Jasmine’s Speech

Jasmine’s Speech


Good morning Parent’s, Daly staff and  Mrs.Deitz and Mrs.German


Hello my name is  Jasmine and today I’m here because I’m leaving elementary.  It all started  in first grade  I met a girl named Hilary  she helped me when I  didn’t know what to do. I had a hard time when I  was in first grade I was always being picked on by people. One time me and Hilary cut a piece of our hair.


When I was in second grade I met new friends and we had fun but  one time someone farted so bad that we had to leave the classroom.


In third grade  I met Sara Chaves  we had a lot of fun like we get prizes when we do good Mrs. Funsch who is now Mrs.Croyle.


One day in fourth grade  my teacher  had a bad headache and later on she couldn’t  remember who Mrs.Wise was and Mrs. Schaffer was either. That was the worst day for my teacher. And my class in fourth grade we all  did a party for her she loved it .


Fifth grade  was an amazing year we got to do a lot of projects   mostly in science  I was okay with it because the science projects were amazing  like the roller coaster track and the seats for the roller coaster track  and  I also met Abigail , Paola, Darian, Lionel,Devonis . They all helped me when I needed help and I helped them when they needed help. We all  loved being in Mr.Fitz’s class he was the best teacher I have ever had  he makes all laugh in class Mr. Fitz made the class really fun I had a awesome year.


We all might not have a good  day “Everyday  might not be good but their is something good in everyday”.


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