Raiyan’s speech

Greeting family and my parents and staff and mrs.dietz and mrs.german   also students.  How are you guys doing this morning good, sad, upset, well here’s where your  mood will change to a happy face because  today is promotion day!!!!   Because today is the day when you  watch your son or daughter get promoted to 6th grade and have a  successful… Read more →

3rd floor bedroom -Raiyan Khan

In 2017 there was 3 flashy kids lived in the household and there names were   Jamie,Jason,Kevin. They all loved soccer and practiced everyday. They all loved the game  FiFa 17  and always played whenever they had time. The next morning was there game day for soccer. There team was called champions united and Kevin scored half the goals. The other… Read more →


In my opinion I think basketball is the  most popular sport  In history.  I think  basketball is the most popular sport in history because Every time I go to Soccer practice I asked people what other sports you play and they say  basketball.Most of the time I go to practice and I see big and small kids are playing basketball… Read more →