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Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin fever

In this book the third to the last greg finds himself falling below the bar his popularity levels are going down his luck none his ideas not possible and even worse hes stuick with his brothers and his blind mom because thiers a blizzard.Hes dealing with seventh grade problems and house problems to greg also finds his sibilings true colors like manny leaving his family in despair with him messing with the house breakers and putting heat in his room and leaving his family cold now he has to sleep with his mom and his brother in the same room in the same presents o0n the same bed on the same couch because its that cold while manny is in mystery land frozen meals a night while manny and gregs dad are living it while all that hes dealing with criminal issues they put illegeal posters on private property and kinda of got caughtthe newspapers had there names and everything an greg was freaking out he was hiding and keeping a low profile but the school is calling names to the office so he has to keep his fingers crossed but he eventually gets called but makes it by a hair hethought the police were on to him so the blizzard helped in one way after the blizzard everything is pretty much normal.

House on Maple Street


There was this 81 year old man named Jerry he lived in an old house on Maple Street in Brazil.  He wanted to make a rocket house because he wanted to go space. And live there all of his life but he couldn’t because he did not have all of the parts and tools.

The tools were all over the world he looked on the internet. The rocket engine was in New York and the Big Bertha kit was in Japan.  So he packed his food and headed too New York. He missed his flight so he went to the terminal and he had to spend the night there until morning.

Everybody was awake the workers were busy and there wasn’t   anyone in the office where the plane tickets so Jerry sneaked in to office and grabbed a ticket to New York. When the planes were called he headed over to the plane to go get the Rocket engine. When he got there New York was raining he took out his Computer and searched again it gave him directions to where to go and find it, it was at Pratt and Whitney.  Pratt and Whitney is an engine company from Hartford, CT that was founded in 1925 then he drove his car to Pratt and Whitney

And bought the part it cost 200$ then he got the engine. The he headed to another terminal to take off to Japan. He caught the ticket in time the fly to Japan.When they were in the air he took out his computer and searched what

Engine store it can be found at but it was not searchable so he rented an apart to stay in for the night. When it was morning a festival was going on so he had to get through the parade then he saw an engine store he went in and asked for the big

Bertha Kit he paid the cash register the money he had to pay then he headed back to Brazil and made his rocket Jerry lived for 7more years then died of old age.

the house

Just Desert

There was a CRAZY man. His house was really CREEPY and HAUNTED.  He went to the pumpkin patch in the next town and he bought a pumpkin and took it home. The pumpkin was large, tall, and bright orange.  He got home and brought the pumpkin into the house.  He ate his dinner of pizza and chicken.  He was planning on having pumpkin pie for dessert.

He heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  It sounded like someone harris pumpkinwas destroying the kitchen.  He ran into the kitchen.  The pumpkin was GLOWING.  He picks up a large KNIFE from the counter.   Every time he moved the knife closer the pumpkin glows BRIGHTER.  He cuts it!


It BLOWS up in his face and covers the floor with pumpkin pieces and pumpkin guts.  A seed from the pumpkin grew right away on the kitchen floor.  The man looked at the pumpkin. He ran at the pumpkin with his knife. He CUT the pumpkin.  The pumpkin grew back and grew bigger.  The man was AMAZED!


The man walked closer, the pumpkin grew ARMS. The man walked closer, the pumpkin grew LEGS and got taller. The pumpkin now had scary and evil face like a pumpkin on Halloween.  The man walked closer and the pumpkin scratched him! He was bleeding from his face. He hit the pumpkin 3 times in a row with the knife! The pumpkin was very angry. The pumpkin bit him hard.


“OUCH!” he screams.


The man hit the pumpkin. Seeds came out of the pumpkin and the seeds grew into evil pumpkins just like the one he just cut with the knife. Now there are 2 new pumpkins to fight. The man was shocked and FREAKED out!


He ran through the kitchen and kicked down the door.  He looked back and saw that the pumpkins were following him.  He ran to his driveway and jumped into his car.  He looked around and didn’t see the pumpkins.  The man drove to Rangely, Colorado and was never seen again!

fossil fuels


Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are easy to apply and easy In my opinion.  Fossil fuel is the best power source because it’s a power source that’s dependable, wind doesn’t always happen and the sun goes down there can be a drought or a water shortage when its winter or fall it gets colder so the earth’s core isn’t as hot; pollution weakens the plants energy also it takes a lot to turn into energy, also fossil fuel cost 7-13 its dependable and last a long time in some estates it also is portable and easy to apply. You can do it by console or cord, I think fossil fuel is the best energy source for the world, also did you know oil petroleum was formed 300-450 million years ago sand and silt came up 50-100 million years later now we have sand silt and oil and gas deposits. To sum it up the largest cruding  countries are Saudi Arabia, United States,Russia,China.

beetles lightly toasted book blogs

three friends emabark on a wild quest to find….beetles?yes you heard it beetles when these friends face a tough descision to either do the cooking test or not well they do thats how the title ties in there challenge is to find a way to cook bugs in a different way but part this challenge is you have to taste your food before you serve of course but how who wants to eat bugs……..bugs!! thses friends are in for something eating bugs seriously but these heros will have to triumph they won’t go over easy not as easy as beetles at least, in this book
these amigos can’t turn back.

Captain New York 2 part 1

last time on the captain we need backup these guys have us cornered its coming from inside the control room.boss is going to kill says the bandit vainetas zarius has been rewarded captain of the national nypd exuse me the president has been nearly shot he calls for our assitance,we need to protect not only our stste now but the country the president has asked of us so we need to deliver says the sargent.exuse me the president has been nearly shot ok i’ll be right there but the president says he doesn’t want us on the case its a tearorreast alright,lets,go,lets,go,lets,go. we need to head out.      1 DAY LATER   boom whats that bam keep the noise down,captain someone is firing at us what….this is a code red get off now!!! i don’t care if your afraid of sharks!!   i’m staying here open the door urrr!!! goes the door pow,pow,pow,pow goes the gun in all do respect sir i’m not getting off your not swat accuataly i am president said for now….ok get a gun  pow,pow,pow,pow,pow went the guns its over were going downi’m getting the pack..are you crazy they’ll kill you they have a 48 I know I know this is the time we have to triumph and show why we are the ones you count said vainetas,vainetas took a leap the gun showered and shot vainetas then another body jumped on the window he climbed to the door but his efforts fell short he got shot three times but he grabbed the gun and throw him off after that thier was no sign of himthe helicopters engine got faint and the helicopter fell to the water,vainetas had died….sike vainetas jet packed up into the sky and smoke followed flew into the cheaspeake bay docking boats came later it was all over the news no one attacks americas capital it was war reports of syrian and russian chemichals used to supply this attack media these days said vainetas they don’t know the half of it.were on says the officer,the president will speak now umm we are all aware of the earlier insedent that happened  umm we dont know who it is,thier is still speculation we currently think its the syrians and the russians but were traking that we couldn’t call.booom pow,pow what was thatits tha samechopper i thought we took that down i guess not. we have a clear sho. were sending air support. its firing i dont think we should wait until destroys the capital. this is the president its heading to the white house you have premissoin to shoot it down. thank you boom missed shoot it down now  have a visual of the chopper are we celar to take a shot no we do not what it will do or its supposed to be doingsir there firing on the city its heading for the statue of liberty its ghettting ready sir wahts your call keep your guns on him,Thier jaming our transmissions fire take the missles out boom boom  fire fire fire pow its down,sir theres another one that one was a decoy take it down boom boom scaptain this is S.W.A.T. you are releaved of your duties swat will take over now

the captain

The skies were blue no clouds, ”what could go wrong says vainetas”,” vainetas zairius as the last person called unfortunatly no schoarlship but still his diploma.”excuse men is this chadwoods workshops”,”yeah why”,says the clerk “I would like a job”,says vainetas,”kid we ran out of forms weeks ago”no but I applied online” let me see your drivers liscense student ID and diploma” says the clerk”here says vainetas”sorry it doesn’t read and i can’t find your application” he says while scrolling down the computer” what says vainetas,sorry says the clerk,ding ding ring!! seriously, I applied,” hey kid” thanks says the man,”thanks”,for what? the diploma,snatch,hey wait,comeback,911 whats your emergency yeah I have a guy heading down 34th street he has a stolen piece of identity,he’s going towards the construction cite ,any request…Chase,I see him but don’t let me down yet wait until i have him ay 37th,i got him cornered says ,stop this is the N.Y.P.D. its America i’ll stop when i want to says the man if you move we’ll have to shoot. go ahead.Your cornered give it up,whatever pow wow ah!!!1 get him quick thats semant is superdry so it dries quickly real me in bring the helicopter in quickly says  Chase my diploma says vainetas he’s ok says Chase but his ribs are totaled he’s going to have a medical bill yeah says vainetas you did good for helping us with directions here whats this an internship to N.Y.P.D. cool says vainetas     THE NEXT DAY    today’s the day and base on my timing i’ll be early i have to take the 118 route and get to 54th then take the metro downtown get on to 55th and metro to 57th this is going to be long very long  7 HOURS LATER   i’m here ah yes i’m here for the internship whats your name, Vainetas yes you’ll find yourself to the left,what you’ll find your badge to the left. found it  see ya,hi I invited you to see if your intrested in serving the people of nyc yes i am so, first you have fill out the forms of term agreement ok you’ll have to go to a select colledge you do have your diploma right no it kind of got lost someone took it thats to bad so what should i do we’ll do you have your student ID and your drivers liscense yes said vainetas then maybe we can arange something here these are some of the N.Y.P.D cover thanks once you pick one of the college’s it will activate you as a starter pack if you pass you’ll have to fill out a series of forms are you up to it yes says vainetas very well says officer 7 HOURS LATER  ok so he gave me list i think i want this one that one is nice hey yeah i had an application my name is vainetas yes scheulde for a meeting 1 HOUR LATER  yeah ok says V ainetas i won’t be getting a full ride but i do have finnancial care so that will help me in tuision MONTHS LATER i’ve started school now and my semesters worth of money is almost payed sasy vainetas.GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!, move it i could beat you in my sleep move it princess listen you want to be a cop right your going to have to step it up son i don’t sit arond yaping orders just because i’m getting payed my boss expects the best out of me and i have to give him that or i’m fired you hear me get back on the field and hustle butt off or you run from brooklyn to syracuse yes sir alright bring it in next time we are going running not walking, not jogging, not trotting, runningwe will run with your 20pound unloaded guns we will dig a trench and build shields and rescue dummies what your expected of is that you lay down the wire and let the other guy crawl over you in other words lay down your life for civillians who families who belong to this great state 5’0 clock get up early if you eat breakfast bring gatorade and protein bars lots of water too.Class dismissed see you tomorrow 7 YEARS LATER pow pow pow we have a fire fight we need back back up we are out matched and out gunedi repeat we need helphelp is coming we’ll be there in estimated time 5 minutes we don’t five minutes 3 men are alredy down copy that captain help will come wow says vainetas this is intense yeah the longest fire fight i ever experienced it5s big to keep fire fall back get to the phone both thiers shelter thier on my mark 1………..2……………3..GOOOO!!! GO GO!!!!!!!pow pow pow pow thier moving head forward pow ah yells vainetas another down we hear you whats your visual we have 1215 men on this fightwe have 5 we need backup were over we see you were sending people no no no thier going to shoot fall back set them up at the next street ok.are you the new guys yeah we’ll set up at the park and we’ll cover fire ok on my my mark GO!!! there they are get them pow pow impossible ok we have them captain what do we do i’ll tell you what we’ll do we’ll fire don’t shoot them just rapid fire your machine gun then they’ll get the idea alright tututututututututu put your hands up now!! do it now drop the weapon i said drop it!! okheads on the car lets go nothing i don’t get it boss is going to end your lives, you talk to much now we know are next finding lets go i think i might know were get these guys out of here i know you doing your job but were not detectives we don’t go after these guys we wait until they need help because if we jump right now we might get into something the police dosen’t need. um we have a break out in the prison yard male white about 6”3 armed with a crow bar there is another male also white we can’t identify his height age 50′s to 60′s he’s in red pick up truck  hes heading down east bay were coming put your hands up what there already thats not us can you see who it is no but we can see the vehicle op no hes coming out he has a skee mask wait were getting something its on are computer hes getting through our firewall thats impossible not for this guy will you just stop him we can’t hes put it up what up the fire wall knock it down we can’t try this guy can’t come through shut him down make another window were putting it up  its up hes hit rock bottom hes not getting out? how did he do that… i suppose i know he did it said a voice it was vainetas he said the server came from the police station some one has been weakening our firewall who ever it is your going to be found, i think i might know were he is now his in the electrical room that what the distraction the diploma some how he was thier and they probably retrived it scanned accesed my badge and looked my files while hacking the server to get to the firewall.Get to the electrical room listen were heading to the electrical room you idiot turn off your radios they might have one to,boss hear that thier coming we don’t know when they turned off thier radios work faster just in case put your hands up now!!! no you put your hands up we are out guned back up put your guns down and step forward the officer put his hand in motion fo defense he slowly raised his hand and acted quickly he put his hand on his headpulled it to his knee gave him a right cross and a warning shove the guards shot the cops grabbed thier guns and fired in a warning matter the guards gave them a physical glare the guards looked quyick and slaped the officers head with his rifle and made a quick runthat didn’t work the officer doged the attempt and shot the rifle off of his hands good shot said the boss  quiet said the officer take him they took him its over.It was the same way it was sunny the room was boming with people talking nothing could go wrong   Vainetas Zarius please come over to accept your award you have been given the captain award thanks this is way better then diploma said vainetas.vainetas said the officer thier has been a shooting near the white house.

What im going to do this summer







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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony was born 1984, on may 29  in rooklyn, New York.

Carmelo Anthony’s jersey number is number 7.

Carmelo Anthony’s basketball posistion is Small Forward.


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