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We need better food choices in the cafeteria

We need better food choices in the cafeteria because the food choices right now are not that good.

 The food quality in the cafeteria is not that good because some of the foods like the cheese dippers are burnt. I would say the food quality is 6 out of 10.There is little thing on the bottom of the chicken patties. I tell the launch teachers to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone

There should not always be 3 kinds of milk all the time. There should be juice, tea, and other better beverage choices. And there really should not be chocolate because it can make kids unhealthy. It has a lot of calories and sodium in it that means it is not really the best for you.

 Right now the food is not best for children. By making the quality better and giving the students more choices kids will eat better tasting food that is better quality.

Video Games Should Stay

By your very own, AWESOME NICK!!

Video games should stay!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I think video games should go away.  Scientists who are obliviously against video games say that study shows that video games are unhealthy for children.  They also say kids who get too involved in video games lose the ability to interact with ANYONE.  Wrong.  Sure, kids may spend a lot of time playing video games.  Playing means interacting.  You can interact with people online, like play with or against other people, or chat with people over the Internet. I don’t believe this baloney and you shouldn’t either.  There are a few reasons that video games are healthy. 

  #1 If you aren’t really exactly in a Jolly-as-saint-nick mood, video games can cheer you up a lot.  Example:  I like playing Minecraft because I get to tame wolves, build my own world, city and house, even though the world of Minecraft is practically vacant of other humans, TOTALLY BLOW STUFF UP with TNT, burn stuff with Flint and Steel find other distant islands, and travel to the opposite dimension of the Over World, the Nether.

  #2 Some game systems like Xbox 360 Kinect, the Tour de France biking simulator game, and possibly the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus are all exercising games, but I know a few people who wouldn’t exactly say that the 2 Wii games are exercising games.

   Look, give me 2 good reasons exercising is bad for you. (Being a lazy-pants doesn’t count as a reason.)  I hope you now realize the truth about the COMPLETELY AWESOME world of video games.  Video games can be healthy {and always awesome}, and nothing is going to change my opinion!

I demend that we should bring handheld to school .

I demand that students should be allowed to bring handheld devices to school.
The 1st reason is that kids do not have enough electronics to do their work. I have 21 students in my class and there is 3 computers and there 8 net books to use. If you bring hand held devices every student will have a computer to use.
The 2nd reason is that can do their work faster like if a power point is due in 4 weeks you can finish in 2 weeks because their will be enough computers to work on.
The 3rd reason is that kids will learn more how to use their hand held devices. Some kids don’t know how to do a power point so the teacher will help you know how to use it. So soon everybody will use handheld devices so it is importent for students to use them.
The 4th reason is that kids can show their parents responsibility. Students will learn how take care of their handheld device so they will stay working and ready to use.
The 5th reason is that some computers here are kind of broken and sometimes the Internet doesn’t connect with the computers and kids get stressed out when the computers don’t work.

I bealive that having handheld devices to school will help the kids use the device ,to take care of the device,to show responsibility to your parents, and to do your work more faster.

No School on Fridays

No School on Fridays
Wouldn’t you enjoy one more day of school off? What day, Friday! You can spend time with family. You can do fun things that you probably had to canceled because of school. Also if you have to do something important with family members you won’t have to leave early and miss out on school work.

By having no school on Fridays you can choose educational things that you want to do. You can go to the museum and learn more about what happened in history. For example: the Air and Space museum, Aquarium, and Natural History museum.

Also you can stay home and sleep. For kids that go to sleep late they would have more rest and catch up on sleep.

I truly beleive that we shouldn’t have school on Fridays. Then on Monday they will be well rested and ready to learn.

Elementary school kids should have cell phones during school

I strongly think that all elementary school kids should have cell phones. Of course, some parents think kids are too young to have cell phone because they are to irresponsible. However, I think there are more reasons for kids to have cell phones than to not have cell phones.

One reason why kids should have cell phones is to contact parents if there is an emergency at a friend’s house.

The second reason is after school, while walking home or riding the bus, kids need to contact parents. They need to contact parents to find out if someone is home. That is important to know because all elementerary school kids are too young to stay home alone.

The third reason why kids should have cell phones is for entertainment on long car trips and when kids are bored. It gives kids access to the Internet and games.

The last, but not least, reason is for patrols who have afternoon post. They can call their family to come pick them up when their patrol post is done for the day.

By alowing kids to have cell phones, kids will be more safe, entertained, and be able to comunicate with their family.

my story

once upon a time a girl named stphine was in her tree house with her dog named winter, winter had his leash on it was purple colar on but he lost his colar stphine was mad at winter

Uniform Shouldn’t Be Required

Uniforms Shouldn’t Be Required

Without a doubt, uniforms shouldn’t be required. People need to express themselves with the style they like.

Some teenagers are Emo. Emo people talk slow and wear black a lot. Emo people express themselves by wearing black, but if they wear uniforms they won’t be able to look how they want to look like. Then they wouldn’t want to go to school because they’re going to look like everybody else.


If uniform are required you’ll have to wash them every day. Plus some schools give uniforms and some schools don’t. That will have to force parents to buy Uniforms.


Also without uniforms you get good complements. Then you feel go about yourself.


To get prove, I made a survey and 20 people said that Uniforms shouldn’t be required and 0 people said Uniforms should be required.

I truly believe that uniforms shouldn’t be required.  Students will not be able to express themselves, parents will be forced to buy new uniforms for their children, and students will not feel good about themselves.

Student Surveys for Persuasive Writing

Aliyah’s Survey:

Nick’s Survey:

Ian’s Survey:

Isabela’s Survey:

Ismael’s Survey:

Shivan’s Survey:

Cory’s Survey:

Anthony’s Survey:

Ilwaad’s Survey:

Stephanie’s Survey:

Jandel’s Survey:

Yohana’s Survey:

Teddy’s Survey:

LaKia’s Survey:

Sean’s Survey:








Animal Jam\

Animal Jam is cool because you can get almost everything, if your a member you can get stuff that are four and not for members and you get houses you can get everything from the store and even all of the games animal jam is better than any other game on the technology.I am never not gonna play animal jam because it is really fun

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