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2014 was great because in 2014 the greatest thing that happened for me was my 11th birthday.The biggest thing that happened in the world was the 2014 Fifa world cup. This girl named Malala Youazal won the Nobel Peace Prize award for her efforts to promote girls’ education around the world. She is the youngest  Nobel winner in history.


2015 is…..

2014 was LEGIT! Why, well my man Pops(dad) left to El Salvador. Then my mom started to feel worried and so my mom would buy me and my sister ANYTHING we want. So I was really surprised when she asked me what I wanted to eat. Or anything that I have always wanted in my life. My sister wanted a snack like  donuts to make her happy.


My biggest event in 2014 is when I got a NEW game that I’ve wanted in my whole life. I would please my mom to buy me It but she would Ignore me. So I waited until Christmas to get It by someone else. And what do you notice, a present shaped wrapped present that is the size as the game I wanted!!So my brother said to open It and It was the GAME! My brother said It wasn’t him that got It for me, It was my other old sister.

What I hope In 2015 Is getting the PS4 for next Christmas so I can allow to play with my best friend! Having fun on the old PS3 still but I guess I’ll upgrade to New Gen.


2014 was a good year the iPhone 6 can out the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 came out which leveled up how gamer’s play. The world cup happen in 2014 almost every person in the world was watching. Germany won the finals beating Argentina 1 – 0. NBA finals the San Antonio spurs defeat the Miami Heat to win the NBA finals. Pakistani youth activist Malala Yousafzai age 17 wins the awarded the Nobel peace prize for her efforts to promote girls education around the world. She is the youngest Nobel winner in history.

The biggest event for me in 2014 was when I go to see a soccer with dc united vs Columbus crew it was so fun.

The biggest event in 2014 that thing is when all the sports season started like soccer, basketball, football….

what I hope happens in 2015 is that one of my favorite soccer team wins the champions league which is the best team in Europe.



2014 was….

Amazing because I can’t believe that the San Antonio Spurs

defeated the Miami Heats in the NBA finals, the victory marks the team’s

fifth NBA championship and its first since 2007-2014. THe big and the biggest event was that the knicks beat the Houston rockets last year.


That hopefully the Knicks also beat the Spurs and the Knicks go to the

championship and WIN!!!!


2014 was the greatest year for me because I won my 400 yard race for my track team and I got 1st place in my hurdles event. I got a M.V.P for basketball and I got picked to be the team captain of my team.  But then the biggest event for me was the long jump in track and field but I passed it then i was in first place with my competition. The thing that I hope for in 2015 is that I will get better at being a captain for my basketball team and then get better at the 400 yard meter in the hurdles event.


2014 was the best year because I spent alot of time visiting my family for the holidays. One of the best things that happened to me was my birthday because my best friend came and I haven’t seen her in a while.


The biggest event for me in 2014 was when I went camping with my family and it was so FUN because my


The biggest event in the world was when Barack Obama was disagreeing with ISIS targeting us.



2014 was an awesome year because I got to spend a lot of my family, Especially on the holidays. Last but not least I turned 10 double digits and that was really important because I get to do most things that I couldn’t do when I was 9.


The biggest event for me in 2014 was when I went on a long car trip to Annapolis. I got to go over this HUGE bridge over-looking the water. But then we had to get my sister from this college she was visiting.


The biggest event in the world was when Frozen won an Oscar at the Academy Awards for best animated movie. Frozen is a n entertaining movie coming from someone who watched the movie it was AWESOME.


I hope to spend more time with my family and go to middle school.


2014  was the best year because I got to move and change schools

I think that the biggest event of 2014 was the world cup every was happy

2014 by malachi



.2014 was a fantastic year the biggest event for me was my brother coming home from the army for the holidays and winter break


.The biggest event in the world was ebola thousands of people died from ebola

ebola started in Africa and they are working on a cure for ebola





2014 was…

Amazing because we won the tournament in Rockville with 18 points.

I also scored more than 10 goals in the season. But we still have not totally won completely because we have a game on Saturday at 3:00 pm.


The biggest event for me was Real Madrid beating FC Barcelona 3-1.


The biggest event was brazil losing 7-1 to Germany and also Carlos Vela returning to Mexico.

I hope Mexico wins the copa de oro and summer olympics.

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