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Daniella’s life

Once upon a time their was a girl named Daniella she loved pandas . Daniella had a mean and evil brother named ERIC. He loved to tease Daniella and steal her stuff. Then Daniella was going to the zoo to see some pandas without her brother knowing. Daniella’s friend named Jasmine was going with her to the zoo, to see pandas. Daniella was going to sleepover at Jasmine’s house to talk about pandas. Then Jasmine and Daniella went to Jasmine’s house so the they talked about pandas. Then the next day they went to the zoo. Eric went to go find Daniella but Daniella was at the zoo looking for the pandas at the zoo. Then they came back 8 hours later. Jasmine’s mom thought that she was in bed but she was not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The the next day Jasmine’s parents asked what they did the they lied that they were at the mall with their friends. The the next day Eric came in Daniella’s room at midnight Eric scared Daniella then Daniella was fighting with Eric. Daniella went to Jasmine’s  house to play and go to the cupcake factory to get cupcakes for her birthday party. Daniella went with Jasmine, Daniella  picked red velvet cupcakes for her birthday party at the haunted mansion. The next day Daniella went to school after breakfast she had reading her  group to play cutthroat.Then Daniella said that Jasmine was her new best friend forever until they died. Then years later Daniella was 19 years old. And Jasmine was 18 years old. Jasmine and Daniella and Abby went the patrol picnic to go to have fun as a patrol.Then the next weekend  after last week carlos asked Daniella on a date Daniella said no.Then after Abby got asked out by  and Abby said no.The day after Daniella carlos got asked out by carlos Daniella said no. Then Jasmine got asked out by Carlos Jasmine said no. Jasmine,Daniella,Abby went to back to school and it was the first day of High School!!! They were excited to go to see their new school the name was clarksburg high school. They hated  school they wished that the can go to the movies to see. Monday on the first day of school a Daniella got asked out by Lionel, Daniella said yes she loved him so much that she wanted to marry him. Then the next day Daniella and Jasmine meet a new girl named Eva was in their class. Then Eva, Jasmine and Daniella became best friends Eva and Jasmine wanted to go to the mall to buy clothing. Daniella said no  but Jasmine and Eva were bugging Daniella if they can go to the mall Daniella said fine we can go to the mall to go buy clothing and shoes. Daniella and Lionel broke up because Lionel said that he was too good for Daniella.  Daniella was  mad at lionel so she started to date Carlos to make Lionel jealous. Lionel was  dating Sabrina to make Daniella jealous. Daniella was super jealous that Sabrina was dating Lionel.And Daniella thought that Sabrina was forced to date Lionel because she was popular so everyone thought that Sabrina and Lionel  that they were a great couple. Lionel was also super jealous about Daniella dating Carlos so the Daniella broke up with Carlos Lionel broke up with Sabrina. The Daniella and Lionel were back together.Lionel and Daniella were so happy together. Lionel and Daniella were graduating from high school to go to college.  The day before they went on their last and final  until they are in college. Daniella and Lionel had a long smoochy kiss. Lionel and Daniella said that they loved each other Daniella said “ I love you Lionel”. Lionel was  going to not go to college and Daniella was not going to college to date Lionel. Daniella and Jasmine were going to the mall to buy shoes and clothing.  Sabrina was mad at Daniella for dating Lionel. Sabrina loved to do gymnastics so did Daniella and Jasmine loved minions Daniella loved mustaches. They went to the Olympics when they were 10 years old. Daniella and Jasmine missed being in middle school. Then the first day of college it was exciting to go to college with her friends. Daniella was turning 20 years old the Jasmine had the same birthday Jasmine was turning 20 too.Abby went to a different college and Eva went to a different college the Abby was happy that she went to a new school to start a new life  with new friends. Abby meet a new girl named shania  Abby said do you want to be my friend she        said yes they were best friends  



Fearless 4 Icon Challenge By: Abby

4 Icon Challenge - Abigail Younkins












These 4 pictures summarize the story all together.

I picked the broken house because in the beginning the story had said that Digory lived in a small wooden house. Also because the story said that the house was pretty small. I picked the boat because, Digory went onto a ship, to go to Plymouth. I put the lighthouse because, in the story Digory went to the lighthouse that had a crack in the side and he went to give Master Henry, the candles to light the lighthouse so that the boats wouldn’t crash into the sea. I also picked a dad and a son because in the end of the book Digory found his father in the end of the story!

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge by Bryan

4 Icon Challenge - Bryan MarencoI chose the image of the big house because it is representing Digory’s cottage , and I chose the little path to show Digory going on the path to Plymouth from Mousehole, I also chose the small house with flowers because it represents Master Henry’s magic house, I chose the lighthouse because it represents the lighthouse that Master Henry built.

4 icon challenge

Screenshot 2015-10-14 at 1.49.40 PM



I picked the house because it represents the house of when digory and cubby went in the house of their master named Henry.  The boat represents when digory was going to the  lighthouse. The lighthouse represents when digory went to light the lighthouse. The boy and the dad represents when digory found his father.

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge by Leandra

4 Icon Challenge - Leandra Kamdoum Kadje


I picked the picture of the boy walking to represent Digory leaving his village to start his journey.  I picked the boy meeting another person to represent when Digory first met Master Henry. The third picture of a boat was when he had to journey across storming seas to deliver the candles to Master Henry. The last picture of three men walking was to represent , Cubby, Digory, and their  father walking home to their village of Mousehole

Fearless 4 Icon Challenge By Derek G.

4 Icon Challenge - Derek Gomez


I chose the plain to represent Digory’s trip across the land of mousehole to get to the docks.

I chose the tuxedo guy to represent when they first met master Henry.

I chose the house to represent the magic house that master Henry lives.

I chose the lighthouse to represent the eddy-stone lighthouse in the story that was falling apart.


Fearless 4 Icon challenge By: Alexa

4 Icon Challenge - Alexa Giron Santamaria
















I picked the pic of the shack because that’s where digory and cubby lived with there aunt and cousins ever since there dad left. The next pic was when digory and cubby and fishbone left there homes and went to find there father. The pic after the I was talking about is about digory, cubby, and fishbone going on a ship with master henry to light the lighthouse. And last but not least the light house where digory lit up the lighthouse:#

people trees

 There was a  walking  it started  to get up  from the ground and the tree 
started. To fight it and then everyone started to fight one big wooden tree. 
Everyone started to fight everyone in the world and my family Went. 
To  Rio  and the trees started to get a long and we all had a party.  
We all went hang gliding  and all of us went petting zoo and every one got a 
pet. And all of us went  to the ​amazon​ is  real wild they got ​mosquitoes 
that suck your blood like a straw. And snakes that can swallow  you hole. 
And flesh eating ​piranhas​ eat meat there cool  animals and creatures. 
 Avery one got bit by a ​puma​ and they ran like  girls  and they never went 
back again. And they got a lot of ​gold ​we went to the beach the trees had 
fun and we did not we went everywhere to the park beach. 
We all had lots and lots of fun we want to the vet and we saw  a lot of 
parakeets and we saw to species. And we and we went back to america we 
all went back home. I got home and i played my games i stayed in my 
house night after night day after day playing games. I go back to Rio to get 
my family and friends we all went to Walmart.  I got crabs and a lot of food  
 and then i went to bed.  


Raiyan`s opinion

I believe that wind is a better energy than hydro power to power our roller coaster at Daly because you can put wind turbines anywhere but you can’t do that with dams. Dams would also block out water from the other side, so if there were a storm, it would flood easily. Wind turbines are much cheaper and would not do any damage to the school. But, animals could knock into it and die. Having a wind turbine by Daly would show other communities that we are using a clean, renewable energy so that they could do it too. Wind power would be the perfect energy source for Daly because it is clean renewable and great for the community.

Montano's site! 2015-10-12 11:38:35

The origins of EARL NIGHTMARE           Part: 1   Back then on maine street, there was a rich fancy house. Everyone loved the house, the owner would throw the wildest of parties! The house had a beautiful front yard with a fountain that occasionally spouted melted chocolate, or soda, or for the adults, WINE!  The bushes had ripe tomatoes and raspberries,… Read more →

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