Leandra’s Speech

Good morning, beloved guests, parents, staff, Mrs. Dietz, Mrs. German, and the 5th grade class of 2016. My name is Leandra and I am honored to be writing this speech and saying it in front of you all.

I have been through many things in elementary school. I have done many things to make it to the end, and I have changed in many ways. I used to be a shy girl who didn’t have the guts to speak her mind and say what I felt and what I wanted to. Now I am a confident girl who is walking out of elementary school with goals, a proud family, and happiness in my heart.

I have only been at this school for a year and a half, and I barely know half of the teachers, but I gotta say…. The teachers I do know are, great teachers at our school which makes this elementary school the best one I know. I was a bit sad when I came here though, I had to leave all of my friends behind and start over new. But I’m still in contact with them. So it feels like we’re still in the same school, walking down the same hallway together.  

I came to Daly in late May of 2015. The disappointing thing about it was that my old habits returned. I became shy and I couldn’t speak my mind like I used to. Luckily I saw someone that was from my old school, Fox Chapel. Eva Castillo. Eva introduced me to everyone and made me feel comfortable and her being there allowed me to adjust to the school life and be myself again.

I love this school, but as you can see it’s time to go.  I have made some really good friendships and I hope I can continue these in middle school.  I’d also like to make new friendships that will continue as long as fate wants us to be.  My friends that I’d like to point out right now are Lezley, Nyima, Alexa, Lionel,  and Daniella.  They have really made this year great and adventurous.  They have brought me joy to the fullest extent .  

I wanted to point out a very special person named Maimuna because we have a special bond with each other. I guess living right next to each other helped strengthen the bond. We have been through many things together but in the end we’re inseparable.  

As I mentioned before Eva has been a spectacular friend to me.  And I will never forget all the things she has done for me!  

I have set goals for myself past middle school, but for right now I just want to enjoy what I have been through and take a break.

In the future, I want to be a labor lawyer so that I can give employees what they deserve. I want to deliver justice to people so that they will be as happy as I will. I want to follow my dreams and achieve whatever I’d like to.

I think what really pushed me to keep on going, study harder, and put effort into my schoolwork was the fact that I had goals and I know that if I ever wanted to achieve them, then I would have to do my best in school. I know i’m only in elementary school, but how well I do here is at least a small start.

Thank you everyone for being amazing and I am grateful for you all!

The fifth grade class of 2016 is venturing into a new world where we need to stick together and have each others backs.

We need to say goodbye to being rude, and disrespectful, and to having nasty behavior.

For it will not be tolerated in middle school, and we will not get second chances.

I hope that what I say in this speech actually means something to everyone here. Middle school welcoming us with open arms, so we need to give it a firm handshake, and let it know that we are determined, proud, and strong students of Daly elementary.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Yanulevich and Mrs. Schaffer who both aren’t here this year because they went to other schools, Mr.Fitz and Mrs.Shirk for being my educators, and the fifth grade team because they have made this year so memorable, that it makes me speechless.  

I have just one last thing to say to the people of this school before I leave; Don’t give up, if you find something you want, you have to go for it.

It has been my pleasure to recite this speech to say what I truly feel about Captain James E. Daly Elementary School.  Thank you for taking your time for coming to our 5th grade promotion ceremony.


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