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The fourth Amendment

I believe that the 4th Amendment because its way more interesting then the other bill of rights here’s why i don’t want

robbers in my house or police or strangers in my house for hours 1st police is gonna snoop threw my house and robbers of course they will take stuff from my house and stranger will ask to many questions and be annoying  and may  askdently  break some thing and the owner of the house will extremely angry.

4th Amendment

I think that #4 is more important because they should not search your body or house the reason is I think they should not search your house is because you live in their and you have your stuff and the reason they should not search your body is because it your and I think they should not search your body.
In the bill of Rights it says that nobody can not search your body or your house or stuff unless they can prove to the judge that they have a good reason to think that you have committed a crime.

The First Amendments

The bill of rights helps the united states plus the congress can not make any laws about our religion, or they will stop you from practicing your religion, or keep us from saying whatever we want, or publishing whatever we want and ( like in newspaper or a book). And the congress can not stop us from meeting peacefully for the demonstration to ask the government to change the laws or change something else like  people’s taxes so they won’t have to pay so much and go broke 

My Opinion of a amendment thingamajig:)

I believe that number 1 is important because because you have a right to keep practicing your religion, publishing your work, and saying anything.

I think that the bill of rights that I chose is the best in my opinion because people want to keep doing their stuff like their religion, what they say, and plus publish their work. Than they should do whatever is fair to them because they’re trying to support what they love best and the government can’t take that from these people.

The importance of the bill of rights that I chose is that people care about there religion and if they really believe and want to keep practicing their religion then no one can’t stop us even the government which leads us into how we people have the right to say whatever we want. People have to say what they want because that’s the only way to stand up for themselves.

Also the government can’t stop you from publishing your work or a book because if you want to publish your work and you want the world to know more about you and see your work than you should do what you want.
Like I said in the beginning The 1st amendment is the best and here the reasons to support my opinion.

The 4th Amendment

The one I think is most important is not to let soldiers come in your house and you have to pay for them and they get to sleep wherever they want and stuff.

Police can,t stop me when I am walking down the street and look in my car and my house unless they have a reason.

This right is good to have because it’s not right to stop people and look in their houses and cars.

This right is important because the police that are looking might steal stuff or arrested you for no reason.


The 4th Amendment

I believe the 4th amendment is the most important amendment.  The 4th amendment gives you the right of privacy because it protects you from the police checking your house for info they don’t need unless they have a warrant. This right is so important to have because if we didn’t have this right then policemen could just come into my house and look at my papers and do whatever they want without a warrant and we couldn’t say anything. So with this right we could have the privacy we need. I know that this is the most important amendment it gives you what you need which is privacy at all times. That’s why the amendment is the golden amendment.

My Opinion Piece

My opinion is that amendment #1 is the most important amendment.

Amendment #1 says; Congress can’t make any laws about keeping you from practicing your religion, or stop you from your religion even being allowed. They can’t stop from saying what you want in newspapers, or books. They also can’t stop you from peacefully meeting with the government to ask them to change something.




This right is important because if people won’t have freedom of religion, then they would stop coming to this wonderful country. Newspapers would just be facts of what the government wants us to know about the economy, not opinions. We wouldn’t have the right to protest when we feel like something’s not right with the law. (But only peacefully, as soon as the protesters begin to threaten people, it is no longer legal.)


I chose this one because feel that people have the right to speak out, the right to practice their own religion, or no religion at all, I feel that people can put whatever they want to in newspapers or books, speaking their own mind in a form that people would actually read, I feel people a right to share what they think about the law. I know that if we didn’t have amendment #1, that I wouldn’t even be allowed to write this essay of my opinion right now.


The Fourth Amendment

I chose the fourth amendment as the most important amendment. I think that rights that they give me are if I did not commit a crime. That FBI  wanted to search my house I don’t think that that is fair because I did not do anything wrong. I chose this as the most important right. Because people should not be able to look through all of your things if you have nothing to do with lets say the robbery that happened next door or across the street.

The Fourth Amendment

I think that the 4th amendment is one of the most impotent amendments because it gives you the right to tell the police to not go in to your house with out a warrant to get inside your house but if you choose to let the police unless the person wants to go to jail and that’s why I choose the 4th amendment.

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