5th Grade Speech

5th Grade Speech

By: Briana

Good morning Mrs. Dietz, Ms. German, families, staff and 5th grade students. My name is Briana. I am a 5th grade student in Mr. Fitzpatrick’s class.  Today all the 5th grade students are getting prepared to leave elementary school and go to middle school in a couple months.  This a huge deal for most students and their parents because we are now taking a big step in our lives.

I am excited to leave 5th grade and go to 6th grade but I am also Sad that I won’t be able to see my friends since I will be going to St. Martin’s school for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  I am glad that I spent all my elementary school years here because this is where I have been coming to school for almost ever.  I have the most awesome best friend I could ever have. Her name is Bianca. I also have really kind friends like Esther, Aniyah, Zahra, Dayanara, Natalya, Kyla, Amanda and Yoana.  They care about me and I care about them.  I’m going to miss hanging out with them and laughing with them.  Even though there have been some things have gotten me sad and angry my friends were always there for me when I needed them.

Once I leave middle school in a private school I will go to high school then college and study to be a vet which is one of my goals in life.

Leaving this school is going to be hard since I have some of the best memories here like becoming Vice President.

Thank You for coming to our send off. I hope you have a great summer and a wonderful time at middle school.



There have been many changes in our shoe company over the last 200 years.  Some changes that happened are we now use the internet to inform our customers about our shoes. We have also been using different materials like rubber and plastic. Making a shoe is much more easier with all the machines but back in 1815 it took long because everything had to be made by hand. In 1815 it was harder to tell people about our company, with posters and newspaper it was harder to inform. Now I have many workers helping by advertising, making shoes, designing, and selling the shoes at all the stores around the United States and our main location Maryland.

We have been making changes in our company every day because we have been looking at which advertisements are working and which our not and we are also changing the different types of shoes we sell each week or month. Change in our company is very important because if not we probably will not have the same amount of people buying from our company or we wouldn’t have advanced our company as much as we have done in these past 200 years.

I think that Shoes will have more design on them then they do know because back then they didn’t have colorful shoes but know if you look at shoes you can see that that they are more detailed. I think that we will be using different materials because all the time people are discovering new things to use like we did from 1815 to 2015.




By: Briana

Here are a few things vets do and what they need to do before becoming a vet. Before becoming a vet you have to take the following things:

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Biology
  • Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics
  • You need to have a doctoral degree and professional degree
  • You need to know English language, management,

Here are some things vets do while at work.. Vets help animals by checking if there is anything wrong. If an animal is a baby it has to take some shots. They also diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions and diseases of pets and other animals. Vets earn $87,590 per year on average.

Vets will be here in the future because of a few things. Machines will not be able to take over a vets job because they can not feel anything or predict what’s wrong with the animal because they wouldn’t be able to able to see animals expressions or how the animal acts like humans do. Animals will always be in need and vets will be the ones to know what to do. People will want animals to be safe and healthy so that is another reason that vets will be in need.

Fight To The Top Of The World

Fight To The Top Of The World


By Briana


No one should be able to claim the arctic because the resources will run out eventually and all the man made things used in order to get all the oil out will be bad for the ocean. One of the resources that will run out will be oil and if they are not careful enough than that can cause an oil spill that can harm wildlife living in the ocean.


Clear Spring Park

Clear Spring Park

By: Briana


Clear Spring Park is a small park located in Germantown, MD. It has a playground, basketball court, and shelter in it. It was built in 1981.


Clear Spring Park is a positive place but it has a few things that are negative about it like littering there and that can hurt wildlife. The park is a good place for kids to play with their friends while their parents sit down on the park benches and relax. It is also a place for kids to get of their electronics and have a good time.


From all this information you can see that Clear Spring is a place anyone would love to go to if they’re having a bad day and just want to calm down or relax. The playground has swings, slides, monkey bars and much more so there is a lot do there.

In conclusion, the park is great!!!!

The Harp

The Harp

By: Briana


Bob. He was really adventurous.  When he read that there was a beautiful mysterious harp in the Amazon Forest he wanted to find it. Lucky for Bob he lived on a beach in Veracruz, Mexico.  Because of this, he made pretty good on time getting to the Amazon.  His plane stopped in Panama on the way to Brazil. He landed in a small town where he stayed at a 5 star hotel.  In the morning he unpacked his stuff and got ready for the next day. He only brought a backpack on the trip with a flashlight, camera, rope, tent, sleeping bag, food and drinks.

 Bob was set for his adventure he rented a truck and left so in about 2 days he would come back to his hotel pack up and leave to his house in Mexico. He drove really far into the jungle he stopped ate some food and went back to driving. It became night time so he set up his tent and made a fire. 

“Will I ever find the lost Harp?” Bob thought “Or am I just here for nothing and wasting my time.”

Bob was getting tired so he went to sleep and forgot everything he was thinking of and instead thought that he was going to find The Harp.

“BOB!!!” said a voice “WAKE UP!!!” 

Bob woke up scared he looked around and saw no one. 

“Who was that, if you don……” Bob was interrupted by some howling. He froze he quickly packed up his stuff he put them into the truck he heard the howl again but this time it sounded much closer. Finally  the wolf appeared Bob started the car and went away from the wolf he was terrified

“It’s ok, it’s ok” Bob said to himself.

And the car kept running

He got to a beautiful lake he recognized from his book . He stopped, opened up the book,  and he read: 

“Once you get to the Beautiful lake with orchid plants that grow in the Amazon rainforest follow them until you see it.

Bob knew that “it” meant the harp. He followed the river while driving in the truck. He kept on driving for minutes, maybe even hours when he started seeing skulls on the floor. 

“These must be the bones of adventurers like me who tried to find the harp.” he thought.

Bob got scared. He wondered if that’s what was going to happen to him.  His thought was interrupted by a glimmering light.  He stopped the car and looked over at where the light was. Bob got out of the car he walked over and he saw it, the harp. “So it’s true he thought, it’s really true.”

“Well, there it is. We finally we meet,” said Bob “I might be the happiest man ali…” Bob stopped talking when he saw that there was a rope that he was about to trip over and above it a net, he jumped over it.

“Hahaha thought that you could stop me huh? Well you thought wrong.” Bob said to the glimmering harp.

Of course the harp, being a harp, didn’t answer. Bob extended his hand and grabbed the harp put it in his car and drove off. A few hours later the harp started shaking and it grew even brighter and then started floating. Eventually it flew out the window. Bob stopped the car! Vrrrrrrrr! He got out of the car and looked around but it was too late. Bob got to the hotel and slept until the next morning. He woke up and there it was sitting was on the table next to his bed.

The Third-Floor Bedroom

The Third-Floor Bedroom

By: Briana



“Hurry the show is about to start!” 

“I’m coming Alex!” 

Alex and his mom were getting ready for a bird show. Alex loves birds so when he heard a bird show was coming to his town he had to go. Alex’s mom came down the stairs running. 

“Come on!” 

“I’m coming” 

And it all began when someone left the window open… 

They got into the car and his mom started to drive. Meanwhile in Alex’s third-floor bedroom there was a window that was left open and the Carrier pigeons on Alex’s wallpaper came alive one by one and flew out the window making noisy wing beats. 

“Ahh, finally I’ve been waiting for someone to leave the
window open it feels good to be back!” exclaimed Percey. 

“Yes yes it feels good,”said Pat, he was the smart one, “But we haven’t been carrying messages for years.” 

“Yes. What if people don’t need don’t need us anymore?  What if  they invented something else?  What if………” 

Percey interrupted  Paul, “Don’t worry, you always worry.  I bet someone still needs us!” 

“Actually, I believe Paul is right.  We have been stuck on that wall for a while. I don’t believe that anyone needs us anymore.” said Pat disappointed. 

“Oh come on you  guys you can’t say that, look the window is open.  Come on.  I’ll prove to you that they still need us. Let’s go!!!” and with that Percey leaded the others out the window and they followed him out to New York City. 

“WOW!!!” yelled all three of them at the same time. 

“See look how much work will have here no one will ever stop needing us!!” said Percey. 

“Well what if they invented something else that tops us?” asked Paul 

“Oh stop ‘What if-ing’ look I bet…….”. 

“Wait guys look down there at that house” interrupted Pat 

They looked down at the house and they saw a man he was giving a woman something that looked like a card something that they use to give to people. The woman thanked him and the pigeons charged for the man but the man managed to duck. 

“Wow, those pigeons were surely mad. They looked like carrier pigeons Bet they were mad you’re stealing their their job, huh??” the woman said. 

The man and the woman both laughed at the women’s joke. 

“How’d they know that we are carrier pigeons???” asked Paul 

“No idea, but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that we stop that man from stealing our job!!” said Pat heroically . 

They followed the man to the next house.  He gave the mail again and when the man wasn’t looking they grabbed most of the mail from the guys bag. 

“Now we deliver!!!!!!!” they said together. 

So the pigeons split up and delivered the mail. After they were done they met back up at the house and went back to the wall 

“Right on time,” Percey said proudly as he saw Alex and his mom come back “See told you guys that they still needed us” 

“You were right,” said Pat 

“I thought we were going to end up like the bird that left 2 years ago and didn’t come back,”said Paul 

“Was that a good show Alex???” 

They could here Alex and his mom down stairs. 

“Hurry!” said Percey.

“Until next time fellas,”said Pat 

“Until next time!”said the other two and they went back to the wall where they stayed and waited again for someone to leave the window open.





By: Matt Phelan

 Bluffton is a book about a boy named Henry. In this story Henry meets Buster and Henry learns that Buster is a comedian and his father kick him around on stage and every one tells him that they feel bad for him. My favorite part of the story was at the end when Henry was saying how things ended upon his life and Buster’s life.

Mr. Lindens Library

Mr. Lindens Library

Jamie was in her room reading. She never cared about anything else but reading, not her family or friends. She spent all her days reading and when she grew up she loved them even more. There was a new book store being built it was called ‘Mr. Lindens Library’. Once it was done Jamie went running she was the first customer there. The storekeeper was there he was waiting for her.

“Why hello Jamie nice to meet you.” Said the shopkeeper with a rough voice.

“How do you know my name?!?!” said Jamie

“I’ve heard about you, the girl who loves to read.”


“You know, I have the perfect book for you.”

“It’s called….”

“The Growing Book”

“I don’t know maybe I should leave I forgot my money” Lied Jamie

“NO!…. I mean why don’t you have it for free?”

“Well…. Alright.”

Jamie grabbed her book and left. She heard a noise behind her she looked and the store was…. Gone!!! Jamie gasped she was terrified. Jamie walked home but on the way there she thought

“Should I read the book.”

She looked at the book, it looked like a good book.

“Maybe You should” Whispered a voice

“Who said that!?”

No response

“Who are you?!?!”

Again no response

Jamie ran back home she was scared. She had no idea what was happening. Jamie got home and called her husband.


“Yes dear” Said her husband while coming down the stairs.
Jamie told him what happened at the bookstore and on the way home with the voice.

“So the store disappeared?” asked Jason

“Yes it just disappeared and left no trace of it like it was never there.”

“Interesting, may I see the book”

“Of course” said Jamie while getting the book

Jason took a look at the book, he saw the title and he was surprised.

“This is The Growing Book!!!!!” yelled Jason

“You shouldn’t read it, people say if you read it even the first word something bad will happen to you.”

“Nothing will happen to me see….”

Jamie grabbed the book and read the first paragraph.

“See nothing happened.”

“Well…. that’s what people say”

“Well they’re wrong and that book was good I’m going to go up to my bedroom and read.”

At that Jamie went up the stairs and read until she fell asleep. Jason was worried still even though nothing happened when Jamie had read the first word of the book so he decided to go up to her room and check on her. Meanwhile vines grew from Jamie’s book, they slowly slithered up and grabbed her. He had warned her about the book but now it was too late . When Jason got up stairs the last he saw of Jamie was when she was wrapped up in vines then she was sucked away and the only thing that Jason saw was the book on Jamie’s bed.