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If there was a world without homework. Children,Parents ,and Teachers would be gald.

If there was no homework,you can have time to yourself,family, and friends.

Also  your kids won’t be asking you “Mom (or other family members)whats the awnser to this problem”. For most parents thats anoyying(MR.FITZ!!!!).

Also you don’t have to cut down alot of trees to make homework. So your saving the world!

No homework would be better for the whole world!!

I’m Isabela Rodriguez ,and I know there shoudn’t be homework FOR ANYONE!!!!!

Imagine the world without cars

If they got rid of cars! The world would be much safer for animals because the exzaust off cars cant harm them. People do not have to fill there car up with gas every week wtihout cars. Fire Rescue would not have to respond to car crashes if we had no cars.

Imagine the world without cars for a minute.

Fast foods for schools

Fast foods for schools!!!

I agree with having fast food options like MC Donald’s or KFC or Taco Bell. It will taste good.  It will taste very good for lunch for the kids in our school. This menu I think will taste better than regular lunch’s in Montgomery County schools.

I think mongomery county could make more money by selling fast foods.  MCPS can use the money to make the schools better.  I think our schools in all of Montgomery county should have a vote on fast foods in schools and that’s what I think should happen.



We should play football because if we play video games all day,  and all your gonna be doing is doing stuff with teghnology then when you get older you are not going to be able to use your head in college and your brain in college; you might not get out of college because you’re not using your head. You should play sports because you’re going to get athletic and when you’re older you might play football. You should play football because it is athletic for you so you cannot watch TV all the time so you can be smart when you grow up.Sometimes sports is really athletic for you because Sports are really important for you because you’re going to be really strong and a lot of people are going to like you and you might be famous. One example is Robert griffin III known has the nickname rg3. He is really athletic in games he can run a really fast qb and he can throw really far, and he can run and throw at the same time. Second example is that Tony Romo is athletic because he also can throw.Third example is that messy is really athletic because he is the best soccer player in the world. He is really good he gets like more than 2 million dollars. He is good at dribbling, passing, and shooting with the soccer and in England we call it football that’s why we should play sports outside so we good are so healthy so you live more. I played only one time because my mom and dad would only let me play one time.  I was playing flag football and I was 7 years old, there were 8 games every Saturday and I won all of my games and that was the best I was 8-0.I was a wide receiver in flag football, in one game I was quarterback one time and I threw an interception then they got a touchdown .but we still won the game.  All the time on the nice day you should go outside and play some sports.I played flag football when I was 6 or 7 years old we were undefeated 8-0 so we were going to play tackle football and Sameer wanted to play soccer and my dad did not know what to pick so I think he is going to let me be in soccer with my brother and our coach will be Mr. Peterson how we now is because we have friends that told us that Mr. Peterson was our coach so we might go in soccer.You should always be athletic so you can be strong and fast. The boys should play Football ,Basketball Or Soccer, and for the girls they should play Cheerleading, tennis and basketball.


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Football in school!

I want two hand touch football in school because most boys like it. Right now we only have three sports in school; basketball, four square, and soccer. But if we have football in school we have four sports in school. And we have it on Monday and Friday and the teacher could stop us if we fight. I like football because it is cool and fun. We can use red and blue scrimmage jerseys  to make the team. Football is my favorite sport it’s awesome and it’s amazing. Football at school would be cool because you can lose emerge then when we get back in side we would do are work and be tired the rest of the day. That why I really want football in school.




No School on Wednesdays

Without a doubt, there should be no school on Wednesdays. I think this because if there is no school on Wednesdays you could plan educational trips you couldn’t do because of school. Students could go to places like the museum. All the bills for the school would go down like the electricity bill. We use lights all the time and since we would only be in school 4 days a week instead of 5 we could save a lot of money to upgrade the school. Also kids and parents could sleep in late. Some kids grades go down because of the lack of sleep their getting and parents need to drive their kids to school and it’s dangerous to drive when you’re tired out because you could get in a car accident. And lastly you could go and spend more time with your family it’s so hard to get families together these days and with no school on Wednesdays you could spend as much time with your family as you’d like. I hope you want to vote no to School on Wednesdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :P :P :P :P :P :P


Students should be able to choose to play soccer at school during their recess or after school on their own time.

People should play soccer because it requires more energy or you get to lose weight. Kids all over the world are becoming obese and soccer would help them lose weight.

You get to spend time with your family or friends if they play soccer too. I played soccer since pre-K.  I won 6 trophies. Last time I went to a soccer game I met a professional soccer player. His name is David Villa. He plays for FC Barcelona in Spain.

Some people say that soccer is dangerous. If players know how to play the game correctly it won’t be that dangerous.  If you play soccer at school you shouldn’t trip people or get angry.  Students that break these rules shouldn’t be able to play soccer at school. 

One of my favorite player is David Villa. My 2nd favorite player is Lionel Messi I like the way how Lionel Messi and David Villa do the rainbow. The rainbow is when a pro is when he puts the ball bewtween their legs and throw it up in the air an kick it. If you keep on playing soccer you can become a professional like David Villa.

If you keep playing soccer you will have a chance to make it to the world cup if you win it would be like a world opportunity you will feel so great for yourself same way how if you will have the same amount to win the super bowl in Nfl.

Every Kid Should Have More Recess time


Every kid should have more recess because the normal recess time is not long enough time because all kids talk so we lose more recess time.

The kids who play sonic the hedgehog it feels like the 1st or 2nd acts.

It helps kids’ exercise by them playing games outside. Like if their playing tag what they do is run all around the playground.

Kids just want to have fun more than write or type.

It will make the kids get away from all the electrics.

Thats why the kids should really have more recess.

We need better food choices in the cafeteria

We need better food choices in the cafeteria because the food choices right now are not that good.

 The food quality in the cafeteria is not that good because some of the foods like the cheese dippers are burnt. I would say the food quality is 6 out of 10.There is little thing on the bottom of the chicken patties. I tell the launch teachers to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone

There should not always be 3 kinds of milk all the time. There should be juice, tea, and other better beverage choices. And there really should not be chocolate because it can make kids unhealthy. It has a lot of calories and sodium in it that means it is not really the best for you.

 Right now the food is not best for children. By making the quality better and giving the students more choices kids will eat better tasting food that is better quality.

I demend that we should bring handheld to school .

I demand that students should be allowed to bring handheld devices to school.
The 1st reason is that kids do not have enough electronics to do their work. I have 21 students in my class and there is 3 computers and there 8 net books to use. If you bring hand held devices every student will have a computer to use.
The 2nd reason is that can do their work faster like if a power point is due in 4 weeks you can finish in 2 weeks because their will be enough computers to work on.
The 3rd reason is that kids will learn more how to use their hand held devices. Some kids don’t know how to do a power point so the teacher will help you know how to use it. So soon everybody will use handheld devices so it is importent for students to use them.
The 4th reason is that kids can show their parents responsibility. Students will learn how take care of their handheld device so they will stay working and ready to use.
The 5th reason is that some computers here are kind of broken and sometimes the Internet doesn’t connect with the computers and kids get stressed out when the computers don’t work.

I bealive that having handheld devices to school will help the kids use the device ,to take care of the device,to show responsibility to your parents, and to do your work more faster.

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