In a small town called Iowa City a child named Archie was born.

10 Years later…
Archie’s mom has died and Archie now lives with his poor dad. Archie has been depressed due to his mom’s death. Without his mom he felt like not being alive. He finds out the have to move. Archie doesn’t want to move away from his friends.  He is moving to Dove Street East Fork Arizona. Before Archie can leave he has to pack up all of his stuff. As Archie is going through the stuff he needs to put in boxes he finds a pictures of his mom. He just cries. His Dad gets worried because he hasn’t seen Archie in about a half hour.

Dad yells “let’s go Archie”

“ok” Archie says in a moaning voice

This trailer is an old trailer. The trailer he lives in was built in 1989. Archie goes through the house/trailer to find a room. The room he picks feels weird to him. Well its kind of normal because he has an active imagination. He thinks the room might be possessed with demons. Archie and his Dad went to go get food. I wanted to go to Mc Donald’s

Dad said “ok.

Archie just went through the drive through because he didn’t want to go inside. It is time to go back home.
We got in a car accident because a driver slammed a tree and hit our car. The other driver was ok but Archie was not. The car that hit the tree had been hardly damaged but our car was dead and couldn’t be driven. Luckily Archie’s dad was able to get a rental car. The ambulance arrived and took Archie to the hospital. Archie suffered a head cut and he needed 15 stitches. He was in the hospital for 3 entire weeks. Archie’s dad was with him the whole time. After those 3 weeks Archie was released at 9:00 sharp right at his bedtime.

On the way home Archie about fell asleep 3 times. Archie was so tired that his dad could feel how tired he was. Every five minutes Archie’s dad would look up and he is almost asleep. As soon as Archie gets home he likes stumbles out of the rental car they are borrowing and heads inside. Archie goes to his room and puts on his pajamas. Archie still doesn’t feel right about his room but because he so tired he just hops into his bed.

A tiny, but sinister, voice asked, “Is he the one?”        harris lights