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Harry Potter test



Come and do a test about which house you will be in if you dont know what i mean read chapter 7 in Harry Potter the first book .

The Uninvited Guests

uninvited house guest is in kate house kate woke up and heard

noise downstairs and saw a person looking  for some someone


or something going down stairs and disappearing  and she thought it was a shadow but it was a soil or a ghost and it was


an uninvited guest

and their were more uninvited guests


and their were 5 more ghosts in the house and they were

Uninvited guests to she started to hide from them


One by one and it was hard to do they we’re every

Where all  around the house they we’re in the


Bathroom in the bedroom and everywhere an

Round the house in the


Living Room in the garage upstairs in

Her room and

She tried to get them out but she could

Not get them out

At all because they are see through.  




Clear Spring Park Opinion

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My Best Day Ever

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Star Wars (continued in a free verse)

poem#2 (1)

My Little Brother

Poem (2)


baby poem

Poem skills

Poem skills

My grandpa

My Grandpa  (1)

Microwave on Fire

Microwave on fire

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