two teams come to the super bowl you know how it goes one team loses one team wins but never before has blow like this one had been showed in I think 20 years ago when denver with san fransisco the 49ers beat them 55 to 10 well it started out with a tackle to the 12 and then a hike and a fumble ad a safety thats was 2 to 0 then percy harvin caught 2 passes only for field goal range.5 to 0 an odd score a pick off by smith who was mvp of the game another field goal 8 to 0 turnover on downs for the broncos seahawks scored 15 to 0 after that it was down hill a pick off for a touchdown a run back kick for a touch down 36 to 0 halftime.halftime show was hoted by grammies award winnig bruno mars and band old as time red hot chili peppers it was awesome and this time it wasen’t inapropiate it was enertaining.The half it was grouling to watch a run back then a touch down it was nasty last play broncos throw a touch down  36 to 8 they thought it was the last play but seahawks score another touch down 43 to 8 final the reporters shilacked the broncos and peyton they showed a cam of Eli manning he was disappointed smith was MVP and got the newly commercialed chevorlet pete caroll gets a ring on his 3rd year of coaching 3 years ago he was coaching the famous USC tronjans football team he went to I think five BCS rose bowl that sums up what the history future and past about htis game brings.Also this will be the twelith lost that peyton has exprienced in the super bowl thats record breaking.