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Fearless 4 Icon Challenge By: Abby

4 Icon Challenge - Abigail Younkins                       These 4 pictures summarize the story all together. I picked the broken house because in the beginning the story had said that Digory lived in a small wooden house. Also because the story said that the house was pretty small. I picked the boat because, Digory went onto a ship, to go to Plymouth. I put the lighthouse because, in the story Digory went to the lighthouse that had a crack in the side and he went to give Master Henry, the candles to light the lighthouse so that the boats wouldn’t crash into the sea. I also picked a dad and a son because in the end of the book Digory found his father in the end of the story!

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge by Bryan

4 Icon Challenge - Bryan MarencoI chose the image of the big house because it is representing Digory’s cottage , and I chose the little path to show Digory going on the path to Plymouth from Mousehole, I also chose the small house with flowers because it represents Master Henry’s magic house, I chose the lighthouse because it represents the lighthouse that Master Henry built.

4 icon challenge

Screenshot 2015-10-14 at 1.49.40 PM



I picked the house because it represents the house of when digory and cubby went in the house of their master named Henry.  The boat represents when digory was going to the  lighthouse. The lighthouse represents when digory went to light the lighthouse. The boy and the dad represents when digory found his father.

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge by Leandra

4 Icon Challenge - Leandra Kamdoum Kadje


I picked the picture of the boy walking to represent Digory leaving his village to start his journey.  I picked the boy meeting another person to represent when Digory first met Master Henry. The third picture of a boat was when he had to journey across storming seas to deliver the candles to Master Henry. The last picture of three men walking was to represent , Cubby, Digory, and their  father walking home to their village of Mousehole

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge By Derek G.

4 Icon Challenge - Derek Gomez


I chose the plain to represent Digory’s trip across the land of mousehole to get to the docks.

I chose the tuxedo guy to represent when they first met master Henry.

I chose the house to represent the magic house that master Henry lives.

I chose the lighthouse to represent the eddy-stone lighthouse in the story that was falling apart.


Fearless 4 Icon challenge By: Alexa

4 Icon Challenge - Alexa Giron Santamaria
















I picked the pic of the shack because that’s where digory and cubby lived with there aunt and cousins ever since there dad left. The next pic was when digory and cubby and fishbone left there homes and went to find there father. The pic after the I was talking about is about digory, cubby, and fishbone going on a ship with master henry to light the lighthouse. And last but not least the light house where digory lit up the lighthouse:#

Charlie 4 icon challenge

  `         I have chosen 4 pictures to summarize the story of charlie and the chocolate factory! First of, charlie lived in an old house (1st picture) then he got a golden ticket that allowed him to go to the best chocolate factory in the world and get a lifetime of chocolate (2nd picture). The other… Read more →

Charlie 4 Icon Challenge

Screenshot 2015-10-07 at 2.21.33 PM










First what I did is that on the the house and charlie I did not no what to do. Because I got confused in coshing  the house first or the boy that is spot to be charlie .And I used the chocolate bar because I did not know what to do. Anther thing that I had trued on is that at the benign I was like this is so easy and it is going to be so fun .But was hard and fun.

Charlie 4 icon challenge

4 Icon Challenge - Raiyan Khan

First I chose the chocolate because all they talked about was chocolate. Second i chose a factory because they open a factory and was said all over the story . Third i chose a picture of seven people because they were seven people that were in the story the most. Finally i chose a golden ticket because they were a award to go to the chocolate factory and meant a lot to them.

Charlie 4 Icon Challenge

4 Icon Challenge - Daniella Lopez


We had to find 4 picture that describe Charlie and the  Chocolate Factory and i chose a chocolate bar because Mr.Willy Wonka made chocolate bars and charlie got a chocolate bar every year on his birthday.   Also  i did a little cottage because Charlie lived in a cottage because they were very poor.   Also i did a golden ticket because Mr.Willy Wonka put golden ticket in 5 chocolate  bars and charlie found a golden ticket.  Finally i did a chocolate  factory because the 5 children that  found the golden ticket got to take a tour of the chocolate factory so that is why i did all of those pictures to describe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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