Samuel Speech

Samuel’s Speech

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. German, and the 5th grade class of 2015-2016


My name is Samuel Kabba and i’m here to talk about my amazing journey from Pre-K to 5th grade.


First off Pre-K, the first educational step of my life. I never knew how much an impact it would be to start my learning career until I made it to my first day. I didn’t know anybody there, it was a new experience for me and then suddenly after a few weeks I meet my first friend ever “Eric”. I also learned my ABCs.I also learned how to work with others for the first time and actually engage in something without the presence of my parents.


Next, Kindergarten. After gaining a few skills from Pre-K, kindergarten was a walk in the park. It was at Matsunaga Elementary School my first elementary school ever. I learned some new material while having a great time and making new friends.


Third, First grade. It was nothing like kindergarten and Pre-K. It was actually harder. I realized that I had to do a lot of thinking and focusing. It was not all fun and games. I really wanted to give up but my teacher and my parents taught me to “never say never” and that if I try my best, that I would do just fine. Knowing that I had confidence in myself I could make it in first grade.


In Addition, Second grade was mostly working  hard to be the best student i can be. I became bolder by always asking questions when i had any, also challenging myself to the best of my ability. I actually started helping others surprisingly.


Eventually i went to Third grade  Third grade was really brought the smartnest out of me, i improved on all subjects, worked really hard, and made more friends like Andre, Neel, and Jacob.  


Furthermore, the summer before fourth grade i sadly had to move and leave my neighborhood and best friends. Here i am transferred to Daly Elementary School. The first day i was very nervous because i didn’t know anybody and i wondered if i would get a teacher i would like. As time went on i gained friends like Abby, Raiyan, Gerald, Chris, and more with my teacher also being nice. I had a really good time and it was a good experience because by moving schools i experience more new things.


However 5th grade came along and my teacher Mr.Fitzpatrick was the most funniest, fun, interesting, and weird teacher ever. He would tell us very interesting stories about  his life, well some of it. We would always do some cool projects like making roller coasters, spacesuits, our own websites and even creating our own companies. The people in my class were also cool with some people being in my fourth grade class and some new people like Raiyan, Bryan, Devonis, Derek Gomez, Daylon, Derek Lee and Darian. Another thing about 5th grade is that I got to be a safety patrol with, Bryan, Darian, Devonis. With them being patrols ,it makes the job more fun. Overall I was so lucky to be in a class that is so cool and have memories that i will never forget.
So here we are the class of 2015-2016 leaving this school, hoping to succeed in middle school at Neillsville, then high school at Clarksburg High School. And finally going to a great college, getting and job as a police officer , and furthering my future with a family. But there is something we still all need to know that this is the next step in our lives. So we should all know that education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. Thank you so much for listening and have a amazing summer.

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