Donald Trump. Donald Trump has 11 letters. Eleven. Eleven has 6 letters. Banana has 6 letters. Donald Trumps hair looks like a banana. COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT. Hair. Hair has four Obama. Obama is a president for 8 years. 8-6=2 2 Hillary’s look like Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a Child eater. That’s illegal. Illegal. The Illuminati is illegal.  … Read more →

My speech

Darian’s Speech   Greetings, families, school staff,  Mrs.Dietz and Mrs.German, and the 5th grade class of 2016   My name is Darian Montano and I am here today because I am leaving elementary school. Sure, i know it sounds very childish, like a little kid getting his first tooth out, but as someone who spend roughly one sixth of their… Read more →

Illustrator Career.

Being an illustrator is a very important job to the world (or any area that need drawings…?)  A job where if it wasn’t there there would be no illustrations anywhere for ads, colouring books, instruction books, etc. I belive in 20 years this job will still be here.   Now i know the job “illustrator” seems easy, write a sappy… Read more →


so you know there is a thing called spring break. Its a mystical thing known to be very awesome to kids….   SOME KIDS, NOT ALL…. and i’m that not all….   So you know i don’t have many friends near me so that sucks…. and all of them went on a vacation to ocean city or a road trip… Read more →

Clear Spring Park

I’M  sure most of you who live near here know about the”great” and “family friendly” park called Clear Spring Park (i assure you, their spring is not clean). Most kids (teens) love the place, but with every bundle of people who love something comes a hater. and thats me :3! to be completly honest with you i STRONGLY dislike the… Read more →