Lionel’s Speech :)

Good morning esteemed guests, students and staff of Daly elementary school my name is Lionel Morency Jr. but to Mrs. Shirk my name is Milton I would like to say to everyone that this fifth grade year has been the most amazing, crazy, and hysterical year of my life. Since I started kindergarten, it has been very easy because all… Read more →


In my opinion I know that the audience like the undertaker because it intensifies the matches against other competitors like John Cena and Sting, Kane. These WWE fighters make every dollar count if you can stand the blood and the teeth but it’s worth it for the fights and the food and for the experience in fighting.   WWE wrestlers… Read more →

Lionel Morency Civil Rights Movement

What is it The Civil Rights movement was founded in 50’s when Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks showed very extraordinary things when those two people protested. Rosa parks protested when she didn’t move for a caucasian man on the bus but she got arrested. Martin Luther King Jr. protested when segregation affected the African American people he protested… Read more →

Mythical Creatures Part 1

Mythical Creatures The Adventures of the Griffon The Beginning There once lived a powerful and graceful Griffon named Phantom. He lived in a cloud kingdom. He had an evil twin brother named NovaDrone. NovaDrone hated Phantom his twin brother because he pushed NovaDrone off a cliff and ever since then NovaDrone seeked revenge. Three weeks past after the cliff problem… Read more →