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The City of Ember cover

Today in my group work was to try to redesign The City

of Ember book cover. I thought that it was a great idea.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 11.08.49 AMAlso I in this project I tried to be the most creative as I could because this  book is very interesting  and if I say to much in the book cover or it ruin the hole book cover sorry if I said to much. I used the light bulbs shaped shapes to represent

the few lights there are in the city of ember. Also I forgot to mention why the top half is Blue and the bottom half is Black. The top half is Blue because

that represent the up world of The City of ember. The bottom half represents  where they live for the beginning of the book.

The city Of Ember redesign book cover

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 11.13.07 AM

I made this book cover because for me this is the most efficient drawing. This is the best thing that I could think of and the most creative I like how I made the background black, the city of Ember was gold and brown mixed, then I put lamps.  I put five lamps and put EMBER inside of them and the pole that keep the light steady I made it light black because the background was black.  I made the background black because it is the dark sky and the lamps are the little bit of light that they have in the city of Ember.  I used my creative side to make it this was my best idea to put Ember inside of the lamps to make it look cool its just not cool artistic.  That is not the point the point is that I liked it if other people don’t like it it doesn’t matter because it’s there opinion.  I personally like my book cover and I think that I did a good job. I want people to like my cover because  worked hard on it.  I did not give away anything from the story because I wanted for people to read it and figure everything out why it is always dark.

Montano's site! 2015-12-10 12:16:49

In class today we were told to make a book cover for “The City Of Ember” which in my opinion was an amazing book. I made this book cover  in goggle draw which was pretty hard to do, but i’m getting off topic. The reason i made this book cover (SPOILERS)  is because in the book they live in a… Read more →

opinon writing for cover photo of city of ember

i choose this photo because they lived under ground for the whole story and

then they  got out of ember.this should be the cover because in the story they

lived under ground and they did not know they lived under ground and saw

a river to get out of being under ground
Untitled drawing (23)

Kentrell’s Book cover

Kentrell's BFG drawing

add media

malachi Book cover (1)i desighned it like this becuase it was one of the main objects sophie used to hide from the blood bottler and it was in one of the chapters

bfg cover

New BFG Cover

I chose this cover because the BFG is real big  and because a human “bean” is small. and because the giant is nice the child is not running away from him.


Harry Potter Book Cover


Harry Potter

Harry Potter Book Cover









Cobin Holes book DONE

BFG Book Cover

Dayanaras book cover DONE!!


I chose this picture because its simple. Also when the reader sees the cover i want them to think its about  a giant and it is basically. I also want them to think the giant is mean that’s why I put the foot print black . Because if I put it pink its gonna look like he is nice and he is I just don’t want to spoil the story.

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