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Ian trip to his cousins

It was March 29 and Ian is in the car with his  mom, sister and cousins. there are  going to there to celabrate easter Ian is so happy because they have a trampoline . When he got there Ian was bored because it took 90 minutes. He ran up stairs and play torchlight 2 with his cousins. After 3 hours they decided to play in the trapoline. After about 45 minutes they went inside and ate pizza and drinked lemonade from Trader Joes. Then him and his cousins went back upstairs and played more torchlight 2 till 12:30 am! :) He went to bed at about 2:30 am. He woke up at 7:35 am :( and got dressed. Ian left his cousin house at 9:30.

Spelling Words Mystery

Mr.D.J and the case of the missing wallet.Mr.dude was screaming then Mr.D.J. said whats happing Mr.dude said my wallet is missing this must be a mystery i will call the case of the missing wallet Mr.D.J. said i will find the villain Mr.dude said ok make it quick the detective was looking for clues .When he was walking he found evidence and the evidence was the footprints and he saw little coins around it he said “thats weird “.Then he follwed the footprints then he saw the big good castle then we found another slueth and then we found a victim upstairs .Then he saw the villain and the detective put him in jail.

Cory’s new bike!

Cory wanted  a new bike.  It was July14,2011 and Cory waited 2 years to get his new bike. Cory decidedn to get it from Target.

Cory was 8 years old and his mom and his grandma came with him. Cory liked some of them and but it was a hard decision for Cory. Cory liked a bike that was black and orange .Cory  hadn’t had his own bike for the last 2 years.

As soon he had  his bike at the house,  he was cruising around his neighborhood. liked to ride his bike around his neighborhood especially to his friend’s house.You can still find Cory riding like a famous rider on the same orange and black bike through his neighborhood today.

bryanna the famous basket ball player

bryanna loves to play basketball in the summer time.she plays it is lots of fun for  her.

   she start playing  basketball when she was eight yrs old and it was totally fun for her.shes really good at playing cause shes the shortest and its easyier for her to shoot hoops.she plays with an striped ball and its red

..bryanna would like an pink basketball cause her favorite color is pink.she goes against all of your dads is bryanna favorite sport to ever play.she does not play it often she plays it every day.shes awsome at playing good at throwing and best at shooting hoops.she plays near an park at an basketball court.her whole family not her just plays basketball.

The Reunion

It was an awesome day for a reunion and that’s what Teddy Jr did.  This story is about his reunion.

Before Teddy’s reunion he played Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) online on Xbox he won his match. He bought MW3 when he was 8 but during his reunion he was 9.

On his way to his reunion he got McDonalds on the way to the reunion. He got a McChicken and large fries and a large Dr.Pepper!

He saw his mom, dad, 2 sisters, cousin, and his nephew. Teddy ate a lot at the reunion. He ate chips, hot dogs, mac & cheese, a burger, and a piece of cake, as well as a bunch of cola.

He played with his cousins.  Teddy made monster dunks his cousins when they were playing basketball. His cousins quit on him. There was a pool there he put his feet in the water. On his way back home he got a little more hungry so he ate at home. He ended his by playing MW3 again.   He went to sleep around 1:00am.

Biography LaKia

LaKia has always wanted to become a stylus when she grows up. She decided she wanted to become a stylus when she was 8 years old. Her mom first started teaching her how to design clothes when she was 4 years old.

 LaKia’s motivation is if she likes it she keeps on doing it, if she doesn’t the she puts it away. Her 2 favorite designers are Zendaya and Beyoncé because the wear and style good clothes.

LaKia often sketches clothes then she starts making the actual clothes she usually uses summer colors and water colors and she is always keeping ideas in her head for another time.

LaKia always buys or gets inspired by clothes from Target, H&M, Clare’s, and Justice and she often designs prom dresses. LaKia designs dresses, shirts, and pants but not shoes because they are a little too hard she mostly tries to sketch them.

LaKia got a lot better as the years went by.  She says her experience in design was great even though she had some problems in the way but she persevered through it all and is still doing and trying her best.

Shivan`s life

Shivan has 2 older brothers and he likes playing supersmashbros because he likes to fight. And the characters he likes is Mario, lugi, wolf, tulink, lackroi,  and Lucas.

He likes basketball teams are Miami   heat, chagico bulls, and Oklahoma City. And his favorite football teams are Washington redskins, and every team expect for the cowboys. And scrimmage is doing practice and shivan likes soccer because it`s fun.  Shivan likes fifa on the Xbox 360.

Shivan likes going to his cousin’s house and likes playing ps3 and i like playing mw3.Shivan likes playing his ds at his house.

Baron’s First Time Riding A Bike

One sunny school day Baron’s mom decided it was time for him to learn to ride a bike. He had a purple and yellow bike with lightning on it.

His brother was helping him. Baron was scared he was going to get hurt and go to the hospital. Baron did get hurt he hit the trashcan and scraped his knee. He had tried several times and gotten hurt.

He learned to ride when his brother let go of the seat and he was doing it by himself. Baron was proud and his brother was too. They celebrated by climbing trees.

After a while Baron stopped riding his bike. His mom was upset that he learned to ride for nothing. Then when he was 8 he stared to riding again because he didn’t like walking and running. Now he enjoys riding his newer blue and white bike because he can go anywhere.

Bio Sketch

Ilwaad and her sister went to the moon bounce they had a lot of fun and they had cookies and food. After they went to moon bounce they went to burger king they were doing level 1-10 they had a lot of fun then they went home with their cousin and then they went to see the killer whale movie You went to the walking clinic then whoever won the raffle would get a free tv.

Ilwaad came home you were walking down she saw her grandmas house and said to come in to grandmas and to the little sister .Ilwaad Mom and Jacobs grandmas you guys saw them and Iwaad sister was playing with Jacobs truck .You didnt have  homework so you guys watched tv and youre mom was making food with Jacobs grandma Ilwaad watched code lyoko.

A they watched code lyko they went to eat dinner and after they ate dinner they  went to watch Spongebob Squarepants after they watched spongbob they watched lab rats in code lyko and went home.Ilwaads Dad came home from work and Ilwaads dad had treats for Ilwaad and Ilwaads sisters.After she got the treats she went to bed at 8:00.The next day she woke up at 8:oo and she did everything then got her backpack and Ilwaads Mom took her to school.

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When Mudiwa was 7 years old she learn how to tie her shoes her mom and dad help her tie her shoes. Mudiwa was at home when she learn how to tie her shoes.

Mudiwa was in the 1st grade when she learn how to tie her shoes. It took Mudiwa two days to tie her shoes.

Mudiwa wanted to tie her shoes because her friends knew how to and she did not. Mudiwa friends where happy for her.

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