Daylon’s speech


Hi everyone. My name is Daylon Miller and I am 11 years old. It’s great to be here today.


  I am going to tell how my elementry year started.  


I was new at Daly on the 5th year of school from 2015 to 2016 . I was sad when I left my old school because I was living all my friends but when I got to my new school I knew it was time to make new friends and so I did. It was my first year I didn’t no nobody but everyone knew each other I didn’t know that everyone knew each other so I was confused. When I first got in my class I was happy because I had a boy teacher. Threw out of all the years this was my first year having a boy teacher his name was Mr.Fitz. He was the best. In the beginning of the year we started out with math. And during the beginning of the year we did addition and then in the middle of the year we started times and division. Mr Fitz helped me a lot throughout the year but middle school will be a lot harder. there’s lot’s more people. And  I will have to find more friends the math is harder and everything is harder it’s time to move up and get better and better. Everyone told me and taught me things I never knew threw out the year.                                       

I will have lot’s of memories here that I will remember forever but it’s time to move on and take a big step forward.


The goals I will be looking forward to in the future is to be a professional football player and accomplish things I have always wanted to do. Bye everyone and have a great day.  


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