Derek Lee’s speech

Derek Lee’s Speech:   Good morning honored guest, parents, staff, Mrs. Dietz, Mrs. German and of course Student of 2015-2016.   Hello my name is Derek Lee and I am here to share my story about how my life changed in elementary, kindergarten to 5th grade. When I was in Kindergarten to 2nd grade, I was in korea. But I… Read more →

Derek Lee’s opinion

In my opinion kids should get devices to help them where they are when they get lost. There are two reasons why kids should have devices.   One reason why kids should have devices is that kids should use their device that they might be lost somewhere far so their parents can track their kids.   Last reason why kids… Read more →

Car Safety Movement

 The Auto Safety has affected every single adults in the world. In 2004 people began getting hurt and died of car crashes. There are three people that helped and invented.  Samuel Alderson was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 21, 1914. Samuel is dead now. Samuel Alderson was an inventor best known for his development of the crash test dummy… Read more →