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The Chase


Room 231 watching the premier of “The Chase”.

Some of my awesome students wrote, performed, and edited a silent movie.  They read the book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” and watched the silent movies mentioned in the book.  The book is written as a silent movie, a detail I kept hidden from them until the end of the book.  The book follows Hugo through a train station in Paris as he tries to rebuild an automaton that his father was working on at the time of his death.  Hugo, an orphan, is forced to steal the parts he needs from a toy shop owner that turns out to be the famous (and real) filmmaker George Melies.  During the book my students came across the names of some of the earliest silent movies.  I had my students watch the movies that were mentioned in the story to gain background knowledge about the time period in which this story was set.  The movies are quite different from the movies that they see now.

The best find this year was the video about Buster Keaton.  The video highlights his career in silent movies.  He was definitely the master of the “gag”.  My students’s final video was definitely influenced by how Buster Keaton made movies.   I have included the videos that we watched while reading the book below.

I always try to end the novels we read with a creative challenge.  For Hugo, I challenged my students to create a silent movie that told a story in the style of the movies that we watched and the book we read.   Below is their final product.  Enjoy THE CHASE!

The Chase from Frank Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

Video about Buster Keaton:
Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.The Train Arrives:

A Trip to the Moon

A Trip to the Moon from Dr. Meeuf on Vimeo.

Safety Last:

Force, Motion, and Roller Coasters

The 5th graders at Daly studied force, motion, friction, gravity, and the relationships between these terms. They also went through the RFP (Request For Proposal) process. Their goal was to sell an original roller coaster to Daly Elementary. This roller coaster needed to be powered by an alternative energy source. The video below shows some of the activities we did during this process.

2015 Coasters from Frank Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

Samuel Speech

Samuel’s Speech

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. German, and the 5th grade class of 2015-2016


My name is Samuel Kabba and i’m here to talk about my amazing journey from Pre-K to 5th grade.


First off Pre-K, the first educational step of my life. I never knew how much an impact it would be to start my learning career until I made it to my first day. I didn’t know anybody there, it was a new experience for me and then suddenly after a few weeks I meet my first friend ever “Eric”. I also learned my ABCs.I also learned how to work with others for the first time and actually engage in something without the presence of my parents.


Next, Kindergarten. After gaining a few skills from Pre-K, kindergarten was a walk in the park. It was at Matsunaga Elementary School my first elementary school ever. I learned some new material while having a great time and making new friends.


Third, First grade. It was nothing like kindergarten and Pre-K. It was actually harder. I realized that I had to do a lot of thinking and focusing. It was not all fun and games. I really wanted to give up but my teacher and my parents taught me to “never say never” and that if I try my best, that I would do just fine. Knowing that I had confidence in myself I could make it in first grade.


In Addition, Second grade was mostly working  hard to be the best student i can be. I became bolder by always asking questions when i had any, also challenging myself to the best of my ability. I actually started helping others surprisingly.


Eventually i went to Third grade  Third grade was really brought the smartnest out of me, i improved on all subjects, worked really hard, and made more friends like Andre, Neel, and Jacob.  


Furthermore, the summer before fourth grade i sadly had to move and leave my neighborhood and best friends. Here i am transferred to Daly Elementary School. The first day i was very nervous because i didn’t know anybody and i wondered if i would get a teacher i would like. As time went on i gained friends like Abby, Raiyan, Gerald, Chris, and more with my teacher also being nice. I had a really good time and it was a good experience because by moving schools i experience more new things.


However 5th grade came along and my teacher Mr.Fitzpatrick was the most funniest, fun, interesting, and weird teacher ever. He would tell us very interesting stories about  his life, well some of it. We would always do some cool projects like making roller coasters, spacesuits, our own websites and even creating our own companies. The people in my class were also cool with some people being in my fourth grade class and some new people like Raiyan, Bryan, Devonis, Derek Gomez, Daylon, Derek Lee and Darian. Another thing about 5th grade is that I got to be a safety patrol with, Bryan, Darian, Devonis. With them being patrols ,it makes the job more fun. Overall I was so lucky to be in a class that is so cool and have memories that i will never forget.
So here we are the class of 2015-2016 leaving this school, hoping to succeed in middle school at Neillsville, then high school at Clarksburg High School. And finally going to a great college, getting and job as a police officer , and furthering my future with a family. But there is something we still all need to know that this is the next step in our lives. So we should all know that education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. Thank you so much for listening and have a amazing summer.

Jeremiah’s Speech

Jeremiah’ Speech



My name is  Jeremiah Green  and  Good morning ladies and gentleman student and teachers and staff and Ms. Dietz and Ms. German  it’s an honored to be here  to honor Daly Bulldogs Elementary School


I went to 3 different school before I came here I was in  Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School then when I came here I thought that  this was the school for me.  



My first story.


My mom  and dad put me in daycare when I was 1 yrs old and   I loved daycare when I was little my mom and dad found out in 2005 that my mom was having a baby and they  named her Telisha Faith Green it was the most exciting day of my life and then we moved to DC.



My second story.


When I lived in D.C. I was  2 years old when newborn sister came  home. Her name was Telisha Green I had a chance to  hold my little sister. When we still had bottles but I had  a sippy cup and when we couldn’t fall asleep we got warm milk in my sippy cup and her bottle so then we both drank it and went to sleep.


My third story.


This is when me and my family move back to Maryland and this is when me and my sis  was 4 and 3 years old and I Found out that me and my sister  had a grandpa.


When I first meet him I always liked to go over his house then my dad signed me up for tackle football when I was 4 yrs old.


And I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys  because he thought I was ready for tackle because I was beast in flag football before he told me about tackle football.


And then later on I found out that I “ LOVED ” the game of football then I was talking about playing for the University Of Oregon or ( MDU ) Maryland Of University.



Then one day my dad told me that something happen because his voice sound like it then my dad said something happen to my grandpa then I asked is he sick then my dad  said he  is in a better place.

Now  and I asked what do you mean I mean that he is in heaven with god now then me and my started crying and I was like in it was like yesterday he was tying my shoes.


And when I played for the Montgomery County Cowboys and I made a best friend on the Montgomery County Cowboys me and Chris Johnson been best friends seen’s 2010-2016 that’s how long me and Chris Johnson           


Goals looking for  in the future.


Playing  Pro football or Pro  basketball and teaching football that’s what I want to do in the future but what I really want to do in the future is teaching football to little kids and telling  them my yrs in the (NFL) playing pro football.   




Having a good 3 yrs at Daly Elementary School and having  A rough few years at Daly  Elementary School.



 Thank you all for coming to the 5th grade graduations for moving on to middle school and meeting new people in middle school life and having new class every single day.


And thank you all for coming and enjoy your evening have a good and wish your sons or daughters a good year at neelsville middle school.



















Derek Lee’s speech

Derek Lee’s Speech:


Good morning honored guest, parents, staff, Mrs. Dietz, Mrs. German and of course Student of 2015-2016.


Hello my name is Derek Lee and I am here to share my story about how my life changed in elementary, kindergarten to 5th grade. When I was in Kindergarten to 2nd grade, I was in korea. But I never went to pre-k.


In the middle of the 2nd year of school, we moved to Florida because in korea it was really hard to work at school. After we moved I had to go to 2nd grade again in Florida because I am an year older in korea. After we moved, I went to the school. When I went to the classroom with my mom I didn’t know what to do because there were a lot of kids in the room. Then I was nervous. My mom told me to sit down in the chair with beside the computer and my teacher gave me headphones. After that my mom left the room. My teacher told me to listen to the alphabetical order because I did not know english, but I knew some english. After the first day of school my teacher got an assistant teacher to help me speak and read words. At recess I had no friends to play with. My teacher said to a boy to come here and play with me. He was nice and friendly. Everyday I play with him and after recess I learn more english. At the end of the school I said goodbye to my friend and few days later, I moved to New York.


In the 3rd year of school, I met a korean friend. We always play together, we go home together, we met at korean/saturday school and we even met at church, I was surprised. After 3rd grade I had to move again because me and my sister were complaining about how there is a lot of homework. So we moved to Maryland.


On the 4th year of school, I was in Mrs. Wise’s class. I met some new friends. My first friend was Bryan, then Derek Gomez, and lastly Darian. We had so much fun everyday.


On the 5th year of school, I was in Mr. Fitzpatrick’s class. I came 2 weeks after the first day of school because I went to China. When I went to class I saw my friends from fourth grade. A few months later, I learned about Mr. Fitz that he taught us a good job and have a good education and also he is the funniest and weirdest teacher. Everyday he was funny because he always make jokes on people. I will always remember you Mr. Fitz.


I am here leaving 5th grade and going to sixth grade. This summer I am moving to china because I wanted to learn chinese. After Chinese it’s Japanese. I will study hard until I reach my goal.
True Friendship is based on trust, honesty and sincere generosity of our hearts.

Paola’s Speech

Paola’s Speech


Good Morning parents, special guests, teachers and staff, Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. German, and obviously: 5th grade class of 2015-2016.


My name is Paola and it’s an honor to tell my speech. The reason I’m here because I’m about to leave Daly Elementary. It’s really sad and happy at the same time; since that I’m leaving this place and I’m heading to middle school. Wow, I can’t believe this is almost the end of 5th grade. All of these memories I’ve had here will sure be missed…The moment of going to the 6th grade is EXCITING!


I would like to tell my experiences of both my old school and this school. They were somewhat rough and sufferable back then. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick. I promise.


Back then when I was in Brunswick Elementary, I’ve found it hard to make friends, because I was insane (possibly like Darian, sorry Darian). And some people found out I went to school a year earlier. I was struggling in school as well. In Pre-K, I’d get blamed for everything, even though it’s supposed to be their fault, and by “they,” I meant my Pre-K classmates. For example: One time, there was this girl named Jasmin (or Jasmine I can’t remember) shoved me on a playset (or dollhouse I can’t remember) so HARD my back felt like it broke. I’ve cried but the Pre-K teacher lectured me because I’d somewhat broke the playset. Even thought it was supposed to be Jasmin’s fault.


In Kindergarten nothing exciting happened.


After I’ve finished 1st grade, I moved here. I’ve started 2nd grade and met my 2nd grade teacher: Mrs. Brunk. Nothing excited happened that year.


In 3rd grade I met Ms. Deleon. She was a really nice teacher. I’ve met more people in 3rd grade, I’ve learned many new things and one time, we get to make ice cream. It was vanilla flavored, but it was delicious!


4th grade was one of the best school years in my entire life. I’ve met my 4th grade teacher. Her name is Ms. Schaffer (Now known as Mrs. Walker), she was really funny and she made me and my classmates laugh. Alot. One time we threw a surprise for her. It was one of the best parties and I’ll never forget that.


5th grade was similar to 4th grade. I met Mr. Fitz. He might have similar characteristics to Ms. Schaffer, because one year he took over 1,000 pictures. It was just like 4th grade all over again!


My goals for the future are:


  1. To be an artist when I grow up, I know it won’t give me lots of money, but I don’t care.
  2. Become an excellent skilled Major League Gamer (or, MLG). I love gaming.
  3. Go to Harvard or Yale University. One of the best universities all time.

There are many more goals I’m looking forward to, but for now, let’s just say: And the “List” goes on…


Before I end this speech, I would like to thank all the people who’ve helped me throughout all the school years. Here we go!

  1. My teachers. Pre-K to 5th. You have taught me many wonderful things.
  2. My friends. Both Brunswick and Daly. Especially Daly (I’m not comparing, but I’ve been to Daly for 4 years, and Brunswick for 3 years…). Like: Abigail, Jasmine (not the Brunswick Jasmin), Devonis, Lionel, Derek Lee, Darian (♥∇♥), Nyima, and the list goes on.
  3. My family, such as my Mom, my Dad, and my brother, Rafael.
  4. …And the list goes on…


Thank you all and remember: “You should never give up. No matter how hard the situation is, always believe that something beautiful is going to happen.”

Thank you everyone. You’ve been a great audience. Have a nice day everyone.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Leandra’s Speech

Good morning, beloved guests, parents, staff, Mrs. Dietz, Mrs. German, and the 5th grade class of 2016. My name is Leandra and I am honored to be writing this speech and saying it in front of you all.

I have been through many things in elementary school. I have done many things to make it to the end, and I have changed in many ways. I used to be a shy girl who didn’t have the guts to speak her mind and say what I felt and what I wanted to. Now I am a confident girl who is walking out of elementary school with goals, a proud family, and happiness in my heart.

I have only been at this school for a year and a half, and I barely know half of the teachers, but I gotta say…. The teachers I do know are, great teachers at our school which makes this elementary school the best one I know. I was a bit sad when I came here though, I had to leave all of my friends behind and start over new. But I’m still in contact with them. So it feels like we’re still in the same school, walking down the same hallway together.  

I came to Daly in late May of 2015. The disappointing thing about it was that my old habits returned. I became shy and I couldn’t speak my mind like I used to. Luckily I saw someone that was from my old school, Fox Chapel. Eva Castillo. Eva introduced me to everyone and made me feel comfortable and her being there allowed me to adjust to the school life and be myself again.

I love this school, but as you can see it’s time to go.  I have made some really good friendships and I hope I can continue these in middle school.  I’d also like to make new friendships that will continue as long as fate wants us to be.  My friends that I’d like to point out right now are Lezley, Nyima, Alexa, Lionel,  and Daniella.  They have really made this year great and adventurous.  They have brought me joy to the fullest extent .  

I wanted to point out a very special person named Maimuna because we have a special bond with each other. I guess living right next to each other helped strengthen the bond. We have been through many things together but in the end we’re inseparable.  

As I mentioned before Eva has been a spectacular friend to me.  And I will never forget all the things she has done for me!  

I have set goals for myself past middle school, but for right now I just want to enjoy what I have been through and take a break.

In the future, I want to be a labor lawyer so that I can give employees what they deserve. I want to deliver justice to people so that they will be as happy as I will. I want to follow my dreams and achieve whatever I’d like to.

I think what really pushed me to keep on going, study harder, and put effort into my schoolwork was the fact that I had goals and I know that if I ever wanted to achieve them, then I would have to do my best in school. I know i’m only in elementary school, but how well I do here is at least a small start.

Thank you everyone for being amazing and I am grateful for you all!

The fifth grade class of 2016 is venturing into a new world where we need to stick together and have each others backs.

We need to say goodbye to being rude, and disrespectful, and to having nasty behavior.

For it will not be tolerated in middle school, and we will not get second chances.

I hope that what I say in this speech actually means something to everyone here. Middle school welcoming us with open arms, so we need to give it a firm handshake, and let it know that we are determined, proud, and strong students of Daly elementary.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Yanulevich and Mrs. Schaffer who both aren’t here this year because they went to other schools, Mr.Fitz and Mrs.Shirk for being my educators, and the fifth grade team because they have made this year so memorable, that it makes me speechless.  

I have just one last thing to say to the people of this school before I leave; Don’t give up, if you find something you want, you have to go for it.

It has been my pleasure to recite this speech to say what I truly feel about Captain James E. Daly Elementary School.  Thank you for taking your time for coming to our 5th grade promotion ceremony.


Alexa’s Speech

Alexa’s Speech


Greetings to all of you fellow students from 2015 – 2016. Boys and girls, parents, staff, Mrs. German, and Mrs, Deitz, and Mr Fitz my teacher.


Leaving Elementary is a really big deal for me. Sometimes I even panic because the days go by quickly and it’s getting even more closer to the end of the year. I really don’t think I’m ready for middle school.  I’m gonna have to be more responsible, and there’s gonna be more work and I don’t think I’m really ready to take that yet. But  I have no choice other than to go back to fifth grade again which I’m not gonna take as a choice.


When I moved from El Salvador to America, I was 3. Once I turned 4 I went to Pre-k and I didn’t understand a single word of english, or what my teacher was saying at all. I just made a face like huh. I could only speak spanish.  Learning english in pre-k was one of the most biggest accomplishments I’ve ever accomplished, well that’s what I thought when I was little because I learned a new language and I thought it was cool. Then I turned 5 and went to kindergarten in daly.


Now I’m in 5th grade and that’s when I met new people and friends like as you guys all know well the students in my class, Daniella, Leandra, Nyima, and Lionel. They’ve always been there for me to support me, either when I was down or hurt they always have. They’re such good friends and I don’t know how to thank them enough and I’ll try to be there for them too and try to be as good friends as they are but that’s hard because each one of them are unique. Well in their own way.  


When I was in kindergarten I wasn’t really that kinda girl that really liked to express herself I didn’t wanna be my weird self because I thought people would think bad about me but I wasn’t really shy either and I just can’t believe I have gotten here and I really feel proud of myself.


What I’m really looking forward to in the future is graduating in college to be a doctor or pediatrician one of the 2. But one of my other goals or something that I’m really looking forward to is learning how to speak french since I already speak spanish perfectly, but not as good as Mr. Fitz. I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak french that way I could speak and conversate with french people and one of my best friends Leandra. Then I’ll know 3 languages, spanish (kind of), english (kind of), and french.


Huh, I can’t believe I’m finishing 5th grade (that’s not official yet) and going to middle school, even if I’m not ready. I’d like you say to you guys to live your dreams and live life to the fullest. Thank you guys it’s been an honor to be here.


Daylon’s speech


Hi everyone. My name is Daylon Miller and I am 11 years old. It’s great to be here today.


  I am going to tell how my elementry year started.  


I was new at Daly on the 5th year of school from 2015 to 2016 . I was sad when I left my old school because I was living all my friends but when I got to my new school I knew it was time to make new friends and so I did. It was my first year I didn’t no nobody but everyone knew each other I didn’t know that everyone knew each other so I was confused. When I first got in my class I was happy because I had a boy teacher. Threw out of all the years this was my first year having a boy teacher his name was Mr.Fitz. He was the best. In the beginning of the year we started out with math. And during the beginning of the year we did addition and then in the middle of the year we started times and division. Mr Fitz helped me a lot throughout the year but middle school will be a lot harder. there’s lot’s more people. And  I will have to find more friends the math is harder and everything is harder it’s time to move up and get better and better. Everyone told me and taught me things I never knew threw out the year.                                       

I will have lot’s of memories here that I will remember forever but it’s time to move on and take a big step forward.


The goals I will be looking forward to in the future is to be a professional football player and accomplish things I have always wanted to do. Bye everyone and have a great day.  


Jasmine’s Speech

Jasmine’s Speech


Good morning Parent’s, Daly staff and  Mrs.Deitz and Mrs.German


Hello my name is  Jasmine and today I’m here because I’m leaving elementary.  It all started  in first grade  I met a girl named Hilary  she helped me when I  didn’t know what to do. I had a hard time when I  was in first grade I was always being picked on by people. One time me and Hilary cut a piece of our hair.


When I was in second grade I met new friends and we had fun but  one time someone farted so bad that we had to leave the classroom.


In third grade  I met Sara Chaves  we had a lot of fun like we get prizes when we do good Mrs. Funsch who is now Mrs.Croyle.


One day in fourth grade  my teacher  had a bad headache and later on she couldn’t  remember who Mrs.Wise was and Mrs. Schaffer was either. That was the worst day for my teacher. And my class in fourth grade we all  did a party for her she loved it .


Fifth grade  was an amazing year we got to do a lot of projects   mostly in science  I was okay with it because the science projects were amazing  like the roller coaster track and the seats for the roller coaster track  and  I also met Abigail , Paola, Darian, Lionel,Devonis . They all helped me when I needed help and I helped them when they needed help. We all  loved being in Mr.Fitz’s class he was the best teacher I have ever had  he makes all laugh in class Mr. Fitz made the class really fun I had a awesome year.


We all might not have a good  day “Everyday  might not be good but their is something good in everyday”.


Lisset’s speech


Lisset’s Speech


Good morning honored guests,students, parents,Teachers, Mrs.dietz, Mrs. German. Of course 5th grade students of 2015-2016


Hi my name is Lisset.Today i’ll be telling you four stories that happened during elementary that are special to me.That I never told my friends or my closest family.


When I was going to go to pre k I was very scared. Because I never been to a school and it was new to me. Then the 2nd day I wasn’t scared any more.My teacher was the nicest well in my opinion.


My twin sister was with me. Every day that passed I liked more pre k and I made some friends they were really nice to me.


I’m talking  about the first day I started kindergarten and first grade.   The experience of kindergarten and first grade.  When my card came home in the mail I was excited.  I saw my Teachers names I was happy. But my sister got a different teacher.


When it was  open house my sister told my mom that she wanted to go see her teacher first.


My mom said to my sister”now we need to go to your sister class now “than she realised that I won’t go to her class. Then she told my mom if I can go to her class.


My mom told the principal if I can change class and she said yes. Now I’m going to my sister class I said to my mom.


After some few days my sister started to leave her stuff in the classroom and I had to take her stuff because she was to lazy.


When we were going to  the first grade I got a different teacher. My sister wanted to be with me. Then my mom said no because I always have to take her stuff because she forgot to bring it home I mean all the time.


So then she wanted me to go to her class it was fun in my class.


Now I’m going to tell you my third story. It’s called my Fourth grade story. When I looked at my card to know my teacher I got surprised.


My teacher is the same one that I had in first grade.When she saw me she was like I know you.I was like YES!!!! I was in your first grade class you don’t remember me.


I liked to be in her class. Because I had her for first grade.She was funny and nice( just like Mr.Fitz ).


Now I going to tell you another story. It’s about fifth grade. When it was almost time to get the card were it tell you what class you are going to. I told my mom that I wanted Miss.Grossman.


Finally we want to the mail I didn’t find  anything. School is almost going to start and it hasn’t got in the mail . We both got mad after a day before the open house to see your teacher we went to to look at the mail.


Still it was not there when it was time to go to the open house we looked again and it wasn’t there so we  went to the school The art teacher was up with a list who was in each class. We asked her and she said I was in Mr.Fitz’s class.


My sister was in miss.Grossman Class. I was sad because I wanted to be in her class. I said “oh well”.


When I came in the classroom I saw Mr. Fitz  he looked nice. In the beginning of school he was very funny. I had fun with his jokes.


One day in school we had to make a shoe company and he said that my shoe company name was going to be Canas shoes.


My last names is Canas so he kept making fun of me.Now he keeps calling me Canas shoe. Sometimes people in my class call me Canas shoes. I always  got mad at Mr. Fitz and my classmates.


My goal for the future when I grow up is to be a teacher.I enjoy learning and showing others the correct things to do.
Thank you for listening to me talking about my life and how i enjoyed this special school DALY E.S.

JARRED’S speech

Hello my name Jarred I am Honored to be here with you all


some of us are scared and some  of us are happy because we are graduating to neillsville.


i am giving this speech because i am graduating me and all of the 5th graders for their beaver and their Gratitude


one day everyone will be 5th graders one day only if you are grown up like me on day


When you are 5th graders a lot of you will graduate to neillsville like Me


to get in middle school do your best Be great and have fun with



I hope you all  have a great day

And a great summer Looking to future me being in high school

Stay healthy and stay fresh.


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