Don’t be greedy!!



By: Carla Kemtchouang


Don’t Be Greedy!

In a far far village, there lived a girl named Caroline. Caroline was a cool kid in the village, but she was sweet. Caroline had a dog named Sky. Sky was a husky dog. Caroline lived in a big village house. She was getting ready to go to school.  Her school was a village school. When Caroline was walking to school, her two best friends, Carla and Krystal, came and joined her. Caroline said, “Hey guys!! I’m excited about my birthday!! Even though it’s tomorrow, but still!!”. Carla replied, “Totally! I love birthday parties!! Especially when it’s yours! Your birthday parties rock!!”. “I know right!! The birthday cake, the decoration! What are you doing this year, Princess?!” said Krystal. Princess was Caroline’s nickname. Since everyone, almost everyone, loved her!! Caroline responded,, “I think i’m going princess theme tonight! I haven’t tried it yet! Plus, everyone started calling me Princess two months ago, so why not go with that!”. When they arrived school, they all went to their classes. When the school day was over, Caroline invited everyone to her princess party, which was at eight o’clock. Before going home, she started handing out invitations. After Caroline got home, she started decorating for her party. It took her a long time, so she went to Carla’s and Krystal’s houses to ask them for help. They said yes, and then they both met Caroline at her house. When all of them were there, they continued decorating her house. After they were finished they went to get dressed for the party. When it was eight o’clock, everyone came to the party. Meanwhile at the party, everyone was dressed up as princes and princesses. The party was going on for two hours. But when the party was over, Caroline and her maid servants had a LOT to clean up. When they finished cleaning, they went to sleep. It was the saturday, the day after the party. Last night, it took about an hour to clean up the mess. But, after Caroline finished getting ready for the day and eating breakfast, she saw something shiny in the guest’s bathroom. It was like a bunch of fireflies had appeared out of nowhere. So, Caroline went to check it out. When she went into the bathroom, she saw a girl with genie clothes and pinkish-gold wings. Caroline stared at her for a minute. Then, she asked her, “Who are you!?! Are you a fairy genie? Who are….?”. Caroline was speechless. The fairy genie answered saying, “I am Kayla, a fairy genie. I have come to serve you. The genie master has asked me to be your genie. You only have 13 wishes, so please use them wisely or else bad things will happen.”. Caroline said, “I have my own GENIE?! AWESOME!! My first wish will be to make this village turn into village. I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like. My second wish would be to make me rich. My third wish would be to make me be popular!!”. Kayla got worried. She feared that this would happen. She tried telling Caroline that she should be careful. “You are my genie, right. And genies grant what their owners want. So, I want my wishes granted. Plus, it’s not like it’s gonna hurt anyone. So grant my wishes, Pronto!”, said Caroline. Kayla granted her wishes. Soon, the whole village turned into a future 2015 village. Caroline was amazed with what it looked like. After admiring the City, she granted eight more wishes. Soon, no one liked her, anymore. They were all yelling things like, “What are you doing!!?” and “Stop doing this to us!! What have we done to you?!!”, or “WE DON”T  LIKE LIKE YOU ANYMORE!!! NOW STOP OR YOU’ WILL BE SORRY!!!”. Even Carla and Krystal were yelling, “Caroline, stop it!! You’re making things worse!!”So, to calm things down, she asked Kayla to make her be queen. Kayla granted the wish sadly. She was worried that the whole village would fall apart. It already was, and Caroline was only making it worse. And she couldn’t talk Caroline into stopping, because Caroline wasn’t going to listen. It was night, and Caroline was trying to fill in the papers to improve the kingdom. She was exhausted of all the paperwork. So, she commanded Kayla to come. When Kayla came, she said, “This is your last wish, Caroline. So, use it wisely. I hope you will do the right thing.”. Caroline sobbed, “Look what I’ve done, Kayla! I am making the kingdom falling apart, my best and only trusted friends are angry at my, just as the whole town, and this paperwork is too much for me! So, my last wish is to make everything go back to normal. I want to make the kingdom back to how it was! I’m so sorry for everything! I have made things worse!! I have betrayed your rule about being carefull! Oh, how will everyone forgive me? I can’t make two wishes! I only have one!! (Caroline cries)”. Kayla looked at Caroline. She said, “Good that you understand what you have done. I can grant both wishes for you. Goodbye, Caroline, I must return back to my home. Enjoy life well!!”. Caroline said, “Goodbye, Kayla!”. After Kayla granted the last wish, everything was good again and Kayla was gone. From that day, she remembered her adventure and always told herself…
Don’t Be Greedy!

The Adventure Of Rose Justice

Adventure picture


In a hot town named The Wildy West (which was in Cameroon, Africa), there was a girl named Rose Justice, who lived in the year 2015 with her horse named Peach (a really smart horse). The Wildy West is a big Desert with a ground covered with cracked sandstone (which is orange!). Rose always goes around in the desert looking for anything new. Everyday she finds at least two or three things, but all were weird. But, she loves them, she keeps them like family.

Rose was packing up everything she needed because today she decided to go on an adventure. She also packed things for her horse. Rose told Peach that they were going in the desert for about one or two days. But, she knew that Peach would be fine with it.

Rose and peach headed out to the desert, but really far away from home. When she got to where she wanted to go, she made her tent (she also made Peach’s tall tent), plus prepared everything she needed to. When she was finished preparing, she decided to go take a look around where they were staying at. She was just starting her adventure, but they both had no idea what was going to happen later on.

Rose and Peach were looking around for anything special to collect. She found weird things that she put in her bag. She also found a village. She met nice people who gave her even more things she needed. That was good because she already used most of her things. Those people were called ‘The Douala-micans’. Rose asked, “May I come back if I need anything for my horse and me?” Their leader said, “ Yes, you can come. But don’t take too many things at a time.” After that, Rose continued her adventure.

On the second day, Rose went out again. She searched through the desert with Peach. Peach saw someone wearing a dark cloak with a black mask that only covered his mouth. Peach neighed at Rose. Rose understood what Peach was saying. Peach was saying that there was a bad-looking guy in front of them. Rose told Peach, “ Yeah, he does look bad. Let’s go check him out.” Rose quietly got off her horse and tip-toed to the bad-looking guy.

When Rose got really close to him, she quickly took off his mask covering his mouth. She recognized that face. It was the worst bad guy in the world, Lone Wolf Mcdanger! No matter how he does it he always gets away from anyone. He is the world’s most dangerous and feared man alive!

Rose exclaimed, “ It’s YOU!! You are Lone Wolf Mcdanger! But, I thought you were-”

“-Dead? I still look young, don’t I?” interrupted Mcdanger.

“I still look young because of a little secret of mine. NO-ONE WILL KNOW!!” said Mcdanger.

“ I thought that you were dead! After 100 years of you doing your MISCHIEF!!! How are you still here?!!”

“I’d love to stay and chat about nonsense, but I have to go cause MORE MISCHIEF!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Then, he ran away from Rose, with his horse named Night, from Rose, going at about one half of a mile by minute. So, it was really, hard for rose to catch up to him. Rose said, “ Peach! GO GET HIM!!! YA!”

Mcdanger exclaimed, “HAHA!!!!!!! You will never catch me!!!!!!! Why don’t you go get yourself some LUCKY CLOVERS TO HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! So why don’t you go back home to save YOURSELF some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then, out of nowhere, The Douala-micans came to help Rose. When she heard their horses galloping, so she said, “Thank you, all of you. Chief, tell your team to split up in half!! One half on the left, other on the right! You go with the kids! All the older ones can go to the right! I will go to Mcdanger!! GO!! GO!! GO!!!!!”

Everyone went into their positions that Rose told them to go to. Chief went to stay with the kids, he, and the kids, were trying to surround Mcdanger on the left. The rest of the Douala-micans were going to surround him from the right. Night, Mcdanger’s horse, was trained to ride really fast, including bad. And after six minutes, he stopped galloping, and threw Mcdanger off him. He did that because he thought about being bad for a second, but decided to be good.

In his head, he was saying, “From now on, I will be good, and only run fast for good people only. I am tired of the way that Mcdanger treats me!” Mcdanger felt betrayed, so he ran by foot (but really slow). Everyone who saw him running knew why he needed a horse, just by the way he ran slowly. Everyone laughed at him. He became so angry, so he used one of his escaping moves. He disappeared to a place that nobody knew existed. The escape move that he used was called teleportation.

The way Mcdanger got to the other dimension was by using tele-powder. When you sprinkle it on you, then you teleport into a place called “The Skull Desert” filled with many obstacles to get through. When you finish the obstacles then you have wings (color of wings depend on what your fave color is). If you sprinkle too much tele-powder on yourself, you go to the oblivion. When you go in, you NEVER GO OUT!

When Mcdanger sprinkled the tele-powder on himself, he went to The Skull Desert for a second, then he came back. That was because he did not know that the person he was running away from a pure-hearted cowgirl. But, he didn’t give up. He said, “ WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING?!!! IT SHOULD BE WORKING!! WORK YOU STUPID THING!!!!!” Before he did the worst thing to himself, Rose go this chill, and out of nowhere she felt powerful. In her thoughts she was saying, “Hmm, suddenly I feel powerful and strong. But, how and why?”

When he got super mad, he forgot what was going to happen to him after he sprinkled a lot of tele-powder on himself. Mcdanger froze for a second, then as he frowned, he said, “Uh-Uh. WWHHYY???!!!!!” As he said that, he disappeared into the oblivion. After he disappeared, Rose commanded, “I want Mcdanger to come back. NOW!!” As she said that, he came back. She didn’t think she could do that. Rose told everyone to get Mcdanger to jail. But, he asked her to fight him. The other good people looked at her waiting for her to say yes or no.

She said, “Yes, I will fight you. I am tired of you doing mischief to this beautiful world. I will put an end to you!!” So they fought. Mcdanger was about to make his first move when out of nowhere he grew wings, dark black wings. He remembered that he passed the obstacles in The Skull Desert. But, since that place was as bad as he was, he had dark powers that he could do on Rose, so he started using them. He was worst than evil!

Rose screamed, “EVERYONE, RUN HOME!! IF YOU STAY YOU WILL ALL GET HURT!!! GO!!!” She said that because the cloud was turning red and black, and it was raining poison drops. Everyone ran by foot, because if the rode their horses, then they, with the horses, would get poisoned. Mcdanger asked Rose, “Rose, why aren’t you fighting, eh? Are you too scared because the all-powerful Phillips Lone Wolf Mcdanger Death is going to end the life of Rose Justice?. START MAKING A MOVE BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!!!!”

Rose shot some TNT at him. The TNT deflected off his dark, 100,000,000,000,000,000% safe shield. Then, Rose realized that he was stronger than her. So, she used her power to make the most undefeatable army. Still, he killed all of them.

Rose realized that the only possible way to defeat him was to take all his powers. She knew that what she was doing was really dangerous, and if it didn’t work, it could turn her into the most feared person in the world. But, if it worked, she would have used all her magic, but she would have been dead. So, she started absorbing his powers. He knew what she was doing, so he laughed. “Quit doing that, Rose. It won’t WORK!!!” he said. Mcdanger tried making her stop it by using his powers, but it didn’t work because what she was doing was working.

He tried again and again, but the more he was doing it, the more Rose absorbed his powers. She was almost done absorbing, when the sky was turning back to normal.  Rose finished absorbing Lone Wolf Mcdanger’s powers, but when she did, she started falling from 400 yards in the sky. When she reached the ground, she created a large hole, which created a large sand wind that reached The Wildy West. The other good guys felt the wind, so they came over to Rose to see where she was.

Peach was there before they got there. When they reached her, they found her laying on the ground, in a big hole. Their leader went to check if she still alive, but her heart wasn’t beating. She was dead. They all bowed their heads down in depression. But, red with orange swirls swirled around her, lifting her up in the sky. Before the swirls faded away, they came down with her, and dropped her on the ground where she was before. The good guys (with peach) looked at her to see what happened to her.

Suddenly, Rose’s outfit changed. First (before this adventure), it was a red dress. But now, it’s a red with pink dress that’s short on one side, but on the other side. Rose also had a matching hat, matching hair, plus matching wings. She woke up because the swirls save her life since she saved the world. She looked confused because of her outfit, and why she was in a big hole. Rose said that the last thing she remembered doing was attacking Lone Wolf Mcdanger.

After they all went back to The Wildy West (even the other good guys), everyone cheered for them. Rose questioned the chief saying, “Chief, why is everyone clapping? I didn’t tell anyone about fighting Mcdanger.” The Chief replied, “Don’t worry Rose. When we ran home in the poison rain, we went here to tell everyone that you were saving the world.” She said that she was surprised because she didn’t know that the fight was far, but not far enough for her home to not see.

It was almost dawn, so the good guys from the other village had to go home. They all said their goodbyes to Rose. Then, they all left to go home, which wasn’t too far away from the Wildy West. Rose, along with Peach both went home to unpack everything from their adventure. After that, they went out to see everyone. Before anyone came to them, the Mayor, Loy West, was the first to see them. He happily said, “ Rose and Peach, thank you for saving the whole desert, plus for putting an end to Mcdanger. I will reward you, both.”.

First, Loy gave Rose a bag-full of gold. She hugged him, plus thanked him (he was her DAD!!!). Then, Loy told Peach that a lifetime supply of his fave food was coming to him. Peach did a happy neigh at him as a thank you. Then, Loy told everyone in town that a celebration for Rose West and Peach (her horse) was going to happen tonight at 8:00 P.M. at the Town Square. Then, the Mayor went home to get everything to decorate the town square. He was going to help people decorate.

It was time for the party. Rose picked out a party outfit. It was hard for her to put it on because of her wings. So, she tried tucking her wings in it. They wouldn’t stay, so she cut two lines into the wing area of her top of her dress. When she, including Peach, went out (Peach was wearing the same dress that Rose was wearing except horse style) to the Town Square, everyone was already there. So when everyone saw them, they clapped for Rose and Peach. Then, they all celebrated happily, with no interruptions.

While they were partying, Lone Wolf Mcdanger was watching over them on a mountain. He said, “ You have won the fight, but I will win YOU! He was going to come for revenge.




My First Post

Dear 5th Grade,

I hope that we have fun together and as long as I stay. But, I have some questions for you. First of all, what kinds of things am I going to learn this year? I hope that I learn more science but less social studies (because I don’t like it that much!). Plus, I hate to say this, but I try to keep my brain awake, but it shuts down until the next subject. But don’t worry, i happens rarely. I also hope that we do cool math this year. Like how to measure weight of objects (but not on scales!!), and a bit more learning of the metric system (I hope that’s how we call it!). Oh! By the way 5th Grade, I heard that in writing we are going to do different things from what the Montgomery County Public Schools wants us to do. So I hope it’s fun, OK? Well,in general, I hope that we are going to have a happy and good year. Bye!!!


Love ya,