Eva’s speech

Eva’s speech

Good morning honored guests, Staff, parents, Teachers, Mrs.dietz, Mrs.German and 5th grade students of 2015-2016 . It is an honor to be here today.

My name is Eva and today I will be telling you four stories from my life that I have only told a few people in my life. My first story is called Being to four different schools my second story is called meeting and losing friends my third story is called Mr. crazy Fitz and my fourth story is called Back to a new start. I have worked really hard throughout this year and without all of the support that I get from my parents to keep learning I wouldn’t be here today saying this speech.

This is my first story and second story combined Being to four different schools and meeting and losing friends.

My life has been hard throughout the years. I use to live in the apartments but first I lived in a townhouse there was gonna be a hurricane and our basement was gonna flood so before the hurricane we moved to an apartment to be safe so I had to go to gaithersburg elementary school. I started making friends everyone was nice to me I was off to a good start.

When we lived in the apartment for a few months we went back to our old house to repair it and take the carpet to the trash because the basement was flooded so when I went to gaithersburg elementary school I had friends and I lost them because I had to go to Fox Chapel elementary school for kindergarten.

I had no friends just because the way I looked but I didn’t care I kept on trying to make friends until I came along to someone named Leandra we became friends. When I got to first grade I wanted to be friends with a girl she was mean to me but nobody wanted to be her friend so she asked me if I wanted to be her friend and I said yes because she stopped being mean to me and we became best friends.

When I started third grade I did one week at Fox Chapel I told my best friend that I was leaving she was sad she began to cry I hoped to go to middle school with her then I moved again I went to a school named Lake Seneca I was sad again because I started off and I had no friends I started making a couple of friends it was a tough time for me because we had been starting to write essays in third grade and when I moved they expected me to know how to write a lot that is why now I can’t write a little I have to write a lot. Since that day.

Then I came Here to Daly Elementary school and I met a few people named Daniella, Gracie, and Abby Gracie was the first person I became friends with People started to accept me for who I am I have changed throughout the years in fourth grade I didn’t care what people said about me I just let go of myself until I let go too much and started to be a trouble maker I knew I had to make a difference and so I did.

This is my Third story Mr. Crazy Fitz.

I came to fifth Grade I began to be shy again I was meeting new people that I have never met before. Mr. Fitz is the teacher from room 231. Months passed I officially had a nickname Ms giggles I laughed all the time. He bothered us with jokes and I laughed for no reason I told my sister that my teacher was funny and she said she was scared of him I asked her why she said he’s too funny and sarcastic I wish I had a teacher like him in my life and I said too bad for you.

I never had the guts to tell him Mr.crazy fitz I don’t know why maybe because I was shy but now I do this is the nickname that I gave him and probably everyone would call him that if they were in his class he makes everything fun in class he has helped me get through fifth grade he has inspired me to keep on learning till I graduate high school.

My parents also support me he has made me realize that middle school is a big deal you have to be respectful and get good grades to be successful in school I wish all my teachers could do what he does to make learning fun.

This is my fourth story back to a new start.

I am back to a new start I can start a new life without worrying about moving because my parents said they will let me graduate high school and I can keep my friends I am happy now that I don’t have to worry about going to five more schools .

My goal when I grow is to be a doctor I am looking forward to being a doctor when I grow up and my parents inspired me to be that because when they get sick I can take care of them I know it sounds crazy what i’m saying right now but when you grow you can always be what you wanna be and they support me. Never stop believing in yourself.

Thank you everyone for listening and never forget to not let others get in the dreams that you are trying to accomplish.

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