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Spelling Story

One day a villain stole money from a bank she was committing a crime. But before the police came she escaped and got away clean FOR NOW. The next day Detective Maxine was at the scene of the mystery. She was looking for a clue. The sleuth was looking and she found a lock of silky blond hair. She looked at the employee board and found 3 suspects who have blonde hair “Hmmmmm” said Maxine “one of these 3 people did it”. Maxine asked the banker if he saw anything but he didn’t all of a sudden a man came up and said “I saw something” “finally a witness” said Maxine  “go on” “ok he had blonde hair, blue eyes, and long red fingernails.” “Looks like this he is a she” said Maxine. She was sure that her suspicions were correct she went to the employee board again and found only one person with Blonde silky hair, long red fingernails, and blue eyes “found the Delinquent with their contact information “said Maxine she called the Delinquent and the court for a 2:00 o’clock session even though the Delinquent had been caught she had an Alibi she said that she was nowhere near the bank at that time she was at Starbucks drinking coffee. “That’s a total lie” said someone from the jury said that she was not at Starbucks that time because he was at Starbucks and she wasn’t there. Then the culprit was guilty as charged and was sent to jail.                                                                                                  Another Mystery  solved by Detective  Maxine.                                         


Spelling story

One normal day 2 sleuths (AKA detectives ) named Angela and Izaya were having lunch . Suddenly Angela gets a note . Angela asked “who was the note from “. The teacher Says ” nobody”. To Izaya  and And Angela this sounded like a Mystery. Angela readed the note. The note wanted her to find a star. This sounded like or first clue. So we looked around and found a star with a P on it. The P meant something and we were ganna find out .

The two detectives

One day a detective had a call. It was a two man job so he called in a sleuth. they were look for a villian with a record of robbing a hijacking cars. A guy jumped out from behind a dumpster. We believe he is a suspect. My buddy is in a building and called me on the radio and says I found a witness repeat i have found a witness. He also has found alot and alot of victims. I found a clue i think this can help us find the villian! The suspect pulled a red herring on me. They called off the search the detective went home with a wierd felling hope we can find them aventually. Three months later. we got a call of a guy robbing a bank lets GO. I have the guy I have him in cuffs your going to jail. The detective went home as if nothing hapend. (We got a call) :)

My Goofy Story

One day I went to buy a work book.I left the secerety camrea’ll never belive what I saw when I got home.My dog and cat were playing kickball while my bird was saying bellboy that’s your nickname.Then they were eating buleberries while wacthing the Redskins playing football Then Spiderman came and started playing with them.Next my goldfish started seeing and reading Goosebumps for Three hours!I was tierd of wacthing for Five hours,so I went to take a shower and when I came out…my workbook was gone…

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