Jeremiah’s Speech

Jeremiah’ Speech     My name is  Jeremiah Green  and  Good morning ladies and gentleman student and teachers and staff and Ms. Dietz and Ms. German  it’s an honored to be here  to honor Daly Bulldogs Elementary School   I went to 3 different school before I came here I was in  Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School then when I came… Read more →

My career is Coaching

                                             Coach’s  help the  players get ready for the pro  NFL  ( National. Football.  League  ) give’s players over $2,000,000 million dollars and $100,000,000 million dollars   .        Coach’s  get’s the  players ready to go to  the next level of their football lives like they get them to VS people half their size work harder… Read more →

Harris Burdick Uninvited Guest BY: Jeremiah

First day  the  Khan’s family  moved Raiyan was sigh little boy on first day of  4th grade  his first friend was  Stefan E. Rich  suddenly  they been best friends suddenly Andresses  Smith came all became the best of friends. Suddenly one day he heard  a loud noise suddenly it got louder spoken louder suddenly  it stop Raiyan went back to… Read more →

NFL Dangerous Injuries

    The N.F.L  is the most dangerous sport By:Jeremiah T. Green 15 Percent Of Football Players Have Suffered An Injury. Thomas Davis broke his arm in the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers game. Carolina Panthers had some very bad injuries in the year. When the Patriot’s vs the Bill #23 Tackled #11 and got injured. Intractdaction I my opinion… Read more →