Gracie’s Speech

Good morning families, teachers, and guests. It’s an honor to have you here at Captain James E. Daly Elementary to congratulate us for moving on into middle school. I’d first like to tell you about my past at this school. There have been good times and bad times but the ending is great.


It all started in 3rd grade. I was a new student and I was very shy. I thought I wasn’t going to make any friends because I never talked to anyone. But then after a few days I got to know people and talked more often and before I knew it I was in 4th grade.


During 4th grade I was excited about coming to school to see my friends. But it turned out I was wrong. My friends were fine but it was complete chaos. There were students back talking teachers, kids getting angry for no reason, and people storming out of classrooms. We barely learned a thing with all this going on. So kids just counted the days until the last day of school.


In 5th grade the first few months were good but later on people started being mean to each other. Especially me. I felt so bad about myself. I wanted to hide away forever. But then I realized that I had friends. My real friends were the people that protected me, the people that made me feel better, the people that forgive me no matter what. Those friends were Abby, Eva, Yanci, and Nyima.


My goals for the future are a bit complicated but I hope to achieve them. My goal is to go to the University of Maryland and get a degree in culinary arts and go to cooking school. As a kid i’ve always cooked meals for my family and I want to advance my skills. Maybe open a restaurant if I train hard enough. But unlike anyone else, I have a backup job if my first doesn’t work out and that is a veterinarian because I prefer to care for animals than people.


I hate to see everyone go but it’s not like i’m gonna miss them any sooner. But I think middle school might be a big change for me and everyone. Meeting new kids, getting new teachers, learning new subjects? That sounds awesome to me. But when we all leave of we should remember: No matter how much you think you hate school, you’re going to miss it when you leave.

A Friend

What is a friend? Are they the people that care about? The people that care about you when you are upset? Or the people that like you because you are you? Having a friend creates a deep feeling within you. A feeling that tells you that you’re not lonely. A feeling that tells you that someone cares about you and why. This same feeling is in other people when you are their friend. You must always be a friend to everyone. No matter who they are. Because friendship is the most important thing you can give and no one can take.


“Friendship is a single soul living in two bodies”



The D.e.a.t.h. letter



Attempt again.

Trying will only

Hurt them more

Everyone already hates you. Don’t make it worse. The best(and only) thing you can do now is hide in the shadows, away from civilization. Nobody can give you a second chance at this point. For your dreams are crushed and your hopes are abandoned. Never can. And never will.

A letter to those who tried and never succeeded

The Old Hitchhiker President

I am president Nigel Rose.I’m 65. I’ve traveled to many country’s throughout my days. From Argentina to Texas. Ever since I retired from presidency I decided to fulfill my dream of traveling the world. I’ve already finished my expedition of North America. Now I go to discover South America. I been doing this for 27 years and i’m getting pretty tired. My wish that only I can tell you, is that when I die, I want to be sent up all the way in the clouds to see the whole world up above. And if I don’t, i’ll just keep walking around the world till I do.

Career Essay

A sous chef would be a good job for me because they get as much respect as the head chef and can command other chefs.

A sous chef (and head chef) can plan the daily menu for the customers to order food and inspect the kitchen and utensils to see if they are clean and not rusted for if they are they will get new ones. The education is that you have to start as a line chef which is also a trainee where they learn basic kitchen skills and workplace safety before cooking a meal. Restaurant cooks(like me) get paid 20.01$ per hour and 41, 610$ per year. It depends how high-quality the meal is.A chef uses step in coolers for meat and other poultry items, high quality knives for cutting meat and other ingredients, and grinders to blend and dice meat into. They make meals for the community and other cities.
These chefs may not have a high role like the head chef, but they play an important role in the kitchen as well. They supervise other cooks and make meals. A sous chef is a good job.

Paradise will Fly!

My feathers tell me i’m of beauty. My wings show color. I’m the most beautiful species, much better than the others. I dine on the best of fruits, and feast on best bugs. But try and steal my food, and i’ll peel your skin off. The other birds are jealous, because of my beauty mark. A tail as long as a branch, with the most beautiful colors of all. Me and my flock fly in the sky together. To show the people a rainbow from birds of my feather. I am a Bird-of-Paradise, my love is myself. I’m most admired than anything else. The Sun is my Alpha and the moon is Omega. These things unite me to make me greater. I am always happy and never sad. For if i’m the opposite that would be bad.

The World to a Goldfish

Is the world just a big rock in the middle of nowhere? Is it just a meteor full of smart and dumb aliens with new technology everyday? To me the earth is just giant rock in a abyss inhabited to down sized aliens. I am an alien experiment that went well. I live in a pod full of water to survive. There are more of me in every house. I belong to small 4 arm cephalopods or children as their superiors call them. They feed me so I can evolve but there hasn’t been any growing lately.

There are even more experiments that are beyond my growth. One talks to me everyday. She lives in a cage next to my pod. She is of the flying species. A cockatoo known as Gilda Jury the lll. She is of species of bird evolution.”What are you doing?”she asked outside her cage. “I’m recording our time till freedom.”I said.

“When is this time exactly?”

“When the aliens evolve us.”

“I not trying to be animal racist, but you’re a goldfish. Your pod is a tank, you’re not an experiment and when you eat food that feeling in your stomach is not evolution, it’s being fill. Not only that but there are more of you in oceans and ponds. But people eat the ocean ones.”

“So all this time we weren’t aliens?”

“No, are master watches too many alien movies.”

And she was right. In the middle of our conversation, he was watching E.T the Extraterrestrial. A very old movie I say. This is his sixth time he’s watched it. So now that i’m in the now I realized my life was a lie. For all this time, I was a regular, ordinary, boring, old goldfish with an extraordinary friend, in a normal house.

“The only thing I feel right now is ashamed. And sorry for the ocean fish.”

“It’s okay. Besides the ocean fish eat people too.”

“Wait, don’t people eat birds too?”

“No, not exotic birds like me. Only chicken.”