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Roar! The poem of a Lion

My life is behind bars,wishing

to run away as far.But for I cannot,

for I am a Lion,a fierce beast.But

i’m not trouble at all,not in the

least.I see small children,they don’t

come near.They all just stare at me,

horribly in fear.I’m so sad and so alone,

all I wish is to just go home.Then one

fateful day out of the blue,a beautiful

lioness is here and her name is Lou.

She is as beautiful as the sunny rays

of the summer days.I tried to talk to

her but I was shy,and only my charm

is to rely.We talked for hours and hours

until it was night and when I went to bed

my heart felt light.For I am a happy lion

still in the zoo,but happy because I’ve

found someone new.

The Sea Monster Under My Bed

There is a monster under my bed.

It is blue, black, purple and red.

When it walked through the room,

it said ACHOO!

And blew my whole room away.

It stopped to say,

“Hi i’m Ned,”

“And I haven’t been fed,”

“So I left the ocean to live under your bed.”

“I hope you don’t mind…”

“Your parents said it was fine.”


If My Parents Didn’t Pick Me Up From School

                        What would you do if your parents forgot to pick you up after school?
If my parents forgot to pick me up from school. I would tell my sister to come pick me up and take me places because she is fun and she likes going to places. I would tell her to take me to Walmart so that I can buy whatever I want like games accessories for my home and my room.  I would go to the mall to buy clothes and I would buy stuffed animal emoji’s.  I would take my sister to dinner because she is always hungry because she does not eat at school.  I would get all those accessories because they would help me in life the games would help me when i’m bored.  Decorations for my house and room would help me make our house look fantastic.Screenshot 2016-01-14 at 2.02.52 PMScreenshot 2016-01-14 at 2.02.01 PMScreenshot 2016-01-14 at 2.00.32 PMScreenshot 2016-01-14 at 1.58.51 PM

642 Things

You get one magic spell, but you can use it whenever you want. What is it and what do you do with it?
If I get one magic spell I will wish for limited spells! Then I will for a lot of money (like 2-4k) and I will get whatever I want and also food and juice. Then I will wish for a robot servant because I am lazy. It will bring me whatever I ask for. Then I will wish for a lot more things!

642 things

I am afraid of….. Baby Unicorn because of its cuteness. Baby Unicorns can kill someone people think they don’t do everything but the truth is they dodo everything to us humans  we died because there cuteness the make us stop what we are doing and now they are trying to take over the world let’s take back are world!

Left at School

What would you do if your parents forgot to pick up after school??

I would not go back to school and I would not go call them.I would run to Paris, get a beret, go on top of the Eiffel Tower Screenshot 2016-01-06 at 11.48.20 AM.  Then i would take a train to Bolivia, buy a llama, and take it all around the world. Then once I come back to my school it will be time to wake up.Screenshot 2016-01-06 at 11.58.35 AM

The boy obsessed with yellow

Write about a person obsessed with the color yellow.


A boy named Alex loved yellow he couldn’t have anything that was not yellow he only ate yellow stuff he only ate egg fries and mac and cheese and more yellow junk food since he only ate junk food he was fatter than Augusts gloop  from Charlie and the Chocolate factory his teeth were yellow because he couldn’t find a yellow toothbrush his bed blanket and walls were yellow his books were yellow he has a pet bird because he can’t find any other yellow pets and he can’t go to school because his school is not yellow so he is home schooled and his Chromebook is yellow  he can’t get out of his house because the world is not yellow he loves the color yellow he literally can not have anything that is not yellow his glasses are yellow and all of his clothes are yellow his room is so yellow that everything is bright at night and his ceiling is also yellow so nobody understands how he sleeps that is the boy who loves with yellow.

There are pancakes everywhere!

This morning you wake up,feeling groggier than ever.She realized that there is only one solution to solve this problem.Pancakes.Fluffy,yummy,scrumptious,off the chain pancakes.You get up out of bed to walk to your parents room when you realize that your still too tired so you fall on the floor and decided to shimmy your way down the hallway.You open the door and your parents aren’t there!”Hey Lola,we’re downstairs”said mom.As you make your way down,you find out there are pancakes everywhere!Even in the bathroom which is surprisingly gross.Your mom tells you that she is preparing a neighborhood breakfast and that the bathroom cakes where an accident.The doorbell rings and you answer it only to find everyone in your neighborhood with knifes,forks,and bottles of syrup in their hands ready to eat.People start taking seats and grabbing pancakes. And later the breakfast is finally over and people leave.But only you hide in the closet to avoid washing dishes and cleaning tables.

642 things 2

You meet a girl who can see the entire universe when she closes her eyes. Tell us about this girl. She has a yellow costume with bear ears on it. It has an antenna shaped as a angel wing. She has white curly hair. her cheeks are red blushies. She likes gummy bears more than anyone else in the entire world. And you realized it is a denpa men (Shown below.)

642 things- YOLO

Write a poem about a bird that is afraid a heights.

I’ll be souring through the sky,

wishing that I can fly,

but I can’t take any flights,
because I am afraid of heights,

I hope someone can teach me,

but I just can’t be free,

all I do is shed down tears,

to tremble away all my fears,

no one can help me fly,

all I do is just cry,

I wish I could be like the others,

but no one can help me, not even  my brothers,

so I just sit in my nest all day,

just doing my own way

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