excitingly.


The shadows walk out of the house and the whole town was filled with shadows.


“Good job everyone!” ShadowTrydon said happily.


“What’s wrong with you my master?” A shadow asked.


“What do you mean?” ShadowTrydon asked.

ShadowTrydon looked down and he was glowing!

“AHHHHHHHHH!” ShadowTrydon screamed in fear.



Darwin came out of his body and he was golden!

“Shadows will never be in this world ever again!” Darwin told everyone.

“Who are, what are you!?” ShadowTrydon asked frighteningly.

“GodDarwin.” GodDarwin said.

“This is my god form. I transform into it in the darkest of times.”


“Wha-a-a.” ShadowTrydon couldn’t speak.


“The shadows are done, us fish have won!” GodDarwin chanted.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” ShadowTrydon screamed as he dissapearing.


“Wha, what happen?” Trydon asked.


Darwin got out of god form.


“Trydon you’re back!” Darwin exclaimed.


‘What happen to me?” Trydon asked.


“You were possessed by a shadow.” Darwin explained.


“Oh, yeah I remember. I opened a portal and this shadow came.”


“Wait, YOU CAN OPEN PORTALS!?” Darwin asked really loudly.


“Yeah, I didn’t even knew I can too! I just accidently did it.” Trydon explained.

“Wow, that is awesome! I’m a little bit jealous though! I’m just glad everyone’s ok.” Darwin told Trydon.

“Yeah me too. Let’s go home!” Trydon said.

They both teleported home and everything is ok!

The End!


Behind The Scenes,

Ok, now since we are finish with Fishlantis 2 I am can tell you everything more easily. Fishlantis 2 part 1 is No Longer Underwater and Fishlantis 2 part 2 is There Can Be Light in the Darkest of Times. Hope you understand. I guess I can tell you that Fishlantis 3 will not be in any parts, I am about to say a spoil about Fishlantis 3 so if you want leave now.



I warned you,

Fishlantis 3 is called “CopyFisher”! It’s where there’s this new guy in town and he’s not what he seems. He takes away Darwin’s powers and pretends to be him but Trydon realizes something weird with him so he calls Gumball and Anais but the citizens doesn’t listen to Trydon Gumball and Anais and they get thrown in prison! It is only up to one person and it is…

Sneak Peek of Fishlantis 2 part 2

Behind the scenes,

Hey guys! I’m now gonna give you sneak peeks of all my new fishlantis series! I would publish the full story probably next month. BYE!

Part 2

There Can Be Light In The Darkest Of Times

Darwin was about to faint but he pulled himself together. Darwin can breath above water for only 15 minutes. It was already 5 minutes trying to get out of the cage. Darwin had to think fast!

“When I get my fins on that Shadow.” Darwin said angrily.

Darwin started climbing rocks but he kept falling. He try to flood the volcano but that didn’t work. He tried so many things but it didn’t work. While doing that 7 minutes went by. Darwin only had 3 minutes!

Then he thought, “Maybe if I put water under my feet I will fly up!”

He did it then he made the water bigger and bigger and bigger and then he’s out!

“Finally! Now how to I get out of here.” Darwin thought.

He looked around, then he remembered about his teleporting powers. He tried to use it but it didn’t work!

“Trydon can take away powers! ShadowTrydon must have stolen that power too!” Darwin thought.

1 minute was left and Darwin couldn’t breath as well anymore! Darwin looked around and found a portal!

Yes!” Darwin said very weakly.
He ran as fast as he could and he…

Behind the scenes,

so this is the sneak peek and leave a comment of if you think he made it or not!

Fishlantis 2 part 1

Second Myth Header

Part 1

No longer underwater



“Hey! Trydon! Ready for the game?” Darwin asked loudly.


“Almost! I just have to find my Fishmorein jacket!” Trydon yelled.


It was 1 year after the fight and Darwin and Trydon were about to go to the Fishmorein finnball game. No trouble has happened only thefts. Darwin had a weird schedule because of being the god of the sea. He keeps hearing selfish prayers and good prayers. He ignores the selfish prayers and sometime ignores the good prayers too. Being god of the sea is a big responsibility!


“Ok, ready!” Trydon yelled.


Darwin and Trydon walked out there house and got on the bus.


“Looks like you’re the only riders! Where do you want to go?” The bus driver asked.


“Fishmorein finnball game please.” Darwin told the bus driver.


“Ok. But before you could come on you need a water ticket.” The bus driver said to Darwin and Trydon.


“We have to go all the way back!” Trydon exclaimed.


“I got this.” Darwin whispered.


Darwin took out 5 dollars (that’s how much the water train tickets cost) he teleport it to the machine and a water train ticket came out. He took out another 5 dollars and teleport it to the machine again. Another  water train ticket came out. He teleport the train tickets to his hands.


“Wow, you love teleporting things ever since you got that power.” Trydon whispered.


“You bet I do!” Darwin whispered back.


“Two water tickets sir.” Darwin told the bus driver.


“Thank you.” The bus driver thanked them.


Darwin and Trydon walked on the bus and went all the way to the finnball game. They got off the bus and thanked the bus driver.


“Let’s walk in!” Darwin said excitingly.


Darwin and Trydon walked into the stadium.


“Sir, do you know where the Fishmorein game is?” Trydon asked a man.


“Yes, take a left then walk upstairs and take another left.” The man said weirdly.


“Thank you sir.” Darwin thanked the man.


“He sounded very familiar.” Trydon told Darwin.


“Yeah, he does. Anyways, let’s see the game!” Darwin said excitingly.


Trydon and Darwin took a left walked upstairs and took another left but all they saw was a dead end.


“That’s weird. The man said to take a left.” Trydon said confusingly.


“Maybe it was a mistake?” Darwin questioned.


They turned around but a wall just appeared.


“Wait, where did that wall come from?” Trydon asked.


“Ha ha ha!” A weird voice laughed.


A man teleported in the trapped room.


“Moysoiter!” Darwin yelled.


“Yes, it’s me Darwin! You may had took my powers away but you never took my teleporting powers!” Moysoiter yelled.


“Wait. If you had teleporting powers, why didn’t you use them a long time ago.” Trydon asked.


“Well, uh. I, didn’t know that I had this power.” Moysoiter said sadly.


“Hey Moysoiter. What do you call a man that loses their powers and gets teleported to the Underworld?” Darwin asked.


“You.” Moysoiter guessed.


“Right answer. You!” Darwin exclaimed.


Darwin took away Moysoiter’s power and teleported him to the Underworld.


“I’ll come back to finish you!” Moysoiter yelled.


Darwin made the wall disappear and walked out of the dead end. They took a right and walked down the steps and took a right instead of a left.


“Here it is!” Trydon cheered.


“Let’s go before we miss the game!” Darwin said fastly.


They ran in and the game was about to start.


“Ya! We’re just in time!” Darwin said happily.


They found a seat and sat down. The game was 3 hours long.


“Wow! That was a good game.” Darwin said happily.


“Yeah, it was! I liked Banana Joe the quarterback the most!” Trydon exclaimed.


The two walk out of the stadium and got back on the bus. This time it was crowded.


“Ok. There’s a lot more people now!” Darwin exclaimed.


They gave the bus drive some water tickets and got on the bus.


“Ok. This is our stop.” Darwin told Trydon.


They walked off the bus and went back home. Darwin took a shower. Darwin then put on his cloths. Darwin went in the living room but Trydon wasn’t there.


“Trydon! Where are you!?” Darwin asked loudly.


No one answered.


“I guess he went to the store or something.” Darwin thought in his head.


Darwin went to the kitchen and got a snack. He sat down and started eating it, but then he heard the door open. Darwin got out of the kitchen and went to see who’s at the door. He saw a shadow but couldn’t identify who it was.


“Trydon is that you?” Darwin asked.


“Sorry. But I have taken control over Trydon’s body and made him a shadow now!” ShadowTrydon said in a deep voice.


“Whoever did this is gonna pay!” Darwin threaten ShadowTrydon.


“What you don’t know is that I am more stronger than you! I have my shadow powers and Trydon’s water powers! Nothing can stop me! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” ShadowTrydon said in a deep voice again.


Darwin did a water whip but the water went right through him.  


“Ha ha ha! I’m a shadow! You can’t hurt me!” ShadowTrydon spooked.


Darwin threw a water shuriken but that didn’t work either. He threw a water dagger but it still went right through him. ShadowTrydon did a water kick and it really hurt Darwin.


“Ow!” Darwin yelled.


“No one can stop now! MWAHAHAHAHA!” ShadowTrydon laughed.


“Fight it Trydon! Fight it!” Darwin yelled.


“Darwin! Help me!” Trydon yelled.


“Trydon stop him! Get out of his body!” Darwin yelled.


“I’m trying!” Trydon yelled.


“You’re not leaving me!” ShadowTrydon exclaim


“Darwin! Help me!” Trydon said his last words.


“Trydon no!” Darwin yelled weakly.


“I’m sorry Darwin, but Trydon will not escape! MWAHAHAHA!” ShadowTrydon yelled.


Darwin fainted on the floor! ShadowTrydon faded away. Gumball and Anais went on vacation so Darwin couldn’t call them. Trydon was gone. It was up to Darwin!


Darwin wook up.


“Uh, what happened?” Darwin asked himself.


Darwin stood up. He saw the door open and remember what happened.


“Trydon!” Darwin scream.


Darwin put on his coat and ran outside and shut the door. He walked around but no one was around.


“Hello! Anyone there!?” Darwin asked loudly.


Darwin was kept walking around.


“Hello!” Darwin yelled.


No one answered. Darwin was really confused. He turned around and saw something run behind a house.


“Who’s there!?” Darwin asked.


He walked behind the house and saw a dozen shadows! A shadow try to possess him moved away. The shadow ran into a wall but it went right through the wall.


“Ok, looks like it’s a party.” Darwin said nervously.


2 shadows threw a shadow ball at him but he dodged both of them.


“Who are you guys and why are you here?” Darwin asked the shadows.


“Let me do the talking.”  a shadow told the other shadows.


The shadow leader walked out and it was ShadowTrydon!


“You.” Darwin said angrily.


“Look who it is. My old friend Darwin.” ShadowTrydon taunted Darwin.


“Look, I don’t want any trouble. I just want my friend back.” Darwin told ShadowTrydon.


ShadowTrydon trapped Darwin in a water cage.


“Look what I found! A water cage!” ShadowTrydon said evilly.


“You’re not getting away with this!” Darwin threaten ShadowTrydon.


“Oh wait, I already did!”


ShadowTrydon teleported Darwin above lava! Darwin was still in the cage slowly lowering down. Darwin water whipped the water cage but nothing happened. He threw a water ball through the bars of the cage, it hit the wall then it came right back to the cage. The cage shook.


“Yes!” Darwin exclaim.


Darwin kept doing that then the cage broke free from a chain that it was hanging on. The cage landed on a rock and broke. Water was going to the lava and turning the lava to obsidian. Darwin stood up and look around.


“I’m smart and I know!” Darwin sung to himself.


Darwin walked around trying to find an exit.


“Where is an exit here?”


Darwin started walking on the obsidian but it was.


“Ouch! My Finn!” Darwin yelled in pain. He ran back over to the rocks, then started thinking to himself.


“Wait. If lava is here and I live underwater, shouldn’t the lava already turned to obsidian?”

Darwin looked up and saw no boats above him.


“There’s always boats above Fishlantis, and why is it so bright?! It was never this bright!” Darwin suddenly knew.




To Be Continued…


Behind the scenes,


This is Fishlantis 2, it is in 2 parts so this is part 1. When I make the Fishlantis book part 1 and 2 will be together. So don’t be confused. Also part 2 will be named different. Part 1 is No Longer Underwater and part 2, I can’t say! Watch out for part 2!

The Parkour Master

MYTH headerOne day their was a guy named King Jackson and he had parkour team. Their was a guy named Evil Carlos and King Jackson and Evil Carlos were enemies.

Once Evil Carlos hurt King Jackson and King Jackson wanted to get him back.

They wanted to have a parkour battle. Zeus saw what was going on and he stopped it.

Evil Carlos and King Jackson still wanted to fight so they did it underground. At the end of the parkour battle Evil Carlos WON. At the parkour battle they jumped over a few things, climbed on parks, jumped off houses, and did some flips. Evil Carlos team was better at most of them they won.

King Jackson asked for a rematch because he thought he would win so the next day they had another parkour battle. Zeus saw it that day and he tried to to tell them we should not fight or try to get revenge or try to be better than everyone. And just try your best to do what you love to do.

Evil Carlos still won and what Zeus said did not mean anything to King Jackson. He was so mad because he knew he could do better. He killed Evil Carlos.

Zeus found out that he killed Evil Carlos. They had Evil Carlos’s funeral. All his family came to it.

Zeus banned King Jackson from parkour forever because he killed Evil Carlos.

So a few years later… out of the blue Evil Carlos came out of his grave laughing.

That taught King Jackson never to kill.


Bryan’s Myth

Once upon a time there were two castles one ruled by The god of fire named Arthos, the other ruled by The god of water named Cintos.They were both sons of Zeus, but when they were kids Cintos always was bad he never listened to Zeus.

Then one day Zeus left Cintos with their uncle, Hades, because Zeus could not take Cintos. Cintos then got jealous because Arthos always got what he wanted and so from that day on Cintos hated Arthos and everyday when Cintos woke up he always wanted to get revenge on Arthos.

When they grew up Cintos had found out that Arthos ruled a kingdom in so he got jealous and he went to a kingdom in Atlantis and assassinated a King and his name was “Poseidon” then he turned into the “god of water” and he ruled the kingdom.

Then one day Arthos heard about what happened and he went all the way to Atlantis to talk to Cintos but when got there he saw that everyone was like a servant and then he saw Cintos yelling at the people so

Arthos went to Cintos and bellowed “This is not how you rule a Kingdom and why would you kill Poseidon!!!!”

and then Cintos snickered “Like you know anything about ruling a Kingdom and don’t question the King.”

Arthos then yelled “I am a King too”

Cintos said “Not here”
Arthos said “Stop torturing your people, your Kingdom is no good” and then Arthos left.

The next day Arthos woke up at start after hearing a big BANG!!! He went outside to see what happened and he saw

Cintos yelling “WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!” and then Arthos heard “CHARGE!!”

and then he said “HALT!!!!!”

but they didn’t so Arthos got furious and started fighting.

They kept on fighting for centuries and many soldiers had died and then all of the soldiers had died so it was down to King Arthos of and King Cintos of Atlantis. King Arthos had a Mighty Fire Sword and King Cintos had a Dark Water Axe they both charged at each other and it looked as if they both struck each other at the same time and there was a huge explosion and once the smoke cleared King Cintos was still standing and god of life promised that whoever won the war would get their army and themselves healed. But what they didn’t know was that Zeus had granted Arthos the power of invincibility so Arthos was just unconscious, and when the army was celebrating Arthos woke up and assassinated King Cintos and with one powerful strike he killed King Cintos’ whole army and the god of life revived his whole army and they celebrated and lived happily ever after, or so they thought.

But what they didn’t know was that Hades was watching them and he got furious and he went up to earth and

Hades yelled “for what reason have you killed Cintos what joy has this brought you for”

and the whole army had nothing to say but then

Arthos said “he killed your own brother Poseidon”

and Hades replied “I never liked Poseidon, he is a lying dead beat that has no regards for human life”

and Arthos snickered “ Like you have any regards for human”.

and Hades got furious and threw a large object at Arthos but Arthos saw it coming and he dodged it and flew at Hades striking a mighty blow and Hades’ face got red as blood and he started striking blows as fast a lightning and Arthos couldn’t block or dodge them. But then he flew back grabbed his fire sword and stuck the sword right through Hades’ chest.

When Arthos saw what he had done he felt so guilty that he broke into tears and cried “WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” and he left and was never seen again.

Goddess VS. God

Myth header




One awesome day in Summerland the goddess Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty was sitting on her throne one day her servant Joe came running down the hall he came and told Aphrodite that Hades son Fitz god of bad is putting the land on fire.


Aphrodite went to go outside to see what was happening she saw that the whole land was almost on fire she went back inside to get ready  for war .

Meanwhile Fitz is burning down the land Aphrodite comes out of her awesome castle Aphrodite she called Fitz to come so they can have war so Fitz did.


It was time for battle Fitz got ready and Aphrodite got ready too .


“ It’s time to begin the battle now Aphrodite said out loud “


Fitz made a pit filled with hot ready to burn lava and with flames shooting out he made it right in front of Aphrodite but she dodged it he got furious

at her . He wanted to get her back but Aphrodite made Fitz fall in love with what he made him burned  to death very slowly she was happy as can be now she will not be bother by him again.


Derek Myth

Long long long ago just after time started there were three brothers each owned a part of the world but some places they did not have control over. For example the land of space had no controller since it was outside the planet, but eventually a cousin of the three brothers called nosrak decided that he also wanted to rule an important place that he could rule in peace and space seemed pretty good for his personality: bare, empty, alone, and calm. So the leader of the three brothers (Zeus) let Nosrak go to space and become the space god.

Everything was fine with everyone till Nosrak’s brother: Karson learned about the arrangement and got angry (like most siblings they don’t get along). Zeus eventually got tired of Karson’s whining and he gave Karson a place that suited him: wild, crazy, free, Chaotic and destructive and the best place with that criteria is Tornando land of wind. So that made Karson the god of wind.

Then Heades (another one of the three brothers) said that there couldn’t be a god of wind and space because they don’t go together, and that does make a lot of sense so Zeus makes a race into a forest in a forgotten land to collect a diamond and whoever gets it first becomes the permanent god of whatever they chose (incase they change their mind).

The day before the race Nosrak disappeared “He ran away… Looks like he got scared… good he was gonna get owned either way.” Karson mocked.

“It appears you may be right… (well at least in the ran away part).” Hercules added. (I forgot to mention that Karson and hercules are friends weird right?)

“Hey what’d you say i’m 100 times better than him!”

“At times like this I wonder how we’re even friends….”
“I don’t know… Opposites attract?”

“Not if you’re you” Hermes exclaimed while barging in.

“You’d be all lonely without me.” Karson yelled at Hermes while Hercules silently walked away from the chaos.

“No….. just no…..”

“Anyways why are you here.”

But Heres left without saying another word and Karson was just yelling after him but nope.

The next day Nokras didn’t show up for the race but, Zeus just told Karson to start without him.

“He’s gonna get more rekt than he as already .” Karson

“Why don’t you behave like a normal god?” Zeus sighed.

“Anyways, bye see you later I’m not planning to see you again (not that I want to)!” Zeus exclaimed.

“I’ll miss you too…” Karson said sarcastically.

Karson started running afterwards he jumped of a mountain and used his wind powers to fly into a portal that leads to another world. Once karson got to the world he right away realized that the portal disappeared and he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. It looked like half swamp and half medow.

“Where am I…. wow portals these days.” Karson murmured.

“Well I’m lost…” Karson sighed

He kept walking hunched over looking at the ground till he heard someone whisper: “Looking for the diamond”

“How’d you know.” Karson called out.

There was no answer only silence well until he heard footsteps behind him but by that time there was a bag around him so it wasn’t really that useful. When Karson got out of the bag he was in a small dusty prison-like room with about 20 people around him. The person in front of Karson punched him straight in the face. Then a guy behind the one that punched Karson in the face made a bat appear in his hand and smacked the one in front of him making him fall over Karon got up and wind blasted the one on the floor to K.O. him.

“Thanks but one question… WHERE AM I!” Karson yelled.

“In prison mate… the most secure one around… not because it’s hard to get past trails it’s just that there is a really high amount of people protecting it so that’s why only gods are put here.” The guy explained.

“I Didn’t do anything I was supposed to get a diamond in a race to become the ruler of the land of wind.”

“None of us are supposed to be here we just are. Don’t worry though because today for the first time we will escape.”


“I have a key to that door, we were just waiting for more people that way we have more chance of success.”
“Okay so what is everyones name. Mine is Karson.”

“You only need to know to people’s names. My name is Ryln god of wood. Cinos here is the speed of the group. Why? Because he’s the god of speed, he’s important because he has command of some of us. I’m important because i’m the leader of the group and I have a plan”

“Let me hear it.”

“Step 1: Hyjak the elevator.
Step 2: Hold back people in the tunnels.
Step 3: The main assault: Open the gates and start the riot.
Step 4 : Get to the armory and get magic armor.
Step 5: destroy the magic towers
Step 6: Blow the place up
Step 7: If you survive Sneak your way to the forest. It Doesn’t matter if you get lost just survive.”

“ARE YOU CRAZY THIS IS SUICIDE! At least try to sneak out before planning an all out attack.”

“Sadly there’s no way we can do that this is our last resort…”


“So are you in?”

“If it’s the only way out yeah… but if I get hurt, AT ALL, i’m blaming you.”

“Get hurt-… hahahahahaha… wait you’re serious it’s either succeed or die trying.”

“……….. fiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeee.”
Step 1 : Karson and Ryln raced to the elevator and rode up it into the tunnels.

Step 2: “So where’s Cinos?” Karson asked Ryln
“In the tunnels. Get ready some resistance is bound.” Ryln answered.

When the elevator stopped going up the doors opened and Karson saw chaos. People holding each other, walking on walls to sneak attack, blasting each other with whatever power they have, or running down the tunnel preparing for step 3.

“Woah so much chaos.” Karson said half excited half worried.

Right away without command Karson blasted people with wind and a mini tornado like force. But was stopped by Cinos. “Everyone is assigned a place you weren’t assigned here leave this to me.” Cinos explained.

So then Karson left and went to the main wall.

Step 3: “Open the doors” Ryln yelled.

Simultaneously everyone yelled and pushed open the doors and began the massacre. Karson only survived only by summoning a mini hurricane around him and dashing to a building. Ryln survived by creating a riot shield-like thing and kicking the ground to raize roots in the ground to make a distraction.

“Where’s the armory?” Karson screeched.

“Skip step 4 it’s too risky with the magic towers and we can’t go back.” Ryln explained.

Then right after Ryln said that there was a crash on the door but it wasn’t enemy infantry, it was a fatally wounded Cinos.

“D-Don’t w-worry about…. the magic towers I dealt with them…..” Cinos stammered.

“Oh my Zeus …. what happened to you.” Karson exclaimed.

But before Cinos could answer he fell over… dead….

“I knew death would occur but still…” Karson said sadly.

Ryln had no words instead he got up and started preparing his final tree smash.

Step 6: “So should I leave?” Karson asked.

“Go survive without me… remember if at least one of us makes it out alive I call it a victory so go now…” Ryln said bravely.


“So Long and don’t fail me.”

At that Karon ran out the building by that time the chaos had focused back into the chaos so that gave karson an easy escape across the battlefield. When Karson made it out of the war zone he heard an explosion he didn’t look at it (partly because it would be too much for his heart to handle, and partly because cool people don’t look at explosions). When Karson got in the woods he heard a familiar voice but not a good one.

Step 7:“Nosrak….. what are you doing here?” Karson yelled.

“Oh just rounding up one of the escaped inmates.” Nosrak said Like an you already know voice.


“Not me… all the people I hired.” Nosrak Singged.


“So have I”

Right away Karson used his wind speed to hurl himself at Nosrak but Nosrak teleported behind Karson using his space powers. Then Nosrak retaliated firing a beam of space at Karson but Karson blew it away using air. Well he thought he did but it just teleported behind him and critically injured him.

“Are you done?” Nosrak said sarcastically.

“I won’t give…. up.” Karson screamed

“Are you feeling okay? You don’t usually act like this.”


Then Karson summoned a super power-full tornado while hiding behind a tree while he was spacing out until he lost conscious. A day later Karson woke up in Tornando with a note on his lap when he opened it, it read: ‘You have been given your own land because you have busted who was hiding all the gods. Don’t worry about him by the way he was given rid of.’

“Wait people were disappearing? Meh.” Karson said.
So after some time Karson recovered and took up the role of god of wind. He also stopped being as cocky as he was before ( But he still was himself just not as much) and learned how to value other people. He never learned what happened to Nosrak but he didn’t care. He spent the rest of time in Tornando exploring and doing stuff had usually do.

The School of Lies

Untitled drawingThe day was November, 28, 2015. It was the first day of school for Mystic Falls High School, newcomer Lexcennea, daughter of Helios has just joined the school.  Athura, the daughter of Zeus, already knows that things are going to be trouble between her and Lexcennea.


Lexcennea tried to say hi to Athura, but it went a little like this.


“Uh, hi my name is Lexcennea…” Lexcennea shyly said.


“Stay away from Jacob!”  hissed Athura.


“Why, who’s Jacob?”


“Why, because I like him Lexcennea”


And with that, she stomped away. Leaving Lexcennea, dazed and confused as she wanders around the school looking for someone to show her.


15 minutes later, after rudely being hissed at by Athura.  Lexcennea stopped to ask a boy, he looked sweet, and kind, and a little good-looking.


“Uh hi, i’m Lexcennea…” she says dreamily,


“Oh hey i’m Jacob”  Jacob replied,


She gasped, she knew that she would get killed by Athura. She didn’t care though, so she asked him,


“Listen, I was wondering  if you would be able to show around the school”


“Sure! I’d love to do anything for a pretty lady like you!”


While they were walking, they were talking about a couple of cool things. Lexcennea figured out that Jacob was the son of Hephaestus, the god of fire, Lexcennea revealed that she was the daughter of Helios, the god of the sun.


“What?! I thought that the god of the sun was Apollo.” he replied questioningly.


“Why does everybody think that? Apollo is the god of wisdom, poetry, and music.” she said.


Lexcennea stopped talked talking abruptly, she felt Athura’s presence coming from a mile away. She knew Athura hated her guts already, she would get “totes jelly” if she saw her with Jacob, no, she would actually be dead.  She ran away as fast as she could, also blinding Athura by leaving a ray of light in her eyes.


As soon as the ray blinded Athura, she knew that it was made by Lexcennea.




She screamed it out loud so, everyone in the school heard her.


“I’m gonna get her, she shouldn’t have messed with him!”


Athura zoomed around the school, Zeus must have had the power to run fast, because Athura ran like the flash. Lexcennea also forgot that whenever she sweats she leaks rays.


“ Jeez dad, how do you deal with this power?!” Lexcennea complained

She accidentally said that too loud, because next thing you know, Athura was standing at the end of the hallway.


“ I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM JACOB!!!!”  Athura declared.




Lexcennea was furious, she didn’t know what to do, why even bother.

As she started walking away she felt a sharp pain in her back,  Athura had zapped her.




Fuming Lexcennea decided to give back the pain that Athura gave her,


“Taste the sunshine, and your skin!!!” Lexcennea boomed.


She sunburned Athura so bad, that Athura turned orange!


“AHHHH!!!!” Athura shrieked.


“You know what Lexcennea, just leave me and Jacob alone!”


After school Lexcennea rushed home, urging to tell her dad what happened at school when she got home she opened the door and screamed out;


“Daddy, daddy! Please take me out of that school, I hate it!” Lexcennea bursted in tears, her father Helios had never seen her like this.


“What happened honey?”


“Athura, the daughter of Zeus bullied me all day long!”


“ I knew it had to be the daughter of Zeus,” he muttered I will deal with it honey.”


“ Thank you daddy!”


Helios got frustrated and turned to put on his jacket, not knowing that Athura had her side of the story a bit more different…..


“Daddy! Daddy!” Athura whined, “look at my skin!”


“Who did this to you?” Zeus’s voice boomed.


“ Lexcennea, the daughter of Helios did to me!!”


“Of course it is the daughter of Helios, Helios and his trouble-making family made it so that I am not the god of the gods anymore. CURSE THEM!!!”


“I will deal with it honey.”


“Thank you daddy!” Athura whined!


Helios zoomed over to Zeus’s house, loudly knocked on his door, and as soon as Zeus opened the door, Helios blinded him. Zeus struck Helios

with lightning, and Helios returned the favor of sun-burning him.


“Stay away from my daughter and my family!” Helios shouted, and disappeared.


The next day Athura marched up Lexcennea and punched her in her face. Lexcennea pulled her hair, and blinded her. Lexcennea then started kicking her and punching her. The principal named Lionel stopped the fight;


“Woah, woah, woah!” Lionel shouted “Both of you, to my office, NOW!”


Lionel called home, to both houses, it was only 11:30 on Lexcennea’s second day of school and Athura already got her into the office. Helios came first, and left with Lexcennea, but not before giving Athura a dirty look.


As Athura was waiting for Zeus and had some time to think to herself.


“How could that thieving little rat win in that fight?” she said in her head.


“ I need to come up with a plan to get rid of her!”


“Wait! Dad showed me how to banish people to other worlds!”


“Maybe that’s exactly what i’ll do.” she snickered out loud.


“QUIET!” Principal Lionel shouted.


Zeus came an hour later with a disappointed look on his face, he didn’t talk the entire car ride home and even when they got home. Athura knew she had to banish Lexcennea tomorrow.


Athura was practicing all night, she put the mythical plant on the dummy, chanted some words, and poof! Gone.


The next day Athura didn’t see Lexcennea all day. She spotted her talking Jacob and looking like he was her prince charming. Well he’s gonna be mine very soon.


She figured that she would do it when everyone left, pretend to say sorry then BAM! She’s gone.


When Jacob finally left, Athura came up to her.


“Lexcennea first things first, i’m sorry.” Athura managed to get out as most realistic sounding as she could.


“You should have said that before you punched me in my face, it’s too late Athura. Just leave me alone.”


“Well it’s not too late for this!” Athura yelled, and threw the mythical plant.


Jacob had come back to ask Lexcennea if he could get his pen back, but instead caught Athura in the act of banishing Lexcennea.


Athura chanted the words, “Reme, Naruchi, Sedevah!”


Poof! Lexcennea vanished, and Jacob saw all of it.


“WHAT DID YOU DO!!” He yelled


Athura gasped, “Jacob!”


“Bring her back, NOW!”


“I can’t, I don’t know how to!”


“Well figure it out!”


“Jacob, I just wanted you all to myself!” Athura sobbed.


She tried coming closer, but Jacob threw a  fireball at her.


“Well now you can have the guilt that you banished a living being to another world!” He stomped off.


“Oh no, what have I done!” Athura panicked, she knew that there only place she could find the answer from, The Library.  


The library was everybody’s usual hangout hangout after school. Everyone she knew was there, including Jacob. She had to say something to him, he could help her get Lexcennea back.


“Jacob I know a place that can tell me how to get Lexcennea back.”


“Really! Where?”


“Here, there’s loads of information in the books that are here. We need to start searching now.”


They searched everywhere, they searched the whole library until there were 2 books left.


“It has to be here Jacob, i’ll get this book and you’ll get that one.”


“Nope, it’s not in mine Athura.”


“J-Jacob… I FOUND IT!!!”


“GREAT! Now let’s get to work.”


Athura found the reversal in no time, (she’s also a fast reader) She showed Jacob and then slowly concentrated, she then chanted the words;


“Naromi, Pascara, Seanchew, Naromi, Pascara, Seanchew, NAROMI, PASCARA, SEANCHEW!!!”


She wondered if it would actually work, she had her doubts. But then, out of thin air, Lexcennea appeared. She was holding what looked like a spear, she looked freaked out. She was trembling.


“I killed a b-bunny” she said.


She out of nowhere then just disappeared.


The next day Athura came up to Lexcennea and hugged her. She wasn’t pretending this time, she truly felt the bond between her and Lexcennea. Jacob walked by, and they both pulled him in.


“Let’s make a truce.” Lexcennea confirmed


“In our bond of friendship, we will not like each other.”


“I can’t like Jacob, Athura can’t like Jacob, Jacob can’t like me, and Jacob can’t like Athura.”


“On 3 we say truce,”


“1..2..3.. TRUCE!” They cheered at the fact that everything was a-ok!

Jarred’s Myth

Hercules the god of fire vs Zeus the god of the sky and lighting

the myths

Hercules the god of fire with his hammer. And zeus the god of the sky and lightning
they started to fight on the ground they used there powers. Hercules used fire and
zeus used his lightning they would not stop fighting unless one of them lous.

They were fighting with weapons hercules used his hammer but zeus used his
lightning. Bolt there powers were too great so someone came from the sky
and came from the flames. The man that came from a lightning bolt in the sky.
hercules power

Hercules used so much fire he used fire hammer he like his fire hammer but it broke into
pieces so he used his fire horse and is fire wipe too hit him over and over and
over until it broke .

the end of them
Zeus used his lightning bolt sword but he did not know how to use his powers did not work
they did not stop until people came to end this all. both of them stopped fighting the people tock
zeus up and hercules too his firehouse

Darian’s Myth

It’s a cold day in Snowden in 1956 B.C there lived a boy named Aiden, he was born in an old shack on the side of the road, but he was very different than an average human. Wherever he went he would bring good luck, he would cause miracles here and there, he was amazing. Snowden was a small village… Read more →

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