Jeremiah’s Speech

Jeremiah’ Speech



My name is  Jeremiah Green  and  Good morning ladies and gentleman student and teachers and staff and Ms. Dietz and Ms. German  it’s an honored to be here  to honor Daly Bulldogs Elementary School


I went to 3 different school before I came here I was in  Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School then when I came here I thought that  this was the school for me.  



My first story.


My mom  and dad put me in daycare when I was 1 yrs old and   I loved daycare when I was little my mom and dad found out in 2005 that my mom was having a baby and they  named her Telisha Faith Green it was the most exciting day of my life and then we moved to DC.



My second story.


When I lived in D.C. I was  2 years old when newborn sister came  home. Her name was Telisha Green I had a chance to  hold my little sister. When we still had bottles but I had  a sippy cup and when we couldn’t fall asleep we got warm milk in my sippy cup and her bottle so then we both drank it and went to sleep.


My third story.


This is when me and my family move back to Maryland and this is when me and my sis  was 4 and 3 years old and I Found out that me and my sister  had a grandpa.


When I first meet him I always liked to go over his house then my dad signed me up for tackle football when I was 4 yrs old.


And I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys  because he thought I was ready for tackle because I was beast in flag football before he told me about tackle football.


And then later on I found out that I “ LOVED ” the game of football then I was talking about playing for the University Of Oregon or ( MDU ) Maryland Of University.



Then one day my dad told me that something happen because his voice sound like it then my dad said something happen to my grandpa then I asked is he sick then my dad  said he  is in a better place.

Now  and I asked what do you mean I mean that he is in heaven with god now then me and my started crying and I was like in it was like yesterday he was tying my shoes.


And when I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys and I made a best friend on the Montgomery County Cowboys me and Chris Johnson been best friends seen’s 2010-2016 that’s how long me and Chris Johnson           


Goals looking for  in the future.


Playing  Pro football or Pro  basketball and teaching football that’s what I want to do in the future but what I really want to do in the future is teaching football to little kids and telling  them my yrs in the (NFL) playing pro football.   




Having a good 3 yrs at Daly Elementary School and having  A rough few years at Daly  Elementary School.



 Thank you all for coming to the 5th grade graduations for moving on to middle school and meeting new people in middle school life and having new class every single day.


And thank you all for coming and enjoy your evening have a good and wish your sons or daughters a good year at neelsville middle school.



















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