Month: November 2015

Tormonic and Hurtonic

It was October, 19 ,1901, in Washington D.C. there are two storm gods that are best friends. The first, Hurtonic the god of hurricanes, always wears blue pants with a blue shirt. The second one Tormonic the god of Tornado’s wears green everything just like hurtonic. They have been best friends since pre k now they have passed college already.… Read more →

The scary corn maze

Once upon a time there was a girl named Eva. She has always wanted to go to a maze for Halloween.  She also wants to bring her friends which are Daniella  Jasmine leandra  and Alexa her true best friends who have never teased her.  It is the year 2008 so they are calling  the maze the two thousand eight horror… Read more →

A good hideout

What would a good hide out be like?   There is a girl named Eva she was bored until she thought.  What would a good hideout be like.  A good hide out would be a under ground tunnel with floor and a secret snack shelf with a refrigerator full of fruits.  Like strawberries and bananas and more. There would also… Read more →