Lisset’s speech


Lisset’s Speech


Good morning honored guests,students, parents,Teachers, Mrs.dietz, Mrs. German. Of course 5th grade students of 2015-2016


Hi my name is Lisset.Today i’ll be telling you four stories that happened during elementary that are special to me.That I never told my friends or my closest family.


When I was going to go to pre k I was very scared. Because I never been to a school and it was new to me. Then the 2nd day I wasn’t scared any more.My teacher was the nicest well in my opinion.


My twin sister was with me. Every day that passed I liked more pre k and I made some friends they were really nice to me.


I’m talking  about the first day I started kindergarten and first grade.   The experience of kindergarten and first grade.  When my card came home in the mail I was excited.  I saw my Teachers names I was happy. But my sister got a different teacher.


When it was  open house my sister told my mom that she wanted to go see her teacher first.


My mom said to my sister”now we need to go to your sister class now “than she realised that I won’t go to her class. Then she told my mom if I can go to her class.


My mom told the principal if I can change class and she said yes. Now I’m going to my sister class I said to my mom.


After some few days my sister started to leave her stuff in the classroom and I had to take her stuff because she was to lazy.


When we were going to  the first grade I got a different teacher. My sister wanted to be with me. Then my mom said no because I always have to take her stuff because she forgot to bring it home I mean all the time.


So then she wanted me to go to her class it was fun in my class.


Now I’m going to tell you my third story. It’s called my Fourth grade story. When I looked at my card to know my teacher I got surprised.


My teacher is the same one that I had in first grade.When she saw me she was like I know you.I was like YES!!!! I was in your first grade class you don’t remember me.


I liked to be in her class. Because I had her for first grade.She was funny and nice( just like Mr.Fitz ).


Now I going to tell you another story. It’s about fifth grade. When it was almost time to get the card were it tell you what class you are going to. I told my mom that I wanted Miss.Grossman.


Finally we want to the mail I didn’t find  anything. School is almost going to start and it hasn’t got in the mail . We both got mad after a day before the open house to see your teacher we went to to look at the mail.


Still it was not there when it was time to go to the open house we looked again and it wasn’t there so we  went to the school The art teacher was up with a list who was in each class. We asked her and she said I was in Mr.Fitz’s class.


My sister was in miss.Grossman Class. I was sad because I wanted to be in her class. I said “oh well”.


When I came in the classroom I saw Mr. Fitz  he looked nice. In the beginning of school he was very funny. I had fun with his jokes.


One day in school we had to make a shoe company and he said that my shoe company name was going to be Canas shoes.


My last names is Canas so he kept making fun of me.Now he keeps calling me Canas shoe. Sometimes people in my class call me Canas shoes. I always  got mad at Mr. Fitz and my classmates.


My goal for the future when I grow up is to be a teacher.I enjoy learning and showing others the correct things to do.
Thank you for listening to me talking about my life and how i enjoyed this special school DALY E.S.

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