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Fight For The Top of The World

I would suggest to choose a state that is rich and has lots of power to protect It from other states. A state that has responsibility to care for their Items. Who can take care of the Arctic? United States, United States, is the ONE! United States can take care of the Arctic, they are rich and has lots of resources that can help the Arctic. Any other country would have tried to attack the Arctic and take over, but the United States would defend the Arctic because It’s important to have the Arctic in the world. The Arctic has animals that can be endangered and could be frightened of the people that try to kill them. Help the Arctic. What If the Arctic was your home? I know I would choose United States because I’m choosing the country that I’ve known and live In.

Fight To The Top Of The World

Fight To The Top Of The World


By Briana


No one should be able to claim the arctic because the resources will run out eventually and all the man made things used in order to get all the oil out will be bad for the ocean. One of the resources that will run out will be oil and if they are not careful enough than that can cause an oil spill that can harm wildlife living in the ocean.


Top of the world

I think the Arctic should be owned because there is a lot of resources like oil, coal and a lot more. These resources could be used by powering their country. They could claim it by putting their flag under the ice and in the water.


Arctic Battle

I believe that no one should own the arctic


I believe no one should own because there are many animals that live in the arctic that can’t leave their hapittac and if they do they might die or have to develop to a new hapittac and plus who want to take over a really cooled place and what would they do with it.


Fight for top of the world

I think nobody should take over the north pole because  it is a natural habitat and because the polar bears, walrus and all the animals won’t have a habitat to live and get extinct. If they get extinct we will not have fancy warm cloth to wear in the winter. That would also affect the food source they would be to much walrus fish and other animals.


They can also share if the want to but Russia and U.S.A  because Russia put their flag and Alaska is part of the U.S.A.

This is why I think they should not take over the North Pole.   

Arctic Battle

Fight for the Top of the World

By Pooyan


I don’t think the Arctic should be claimed by any country because Arctic is not land. If two counties want land and don’t agree to share then it will cause war which is not a way to have a solution to a problem.


Fight For The Top Of The World!


I think Alaska should go to america because Alaska is in america and any colony or country that is in any state should be theirs because it. Makes sense on your property your stuff and it is fair america can put some useful things in alaska like power plants. And submarine interconnectors so people can live in Alaska with heat in their houses or people can.

Do fun activities like mountain climbing and the mountains can be used for mining for rare items liked diamonds,gold,silver,coal,emeralds,rubies,sapphire,lapis lazuli,aluminum,copper,pearl  these. Items can be made into various accessories like jewelry that women like to wear for fashion and men and women wear to show that they have been married.

And people can use a submarine in the icy cold waters to explore unexplored wildlife i also think. That every government near alaska should share Alaska instead of fighting for it because that could end up as a deadly war.





Whale debate

20301 Brandmill Drive

Germantown,MD 20876 USA

November 12,14


Embassy of Japan 2520 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Edwin and  I go to Daly Elementary in Germantown, MD. I’m writing to you because I want your country to stop whaling because if you hunt to much whales you sons or daughters child won’t know what  whales. Another reason is that without whales the population of fish and plankton will get bigger or smaller. The third reason is without whales seagulls won’t get to eat fish because they work together, for example the whales scare the fish up to the top of the ocean and the seagulls dive and get the fish. Last but not least without whales the ocean will be filled with bacteria. The extra reason is the ocean won’t be the ocean without whales.

sincerely your,


Whale wars

20301 Brandermill Drive

Germantown,MD 20876 USA

November 12,2014


Embassy of Japan

2520 Massachusetts


Washington,DC 20008

Dear sir or Madam;My name is Shia and I go to Daly Elementary in Germantown,MD.I’m writing to you because

I want to stop whaling and it’s mean to try to kill the whales and the whales don’t do anything to people it’s nice to the people so i’m really going to stop whaling and

protect the whales from getting hurt.So you should

stop hurting the whales and there also helpless






20301 Brandermill drive

Germantown, MD 20874 USA

November 12, 2014

embassy of Japan,

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Dear, sir or madam

My name is Matthew and I go to Daly elementary school in Germantown, MD. i’m writing to you because I think whaling to stop for example. In the early 20 century people hunted whales in large number by the 1930s up to 50,000 whales were killed each year for their meat and for their oil. Also in 2005 japan has killed around 3,600 Minke whales in antarctic. The IWC’s 88 member nations 49-including Australia, New zealand, and the untied states oppose whaling. Japan took a total of 886 whales in 2006/7. I’m asking you to stop whaling because it bad for the whales and our planet.

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